Progress Update 4

Well good news, CP got back towards me about his script, in rather short time too! The best part is that he's actually looking into updating his script to do EXACTLY what I need for codename! So, with that in mind, once I have an updated script from him, MASSIVE chance to see this updated towards VX Ace, and perhaps many more such projects done under it instead of XP.

working progress 12

Today's update news past that thought is kinda tiny. What we have here is one of the many rooms that will be showing off the 'trap tile' mechanic. Much like in Codename with Viola or Tyamet, there's a special floor that does 'something' once stepped on. In Viola's case, it was slowing her down, and then covering her in thick sludge. In Tyamets case, it was a convey belt that moved you around. In Project: -Croc-'s case, it's a spot that will cause a game over. This is all actually done via something we can set in RPG Maker. Each floor tile can be given a number, and once stepped on, this number can be traced back into a variable to let us 'read'. We can then do a basic check of 'does variable = this? if so, do this'.

working progress 13

Pretty simple stuff honestly. It allows us to have a single event control a LOT of space without the need of a billion little scripts all doing the same thing square by square. This in turn means less laggy environments, and more events doing other things, it also means if I need to FIX said event down the line, I can just edit the one, and it's all done.

Also on the off topic stuff: This is a dice game I help and assist development on. Give it a look see if interested into bondage d20 games at all.

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