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As requested from the man himself, I am posting this here on his request. Anything here on is Chaos Croc's writing.


Hey guys, ChaosCroc here.

So, I've read a few of the comments around here, and I feel like I should give a little explaination on my side of things with Lip's games, the status of some of them, and my thoughts. Mind you, this might get a wee bit lengthy, so apologies for the lack of a TL;DR section.

This was the first project with Lip I sat down and worked on. Not the first RPG Maker game I helped with, but the first with him. And I wanted to make a Tyamet level that revolved around an odd concept: living latex suits. Seemed kinda random, but also fun.

Now, what happened with that? Well, quite a bit, but the important thing was that C:P hit a roadblock programming-wise with Lip. Not to mention, I was still VERY new at the whole thing, and didn't realize the amount of work involved.

So where does it sit now? Honestly...ask Lip. XD I know that the art on it is years old now, and will probably have to all be redone from scratch. Plus, as far as my end goes, I wanted to do too much in too little of a section. So it'll need to be streamlined.

Alright, so THIS is the one. With C:P, I had to follow a slight script with Lip. But this game was all me as far as plots and content. A trek through a trap-riddled mansion, in search of a mystical artifact that will aid Tyamet in her quest against Shalia and the evil firebird race. I had also planned for this game to be a kinky jumpstart into a comic series about this, called Titan Chapter.

What happened? This...is more my fault. Not only do I tend to procrastinate a lot, but life tends to get very busy for me. So I rarely found time to sit down and work on my own personal things, much less Tyamet Chapter. Plus, again, I tried to fit WAY too much into it all at once. It's a bad habit of mine that I'm trying to curb.

Will it be continuing? Yes. But I'd like to redo the art in it, and streamline the story for it. Take out a few things, add new things, that kind of stuff. So yes, it will be worked on soon. I'll possibly see about having enough art for it done by the end of the year, but we'll see where that goes.

Oh boy, THIS thing. Okay, so between Project QB and Tyamet Chapter, I had this idea for a simple little battle game. Croc, Crisis, and Tails-Ko vs an army of Eggman's conversion machines. Something simple, quick, and kinky. It....quickly evolved into something NOT so quick, as we started getting ideas for new things to throw in there. That's when we decided to make it a game where new content was added over the course of the time.

Now, where are we with it? Actually, at a good place! We've got a few other artists interested in adding to it, which means the entire work load isn't all on my shoulders. Which is SUCH a relief. I plan on introducing new things as well (robotization, boss fights, slimy things), and making it a bit more fun.

Now, I know waiting for these updates and games suck. I also know that it's easy to pin the blame on Lip. But honestly, it's not all his fault. I don't get money for the things I do on this games, so commissions and RL jobs take priority over everything else. Is that a valid excuse? Probably not, but it's the truth.

Rest assured, I want to play these games just as badly as all of you. And given time, they will be put out there.

And since I don't want to leave you all with nothing but words, have a statued Empress Shalia with a gloating panda guard. Because I love you. >=3



Admittedly, I was a bit slow on uploading this, but with that out of the way...

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Dood i miss your work and im pretty sure it will end up just the way you and lip would want too, dont rush things dood its like quality over quantity, so the more focus you are at work the better, rushing is not important, whats important is that take your time and make it look professional (^3^)/ Goodluck both of you doods...

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Great to hear from ya, I've gotta start checking the blog more often! I'm stoked to see the full scope of Tyamet's story, she's perfect for the many bad endings in her future.

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Croc, you don't understand...

I'll wait for good porn.



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