So it's been a bit, and today I woke up towards the wonderful surprise to see the Patreon at halfway towards reaching it's $500 goal and...I'm just flabbergasted it's come that far really! I REALLY need to extend my thanks towards everyone pledging right now as you all are just blowing me away!

So, beyond that, let's talk streaming as the vote ended a bit ago, and the results where rather interesting! So, from what I gathered, Streaming on the weekends would be the best time to do such for the most people, following Tuesdays and Thursdays as the next best. So, I think for now I'll do this:

- I will stream every Saturday and Sunday from now on. These streams plan to start as early as 7~8AM Central/GMT -6, and end more around 4~5PM Central/GMT -6. There might be a little flux between these hours ( might start a little late/might end far later ), but for now these are the goal hours I'm aiming for.

- Weekday streams will be up towards when mo2 is able to work, and will happen and continue based around his own schedule.

I think this will give people enough of a looking glance on development being made on these projects, more less still gives me some 'Me' time to do other things, and to work on some elements of these games without everyone watching ( I still do want SOME things a secret till otherwise! ='D ). So I'd say start following my Picarto.TV page so you can get E-Mail notifications of when I do go live, and do tune in Tomorrow and Sunday for my next streams!

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I'm Glad that's it's going that well for you!
Still hoping for an Update to Tyamet/progressive.

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I seem to recall a certain sexy ass pokemon teaser before you took a break from all this. No pressure or anything, but is that something we can still look forward to in the future or is it canned? Or can you still not talk about it because mo2 wants it under wraps?


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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