Project -QB- (Re)Release v1 The Kuro Hive


You can download it here

It's been a while upcoming, including after a few harsh set backs. Though with the support of the last few streams, progress was made to a point where I could release the first live product publicly for all to enjoy and give input on! Take note of the new central HUB! Witness drones being added mid battle to replace converted or KO'ed ones! Try your fate at the newest foe the 'Mimic wall' and survive the Kuro hive if you can!

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I was happy to be there for the livestream, and am psyched to see the demo released!!


Nice to see some work and glad you have the support you do. Support can really push a person to do good work.

Pretty good so far

I like where this game is going but I have a problem with the mimic walls. They're just so frustrating to deal with sometimes with the constants stuns that can sometimes lose you a character especially when the wall aoe stuns when it's grabbed someone. Also this might just be a problem with me but saving is broken, as in it crashes because it doesnt load a certain image.

Saving issues

Thanks so much for the updates, and we are all rooting for you silently.

For anyone having issues with images or saving, so far I've been able to get around this issue by taking RGSS300.dll from an older version of the game I have and putting it into the same folder (should be the System folder inside the game folder). This however doesn't mean you will be able to use old saves. Those as far as I can tell do not work for this version. The reason for it, is simply because of the layout change I believe. It could also be a lot of other details, but that's the simplest way I determined this.

Re: Saving issues

Hmmm! This is odd indeed!
Well if you guys could send me your save files in some fashion, I could take a peek at this myself? I'll chances are devote a stream into looking into and solving the issue, as on my end saves work and load just fine without issues, so I'm not too sure what all screwed up on everyone elses end...?

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Looks good so far, but I feel the +B special move can become too overpowered with little effort on the players part. All you need is five extra drones and you can one shot orb battles, then go back to the hub for full EX restore, then proceed to snowball out of control from all the resource you farm. A good fix might be instead of it using EX, have it consume half your current Drone stockpile (they sacrifice themselves for the hive or some shit). It would make spamming the move not preferable, as you wouldn't be making enough money to cover the drones lost if you did, but it still leaves players who need an instant win the option to do so.

Re: No title

You might be happy to hear I've already taken something of a balance act into account! For starters you...don't want to enter/exit an area too much anyway! Right now it might just be Roomi vanishing forever, and then showing up as a foe, but later you'll start to see the center hive start to fall apart as well, and if you do it too much it'll lead towards easily unwinnable fights vs the entire horde! So uhh, YEAH! Don't go entering and exiting areas like that rapidly! I've already got a value that tracks that, and you don't want to load a save file later and see everything in ruins and you're utterly screwed :'D

Otherwise, Drones price is going up, because it was becoming too easy to admass, but in turn I've now got the option to buy Royal Honey as well! A healing item for HP/EX/ES on the fly! You can also find it in chest...and it's secondary corrupted Black Honey, but in case you run out, or need more, the options there. Smart players might be able to use these two functions together to lead to quick and easy clears, but that's what I'll keep looking out for as well and adjusting things till I find a 'fair' spot! +B being a OHKO at one point though I'm OK with, as if you put in the time to grind that out and not screw up everything else, you chances are deserve that pat on the back!

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Sounds great. One more question, are infinite battles going to stay with this new system? As of now, if you kill the wall mimic and one of it's golems you could just set your team to defend and regain all your hp/ex/es without worry because the golem can never out damage the healing you get from defending. Not really a problem, just seeing what you have to say on this.

Re: No title

That's always kinda been a case of "Those smart enough to use it, abuse it when they can set it up" Like sure, you can get away with that on the walls, but the tentacles, slimes, and other things by nature have more ways to screw you over in those few cases. I MIGHT ( HEAVY MIGHT ) make it so the Golems can revive the wall if you idle and let their TP get too dang high as a way to surpass this though. it's not something I'm super keen on doing, but it would kinda be a "HAHAHA...ah. Why did you let this fight take THIS long?" type of thing, but the problem there is I'm expecting you to do poorly, and the wall's already kinda mid-boss level. So if you where doing uber poorly, but starting to make a push with your drones only to go dead back to zero because 2 of the golems could revive it...that might be ehhh....We'll see though! We will see for sure!

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HALLO! i was wondering if we would see a return of the Worm parasites somewhere along the lines?


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no leveling up system anymore or will be add later

Re: No title

I just finished some work on the worms today! So expect to see those critters back within the next release!

As for the Leveling up, ATM I've got that removed, but I MIGHT have it where guests can still obtain levels along with the queen? It's not something I've been TOO big in doing, but I might just the same...! I'll muse on the idea anyway now that someone's brought it up!


I cant seem to get to the new locations after beating the corruption boss. I don't know if it was restricted to that area or something, but I was really hoping to see the tentacle parasites.


As I said before, this was going to update peace meal, so it was only the Black Orbs this time around!

Next update though I'm going a bit more ahead and making all 4 areas accessible! Though You'll be unable to complete the game in this build, and the game will kinda hang here for a while till more artwork and art assists are done!

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the mimic walls are a little hard to beat and get past it would be helpful if you lowered the health in the next version other than that the game is great and i hope to see good things for it in the future

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Any Chance you could put the game into windowed mode, My laptop does not seen to like fullscreen


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