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This has been a while incoming, but I figured now's a good of a time as any to bring something like this up given how many projects are floating around, in one shape or another.

The up till now known projects and their status:
Project QB:
In earnest, the most finished product thus far. With it's 4 areas more or less playable, and functionality of areas of events, more less the full corruption battle elements, this games only waiting on it's final area, and the extra characters to be declared finished. Some extra refinement in the BAD END's has already taken place, and I might push a rather small update just to get those public sooner more then later. There will also be an art update for the drones at some point and time, but this is a long away update in earnest.

Egg Assault:
Currently on hold due towards artist interest changing. We'll chances are get back onto track with this far later then sooner at this rate. As such I will try to get some general bug fixing done and done in short order, and along with the mini update for Project QB, get that out so the game as it is, is at least far less a glitch and soft locking mess. Once work DOES get back on track, making the Plant, the mask, and at least one more foe having their bondage/TF attacks is planned, more less one more boss event. If you feel this is perhaps stalled for too long, I do suggest giving Chaos Croc a poke. :'D

Now for NEW projects and explain about each one:

Vampire Lust:
A project that me and NoPenNameGirl, notable for her work on Project X: Love Potion Disaster, have colabed together and been working on for the last few months on end. This game's ending up one of my most detailed projects yet, and I think it shows in every factor so far! The game will evolve around the darkstalker gals of Q-bee, Felicia, and Lei-Lei, as they travel around what's left of Makai after the events of Vampire Savior/Darkstalkers 3. A new form of corruption is starting to spread and effect the demon world in more then a few ways, can this team of three figure out what's going on, and stop this corruption before it get's out of hand? Or shall they become just another set of victims towards it's spreading reach...

This game makes use of a few systems not seen in any of my other outings, all of them with combat. For starters foes now have a 'range', from Far, Mid, and Close. Selective attacks work on foes at selective ranges, more less foes have different AI's and attacks depending on what range they are at. Being able to control these ranges while dealing with what the foes are trying to do towards you is key in being able to take things out and advance forward.
battle phases

Unlike my other games, this also has a new 'status stacking' ordeal. While my other games focuses on a single status that gets WORSE with repeated use, this is more based around different status effects stacking and in turn together making a combo status that's far worse then any one of them alone! Careful use of 'blocking' and if needed items will let you have ways around these set ups, but controlling the foe distance is the big key to keep them from using selective attacks on you.

The game also will have a 'corruption level' in areas that will increase over time. This will lead towards a harder difficulty in foes that are found there, more less starts to effect the HUB area much like how the HUB can be corrupted in Project QB. Only here what starts off as NPC's selling you gear and items, turns into them later taking 'other' payments for their goods, towards just flat out sex on sight. The girls also don't game over on a loss, instead will be sent towards a selective mini room you'll need to escape from, or be caught, and used again and again till the girls submission becomes too much to resist just giving in. On that note, the girls have a 'Sub/Dom' factor of corruption, where by losing fights and letting yourself getting sexed, you'll become more submissive in actions and ordeals, while killing foes far weaker then you will start to move up the dom, where the girls start to become a bit more then a little 'power hungry'...

...With that, also the sex! Mid battle foes will try to indeed preform a multitude of attacks on you, but nothing sticks out more then the sexings. Each attack having it's own assortment of animations to play of the girls getting used and abused by the attacker in some way or form. Each foe ATM is planned with 2 animations, ether having 2 for a single action, or split between 2 different attacks. As many who've watches the streams can answer towards, this is NPNG's strongest area, and adds a greater erotic level that makes this stand out.

A demo is still a while forthcoming, given the complexity of all the systems and aspects of the animations and images going into this. I'll give more details of it's nearing release when more things are done and can be made public, but for people interested in this, I tend to give live demonstrations of what's working and going on doing my streams!

Project: Roxi and Zetta:

This was something me and Latexity started work on doing the expected downtime forsawed for Egg Assault. As both of our OC's seemed to gained a decent following thanks towards the last release of Egg Assault, we figured making a game just staring these two would be in order to better lay out who they are, what they do, more less having our own brand of corruption not held back~! Far off in a corner of the world dwells a cavern that seems to be ever spewing creatures and beastes all too eager to overpower the life from above, turning them into endless breeders, slaves, or something far -worse-. Roxi himself had set off towards this location in hopes to purge the evil that never seems to stop, while Zetta tagging along figures the treasures of past heroes might be worth something, and of course if there's besties like this down there, they SURELY must have a treasure that would sell towards the right buyer for a kings bounty...So the two set off, making housing towards the only nearby town, the last fort of defense towards the endless plague, to attempt to delve down and ether solve this corruption, or become part of it.

