So about that translation project


I've been allowed to talk about this more publicly, so I can go on ahead and share the fact that Kicktyan came up towards me and asked for me to work on translating some of his work, and this being at least the first one thus far! It's pretty rare to have an artist ask for something like this done, more less editing the work to better fit the English adaptation to boot! I'm already rather close to being done in turn, even while being as sick as a mule, so I SHOULD be able to stream freely this upcoming weekend and get back on track with my normal projects!

Still, AFAIK, the plan is that Kicktyan will sell this translation digitally when finished, so when that's up and about I'll pass the links as to where you can obtain it!

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D'oh! Got that one last time, it was quite enjoyable. KIKUNYI/KickTyan art is great (and funny).
Though that SuperRamen would end up translating them.

Too bad that I will skip the next release this week as it's not my eeerh...taste.

Re: No title

Yeah, I'm not one for M/M myself ether, so I doubt I'll even be translating that one if I can avoid it! As for why SuperRamen isn't doing this one, I couldn't say! All I CAN say is kicktyan's told me that I've been his fastest translator yet, doing in less then a week most take months to preform. It helps that I have a native friend as well, that I can get more clearer understanding of the context and tone of some of the text, to make translating go by rather fast.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
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