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Well today I figured would take some time to talk on some other game projects out there, that maybe might be interested for lots of you guys out there that enjoy what I'm doing, and would like 'more of the same', or close enough.

working progress 14

First being in the "I can actually understand everything" list is one going by the name of 'Esthe Hunter'. Pretty much you play as a girl who, when taking a job offer, ends up way over her head, now having to collect monsters of different breed and kinds for some kind of high treatment spa. Of course said creatures aren't too happy about a bookworm trying to seal them in gems, so our heroine will have to dodge getting covered in webbing, and avoid sinking into mud, among a few new perils just recently added!

You can get the game here. If interested in the makers artwork, you can find his DeviantArt here.

projectx - 0008

The seocnd one on that list is a pretty well known project ( or at least I like to think of such anyway ), known as 'Project X: Love Potion Disaster'. Take some of the Sonic Team cast with a storyline evolving around a pink cloud that's driving everyone's libido's to maximum, and done in a 'Street's Of Rage' battle system, but with sex instead of getting beaten up. It honestly extremely awesome how they retooled the old style beat-em-up into a hentai game, and the artist have been working rather hard to ensure it's all nice and fluid at that! Admittily it's had some issues in the past ( Zu, one of the playable OC's, keeps getting added/removed, this time it seems for good ), and it's fanbase has been quite vocal ( Stage 2's jumping and vore content had to be redone multiple times ), but I DO highly suggest it, including if you are into Sonic stuff!

The main website to download the newest build, and check on the forums is here.

working progress 15

Last game for today that's "Not in moonrunes" goes towards 'Mitsuko X'. Take a neko catgirl who ends up stranded out in space, and now ends up someplace she doesn't even recall being at, having to work her way around it Metroid style, all without becoming too horny to end up giving into her lust and the beast that inhabit her current location. It's had many, MANY revisions, with a new one do VERY shortly (?). His gal is pretty cute, and the fact that you have a 'horny' bar that controls how your gal acts towards being fucked ( the more heated she is, the more lewd the sex animations become ) is a VERY nice touch indeed. There's also a faux upgrading system towards your stats, more less different clothing, and weapons to collect and make use of.

Blog of updates and ability to download current version is here.


Next two games are in a "In Engllish, but require payment" category. Both done by quite the developer, Kyrieru, both of these games take platforming and exploring with a sexual spin. The first one, Kurovadis, is perhaps a bit simple in this. monsters can ether normaly attack you, or 'rape' attack you, the normal attacks dealing damage, while the rapes deal little to none at all ( outside of 2 selective cases ), witch may ether interest you more ( letting you enjoy the pares for as long as you want ) or turn you off ( there is no effect what so ever towards being sex'ed outside of one selective case ). Our Heroine though can gain experience, and get a ton of new movements, skills, and weapon types to help her out on her adventure, so core game play if nothing else is very solid. If interested, you can buy the game here for about $12 bucks.

Kyrieru's second game, Eroico, is a tad bit different. Less exploring, more of a true platformer, and this time it's a male hero, fighting off female monster girls! This one puts a BIT more focus on the sexing ordeals, forcing you to 'struggle' free of the and the like. Admittedly I don't have this game to give a good talky on it,but if F on M is your kink, I doubt you could go wrong. You can buy this game here for a tad bit cheaper, rining it at about $11 bucks.

For those interested in just seeing Kyrieru's blog, you can find such here.

I think that will do it for today. tomorrow unless I have anything to outright show on, I'll then post my Japanese list of games to suggest, even if you might not fully understand what's going on in them.

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