While the combat is your normal fair from me, a gimmick to mix it up this time around is 'Fetishes'. Fetishes are earned by suffering foes attacks, and over time becoming allured by them. It starts to turn into something Roxi and Zetta will willingly allow happen towards them more and more as the fetish grows deeper. Keeping an eye on these, returning back towards the city, and purging them before they get out of hand is the key here. Though one should note that if a fetish becomes too might become impossible to cure at all...Much like Vampire Lust, the game also isn't over via a loss, though if the fetish is too great, this might in turn lead towards a BAD END, more less vs a boss of any kind, you do not wish to allow them to fully corrupt ether character, lest you desire a special BAD END...

Progress on this game goes decently well enough, and the hope is within the next month or so to have something playable to sell of the concept towards you guys and to get options on the game styling.

Something that's only VERY RECENTLY been started by mo2's sheer request ( I want to say forced even! ) would be this little game. Planning to star my OC Zetta ( she's getting around huh? ), She'll be going dougion delving Rouge-lite style, exploring rooms for goodies, and taking out foes for EXP along the way. As you can guess though this game will be having a fair amount of corruption, this time in a more 'paper doll' styled status screen shown here. Equipment and corruption are planned to be interchangeable on the fly, and the gameplay right now is planned to be close of that towards things like Violate Heroine, or RyonaRPG. While I would love to make a MaidenSnowEve/Dougions and Prisoner's based game, I fear I lack the scripting know how to pull something THAT over extensive off! But random loot, rooms, and foes are planned, and of course the wonderful corruption! Take some concept sketches done by mo2 on what to expect!

Mar's Project:

This last game is still VERY much in conception stages, but from what to expect: You'll be playing a semi sudo 'Pokemon' based game, but instead of capturing those multitude of Mon's, you'll be going around the metaverse of Sonic cast, transforming and warping them in a number of ways! Battles will be a race of corruptions of your gals onto the other's end of gals, with boss fights to take over a 'prime' version of someone to declare your own. Not much else can be said on this project till Mar desires to move forward with it, but have what he's done for rouge for an idea of what to expect if this ever get's going...

...and with that does it! Ask questions and the like as you desire! Also I'm sorry for not posting this directly on Patreon as well, but given the recent rule changes, it'll just be easier to do post like this here, and linking back towards my workblog on there.

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No title

Damn dude, you've been busy! I'm excited to see all this progress, you're doing an amazing job and as a fan I'm thrilled!!

No title

This update has me super excited, holy crap. I truly hope you get enough time to just sit down, be creative, and hammer these out!

Re: No title

You can kinda say I'm ALWAYS working on something or another. Being ADHD, I like to keep myself busy. Some people complain about bordem. I complain about my ability to feel useful while pushing forward like 6-7 games :'D

I think I shall! Honestly it's more about finding time to just recharge and not feel like I'm wasting time I COULD be working on stuff. I really do need at times just 'me' time to play other games and brew ideas around that, more less just be social with friends and mutrals. This last week was a lot more of that then I care to admit, but it was kinda needed to get me back on track after last week's semi-meltdown of depression. Don't worry though, I'm always working at SOME degree, I dislike having my hands under my ass that's for sure!


Good to hear, looking forward to demos!

No title

So much stuff! But what about Tyamet Chapter?

Re: No title

>So much stuff! But what about Tyamet Chapter?

...Look at Egg Assault, then back at Tyamet Chapter, then back and Egg Assault. It's croc who's yet again gone off to do other things. :'D
I'm sure it'll be done -eventually-, but I'd rather Croc focus on the easier project then the one he wants to completely redraw from the ground up and redo everything yet again...@w@;;;

No title

this looks great but im worried that your going to get burried and burntout by the quantity of work involved please pace yourself and take a break as needed

No title

Glad to hear you took the time to get us updated. Agreeing with other posters, very excited to see the near future if this rejuvenated pace keeps going.

Admittedly, very sad to see no mention of Codename Progressive. While I totally understand that with the status of the loss of all the code and progress, the fact it's another project that involved Croc, and just the general convoluted nature of how many hands were in the pot. But it was always the idea I was interested in most if only to see what lovely ideas everyone had in mind and how many different varieties of kinks it posessed. but alas, maybe one day we'll at least get some sort of Rundown of what could have been. But for now thank you in any case for your dilligent work and keeping us all in the loop.

Front page and Links

Your front page has been the same for like ever, how long before you update it with your current projects and the links to getting them downloaded?

No title

Wow, just wow.
That's awesome, man. And this last project. God, how I want to see it finished. What you need to make it happen? Money? Food? Bitches? The fresh blood of a newborn? Name it and I'll give it to you just to see this game complete.

No title

Nuuu, I was looking forward to more Tyamet Chapter.

Guess we have to wait on Croc, he hasn't been doing alot of art as of late. :p

No title

"Rouge" Zetta character made me remember about that old Weavile, what happened to that.
BTW, shouldn't it be Rogue-like/lite? or it is a pun?

