So I'm a dumb dumb and left a testing element still ongoing in that release.
Anyone starting a new game has nothing to really worry over about, but there's 2 things for people to know:
1) If updating a save, you'll not be able to ATM. I forgot that I removed a sprite as I got a different one, but on the old map it's still looking for the old sprite, so it'll crash.
2) If you re-enter the Queen's throne after leaving it on a new game file, you'll go back into the OLD queen's throne room, and then in turn enter the OLD map, the one with the missing sprite, that will crash...YEAH.

This isn't a SUPER big issue, and if you guys can wait a day or two ( so i can get latexity's stuff and then re-release it with that and that fix ) and play a new save WITHOUT re-entering the queen's room, we will be A-OK.

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The fact that you even have the decency to post a comment letting us know is amazing to me.

Thanks for the heads up.

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A couple of bugs I've found so far:

Crashed when I was in slime and encountered a mob

After beating one of the latex drones, my character became invisible

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I was able to load a old save by putting in a png where the missing graphic would be

you create a folder in the game directory
with FELKNEEL.png being a random image you got on hand

I was able to load the old hub room, enter the queen room and exit back out and that seems to have fixed the issue.


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