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Sorry for a bit of the delay getting this out, but it's here after slight delay! The 'Pre-Release' and near final build of Project -QB- is among us, and there was a few changes here between it and the 'Pre-PRE-Release' to take note of!

-The hive will now fall under corruption after a while! Try to limit how often you 'run' away from a corruption zone to heal and restock, or that next time MIGHT be your last...

-Foes all now have Bios you can check up and read when you 'scan' them mid battle!

-There's a little rebalance towards foe HP, mostly lowering it a tad. Though in turn I've also weakened the boons of excess drones by a small amount as well. The foe difference you should feel, the drones not by too much...Not counting those who somehow got 99/99!

-A few notable issues from the last build's been fixed! Convert old saves! Don't fear about going back into the older content going into the throne room! No longer invisible queen after fighting latex drones! A few others as well!

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Just came to comment on the pre-release, and already an update!! I'm so happy to see how far the game's come. It's absolutely fantastic. The variety of enemies is nice, the fighting is manageable, but still allows you to fail, and the CG is awesome! There are a couple changes I would make before the full release. They're small, but they'd make the game go from great to perfect

1. Lots of spelling and grammar errors. They're pretty distracting. The actual flow of the text is spot-on though. I absolutely love it!

2. Game over CG: It makes game over's so much more enjoyable! The ones for the orbs and the slimes are fantastic, but I'd love to see them on the latex and tentacle areas too!!

3. Game over text: I'd love to see more dialogue during a game over. Not a ton, just a bit more. Kinda like in the latex pig area in Progressive. Just a little more flavorful text, since that's what makes your games really stand out!

4. Ending: I actually haven't beaten the game yet, but a final boss would be perfect imo. Like an opposing queen of corruption to battle. If you win, the hive is saved. If not, all the struggle up to that point was for nothing, and the bees fall prey to the monsters.

5. Title screen: a nitpick, but id change the title screen to something a little different. Just to switch it up from the game over CG later on.

Really though, the game is incredible. The best adult game I've played by far. I'm hyped to see it so far along, its the best thing ever!

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Something I noticed, since you mentioned getting 99/99. In the previous build if you bought 10 of the healing items you got none, but instead you received 99 drones. At that point it's a simple process of converting them to the nude ones, and buying the 10 items for the drones. I have no idea why that does that, but I was able to replicate it multiple times on different saves. It actually got annoying the first time, because I really needed those healing items.

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Nice, the corruption is a pretty cool aspect now. Still haven't gotten roomi to be an enemy, but i'm trying.


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