Re: No title

Yeah, Codename was my first outing, so it does still hold a dear in my heart, and I DO still want to do that entire ordeal sooner then later, but as of late it's just been easier juggling separate projects that aren't attached to one or another, then one mega project overall. Easier to keep track of things and not have working on X break Y out of the blue. Once workcycles start to really iron out between everyone, we can think about such a mega project!

I really do need to just take an hour or two and just redo that. Chances are later today! I've got screenshots now as well so I don't really have an excuse :P

I figure Mar's project? Go tell MarTheDog how much you like the concept and want to see it done and done! I work when he works, and there's only two ways around that: Ether he wants to work, or he gets payed a LOT of money. I mean if you SEND me money, that can help in pushing him forward though! Otherwise just give him support and let others know to let him know that they want to see such happen! Unless you mean the Zetta game, and then money would indeed help! :D

@Random passerby
She'll be coming back, don't worry! We've situated her into Project QB as a guest, but because of mo2's changed interest, stuff will be on pause for a bit to take care of the thing he wants to do!
...Also yes, dyslexia means I get 'Rouge' and 'Rogue' wrong and I honestly can't even read the difference at all. I can just tell by context one means the stealing class and oldschool game, and the other is the color. If you asked me what spelling went towards what meaning though, I wouldn't be able to answer that 100% and would be a total guess as I really can't tell the difference. @w@;;;

@Everyone else
Don't worry, I don't PLAN to overstress myself if I can avoid it! My last two streams I kinda ended up calling short just out of tiredness as well. I'm kinda already in a 'recharge' state as it is, but I don't think I'll burn out just yet! Also, I can't really say much on Tyamet Chapter. Croc wants to scrap and redo the entire thing again, and asked me to stop my last reworking on elements as a result. I WAS going to just make a version using the old art assists he made, but he requested that I yeah! :/

No title

I think it's something like this:
-Rogue is the so called "thief" class, but it actually means the "survivalist", the "antihero", the "will steal/lie/kill for money/food because I can't survive without doing so" type (that goes from mischievous rascals/charlatans to brainless thugs).
*Rogue is also the name of old game that featured permadeath, randomly generated dungeons, D&D fantasy settings etc. It became popular enough to make the Rogue-like/lite genre; pretty much as "game like Rogue".
-Rouge is red/scarlet/crimson in french that is used a lot on novels (also the Sonic character).

Sorry for the wall of text, I suck at explaining things

No title

I wonder why Croc is so a adamant about redoing Tyamet chapter and why he doesn't want the old art to be used.

I can somewhat understand being self-conscious of one's art or wanting to update it, but why redo it?

No title

:/ I LIKE all of these projects seem to be doing too much at one time.

Maybe it's because you're on the "coding" end of things, but yeah, 4+ projects is a lot, especially with PQB being 95% done lol.

Re: No title

@Random passerby
It's less about keeping the terms separated, but more like 'Rogue' and 'Rouge' being read the -same- way towards my eyes. I can ONLY tell the difference because I typed it, and that previously you made a clear notion there -was- even a difference. Without that I wouldn't be able to tell. @w@;;;

As Croc puts it: He can't stand looking at his older artwork, and when he looks at it, all he WANTS to do is redo it because he's better in turn, and he can't just walk past that fact ether. But in turn he get's stonewalled by the idea of redoing all that work, so he just stalls endlessly till forced to move, but forcing him to move even with money at times doesn't breed results, just debit that stonewalls him more :'D
...There's a reason why when Egg Assault had other artist suddenly I was happy, and then started taking other projects in turn because I wasn't going to sit with my hands on my ass.

It comes down towards artwork being obtained, and doing one projects downtime of 'waiting for assists' I can start work or move forward with another getting such. The ONLY case is mo2's Rogue Zetta project, as this was more circumstance on his end forcing his hand, and in turn mine. Mar's project is something Mar wanted to fiddle with, but beyond the basic set up he's not been very forthcoming with stuff. I listed it public out of the fact that if he doesn't see others interested in such, I doubt he'll even do anything ELSE with it and that's about as far as it'll get @w@;;; So really this leaves NPNG's project, that is the BIG undertaking, and would be an issue with other stuff if not for the fact that beyond NPNG doing the artwork alone. So stuff gets done WELL, but it also takes TIME. So I wouldn't expect to see that finished in the next year or so...!

I know there's a lot of people worried about me burning out with this many, but I wish to just state again it's more me doing things to keep busy and working, then to have time where I'm just sitting here hands on ass going "Man, it would be nice to have some art assists to impermanent about now.." Including that the patreon's now on a monthly format, so I feel like I should at least be putting out the work worthy of the payment coming in and being used for such things in the first place.

No title

It's the waiting that's rough - both for the creators waiting on assets, money, etc, and for the people wanting to see the finished product =P

Hope things go smoothly!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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