How to Play: Egg Assault

I've noticed that perhaps I haven't been that clear on how Egg Assault in general works, so here's a mock up guide on getting started and how to play the game:


For starters Egg Assault's gameplay is rather basic in it's execution, given there's no city's to explore, or side quests to complete. Instead the player is challenged with a gauntlet of a never ending wave after wave of foes, forced to survive and hold them back till ( eventual and unavoidable ) defeat. Losing is a key aspect of Egg Assault, you are expected to lose, chances are more then once or twice....or 10...Depending on! But then again losing is also advantageous as well. You'll gain points based off of the waves you clear, and how deep each wave was. The deeper in the waves you go, the far greater points you'll earn for each victory, and in turn make future runs THAT much more easier to get even farther, almost snowballing in a way!


Still, you can't do a run without a team, and you need to set that up before going anywhere. To pick your team members is rather easy, as from it's menu you can get a nice listing of who's all usable, and a general look over at their stat layout. Something to take note of though is just under the name is a listing of three terms that are very important towards team building.

The first one relates towards a 'style', there being three in all, and each one limits the type of equipment that character can use.
Program refers towards those who are robotic or are constructs who use secondary add-on's onto their self to increase their performance in some way. Program equipment tends to be things like nanites, or devices installed onto the body.
Tools refers towards those who use something as a primary towards their own strengths. Guns, Traps, and anything that isn't directly the user's powers or body are counted under Tools.
Yet it be an unknown inner power, or directly spell casting, those under Magic have some kind of special power that isn't man made, nor constricted in any physical fashion. Spells, and some magical embedded equipment are under Magic.

The next is telling of a player's 'Type', and this effects how skills can be used on them, more less in a ( few ) cases how damage is dealt towards them.
Humans, Humanoids, and anything that has Flesh and Blood is an Organic. They make up the larger end of the cast, and are the easiest to be healed, but also fall under special status effects just as easy. They also can be converted by Q-Bee into Bee Drones.
(Will later be renamed into Inorganic) Anything not Organic falls under here. Machine, Metal, or otherwise, these things run on far different rules then Organics, and as such things that would effect them have no effect on these. In turn though, Robotics have their own tools and healing options that only they can make use of. Robotics tend to suffer extra damage from Electric based attacks, but they are more resistant towards special status effects.

Last, there is the 'Class' that denotes a characters normal playing style. An easy way to advance would be having one of each class on a team, making sure they cover for each others weakness.
A bulky, hard to take down class, they have strong survivability, with rather high health and damage mitigation, ether for their self, or secondary towards their team mates.
The 'Damage Dealer' of any team, focusing on giving out those high numbers ether to single targets or groups. They can easily turn the tide of any fight towards their advantage, as long as they are able to be protected. Many Burst fighters suffer from ether low health, or low defenses, making them 'Glass Cannons' that if not cared for will lead towards the failure of a run.
People under support tend to offer things less directly towards the team then a Tank or Burst does, but they can quickly shine when used right. Some have disables and stuns, others have heals and passive effects for the team, even others can apply damage over time (DoT) effects towards the foes to let the turn count finish them off!

You'll need to pick a team of 3 ( no more, and no less ) before you can advance.


The next step would be once you have a team, to equip them for the road ahead, ether empowering their strengths, covering their weaknesses, or giving them more utility via new skills and attacks. The shop is where you can go for that, and your set amount of points for any run to spend is based off of the total amount earned within your entire playing career (as long as you remember to save!). You might notice that each equipment has brackets in it's description, and an icon for it as well. The first half of a bracket tells you exactly what it does when attached, while the second half tells you what Style is able to use it. The icon each equipment has matches up with this, as Magic, Program, and Tools, each has their own icon, more less one more to symbolize for 'All', or equipment that anyone can use regardless of Style.

Also, don't worry about 'saving' your points for another run, you always get fully refunded all of your previous, and new fund earnings back after each run, meaning you only get to buy more and more the farther and farther you get before coming back.


With a team set up, and equipment gathered, you'll need to make sure to actually EQUIP it towards your team before moving on! From the Menu option, you then can do such, able to check up on the skills everyone's got access towards to better familiarize yourself with them, attaching the gear you just bought to give them those bonuses, check up on their stats, change the order of your team (who's first, second, or third in battle display), and allows you to make a save of your game to continue at a later point and time.

It is HIGHLY recommended to make a save BEFORE selecting a team or buying equipment, as when you load a save with a selected team, you can not use the 'Buy Ahead' option, nor access the menu to edit equipment, and will be thrust into combat with little warning. This might be adjusted in later builds.

Now with a save to come back towards, if you've been able to clear checkpoints, and have enough left over points, you can use the 'Buy Ahead' feature to return towards one of your last reach points and try to advance from there, otherwise you can choose to start, and start holding back the waves as best as you can!


I hope this guide helps you out!

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Yeah so i beat the boss and got a password but where do i use it?

Re: Password?

> Yeah so i beat the boss and got a password but where do i use it?

Check out the "Egg Assault 3.0(alpah) -The OC Update-" release page for the link! It was a separate DL due towards the sheer size of it!

No title

ok thanks!

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it says i cant start the game cause im missing somthing called rpg maker vx i really need to get that to play this?

Re: problem!

> it says i cant start the game cause im missing somthing called rpg maker vx i really need to get that to play this?

You just need what is known as a RTP ( Run-Time-Package ). You can obtain that, for free, from Enterbrain's official site. As we can't post links, just google "RPG Maker VX Ace RTP" and it should be the first or second result. Just make sure it's rpgmakerweb and you'll be fine!

is this it?

sorry im new to this stuff but is this it?
rpgmakerweb .com

which program do i install?

just wondering.


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