The worse of times...

The worse part about this update is I was hoping to share a lot of good news. Me and mo2 had made some progress together, both on mine, and his own secret WIP I'm not allowed to say much on beyond "Something is coming". He also mailed me a large box of goodies and other stuff in turn....that's now lost in the mail, and will take up towards 2 months to 'look into'...meaning ~$300 bucks he spent on me both in shipping cost ( what by itself was around $150 ) is now down the drain for him....But now also...this:

Our landlord just felt like forcing an eviction onto us, and the law apparently isn't on our side on this matter ether.

I need to go into a bit of detail but a few days ago we found someone in the laundry room. We of course called the police as no one's suppost to be in there. Our landlords apparently got a police tracker though, called the police off, and then called us telling us not to do such. So this is already a red flag both ways, we feel something's fishy, and he doesn't like us. Today we get a notice from peoples gas saying they are turning off gas for the entire building. We call about that, because having gas turn off doing winter, after it's been snowing at that, is PRETTY BIG. He get's pissy about that, and then declares we're being 'too much of a problem' and pretty much says "Get moving papers, I want you out'. We call housing on the matter to fight it off, and their answer was pretty much "Well, if he wants to kick you out...he's allowed to kick you out...". We call the cops, because he doesn't have anything directly on us to force this ( we haven't damaged anything, we've passed our inspections, we've paid our rent and unity bills on time without fail )...But because we are on a 'month by month' lease, he apparently can just declare us "Not allowed to live here" ( because the lease isn't singed every month on our end in turn, so on any single given month, we're apparently not on the lease beyond the first time we singed ) and there's nothing they can do about it.

...We are pretty much in a spot where, someone doing wrong, directly, and got his hand caught in the cookie jar, will get no reprimand...while we, who have been doing our best to do and stay level, now are being punished because we poked our head into a situation, and then asked about why the hell is there a notice saying the gas is being shut off. So...after moving, getting set up, getting a new PC, actually enjoying the location we are in and the like...we're forced to move, if we like it or not. I am crushed, destroyed...and honestly...I don't even know anymore if I'm even worth the effort to save this time. My projects have been dead in the water for a while, my job hunting's been null, and I don't really have anything to show for it all...

...but I wanted to get this out here, in case I end up vanishing for good, and no one's able to get in touch. At least this is here.

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not safe

dood get out of that place your not safe anymore. just stay calm and go somewhere else safe. its your life now forget about the project and move out of there

No title

I've been a silent supporter for years, I've had your site in a list of bookmarks I check once a day, and I always yearn for more Project QB news, though I'm never dissapointed when there isn't any. That said, get yourself a new place, establish yourself, and don't let these projects stress you out. We fans will still be here for whenever, if ever you're able to continue. Life comes before making porn, and I wish you the best of luck in sorting things out.

Re: No title

I wish I could say it's just as easy is "Move towards another place! Get out of there and somewhere else!"...because it's not.

We live off of Section 8, better known as the House Choice Voucher nowadays. Pretty much we only get ~$700 a month to live off of to cover rent, bills, transportation, and beyond the $150 food-stamps we get, food as well. The HCV allows us to move into any location that accepts it, and that we can cover so much of the rent and bills based off of our income...and if it meets up towards their selective agreements. We're not allowed any 'special' ordeals and the building has to pass their checklist ( no sunroof, no rooms without windows, need 2 entry's into the apartment, among other ordeals ) and the rent has to be agreed on ( and they will deny it a lot of times at that 'just because' ). Last time we did this, we spent over $2000 on fees and the like, and ended up were we are now, and even then JUST squeaked on by ( we pretty much got forced into here because we were unable to find a better location ).

I'm beyond stressed over this though, as last time we had to be fundraiser to make by...and honestly I don't know if I have it in me to ask for a second going of such...This was suppose to be over, this wasn't suppose to happen, this was the one issue out of a long list of issues I had hoped was behind us...

No title

Another silent supporter here. Very sorry to hear about all of this, and I sincerely hope you get out of this one. I like your work, but obviously life comes first. If we never hear from you again, I at least hope that a) you manage to find a home and b) your old landlord gets some sort of karmic comeuppance. Good luck.

on life and the games

That's a rough situation, no doubt. There's really not much you can do at this point besides finding another place to live. Maybe if you get a job, even low tier, you could get a bank loan to help find somewhere to live. Obviously life comes before this, I don't think anyone would disagree.

With regard to the projects, my advice would be to find another person to take it up. Try and contact some game devs who can work with this who you'd trust to make the games in the way you'd want them to. I'd offer myself, but I really don't know how to work the system (I actually started with the hopes of making a game in the same way as yours). At the end of the day, the game's yours to do with as you want, but It'd be sad to see games with as much potential as Q-Bee or Codename end like this. If you think its the end for you in terms of development, pass the torch. These games have a lot going for them and it would be a serious disappointment to see them stay as they are.

I wish you lots of luck with your current situation, and hope you get life going better soon.

No title

Hey there, long time silent supporter, just...holy sh** man out of all the people I want things to go right for you for once .~. Look I wish you the best of luck and am BEGGING you not to give up, you've made it this far and have persevered through so much, don't let some shady landlord decide whether you can or cannot create what you want to create. All of your fans here have your back and are cheering you on each day, we know you've been in some tight spots before and we know you can pull ahead once again.

I check every day here and am always crushed to see someone who creates such fun projects keep getting the short end of the stick. I pray you don't disappear on us, but on the chance that you do, which would be my worst nightmare, best of luck.

No title

Bloody hell, the past while has not been kind to ye at all. As others have already said, getting your physical needs (i.e. food, water, and shelter) taken care of should always take top priority. I sincerely hope things start looking up for ye soon mate.

a wild lurker apears

just a lurker from projecx/ulmf i seen the post of your game codename progressive and wow it looked good flash forward alittle and murphy (as in murphys law) practicly moves in too bad i cant help ya if you paid your rent that mount you could get some of it back but dont count on it anyway goodluck in your future ventures and the prinny plus the others are right jeez evrey time i post it always goes on anyway you wont get rich but heres a survice i use for secound life that will pay lindens (that i know but theres other payouts) its a little but not much hxxp:// ps theres a waiting period of 5-10 days on linden

a wild lurker apears...again

say why dont we hold a dontion drive or somesuch i dont have much but i will give what i can when i can

No title

Honestly m8 open up a patreon. I'm sure people will give you shekels through that.

A letter of sorts

I will simply say this, when things are bad like this there is no shame in stepping away, take your time, find a new and fresh start, when or if you return we will be here waiting for you, until then I hope things work out for you, and should fate will it that you cannot return, then I wish you the best of luck for the future and hope that it is kinder to you than the present.

Hopeful Regards

U.N. Owen

get that pateron page up and send us a link

Wow thats.... REALLY really fucked up man but i dont have much money but if u set up a patrion i will give what i can

No title

Well here is what you do, abandon ship and get your life sorted out. Its not like you owe people anything, I don't recall you begging for money or creating a patron and fucking everyone over with that. So you take a 6-10 year break and then come back, or do something else. Ive seen stranger things happen.

PS. Ill wait as long as it takes to see that sexy ass Weavile again, you don't even fucking know.

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