Slow Day

Today was kinda uneventful. Was out for most of the morning and afternoon taking care f a few errands. Once got back was checking a few matters in SL and other locations that had my email a bit piled up. So as of writing this, nothing honestly got done today. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I'll get caught up in matters and by the time I'll go "OK, lets work on the game projects", my hours are nearly spent.

Still, a few nifty things did happen today.

-For starters, my good friend mo2 was nice enough to do a little spotlight on my blog today. Was pretty rad to see my banner and him talking about me in such good light.

-Very soon Girl vs Girl, a Ryona based parody of Spy vs Spy, is due out. I've been kinda assisting mo2 and Erotan at passing information about this game towards English forums as of late. You can see how the game works here. While right now it's in Japanese, an English translation is under production, and I'll more then likely go into details about it once it comes closer towards release.

-I've looked more into VX Ace systems to attempt to replicate XP's battle system, but with little luck. I found a few scripts that WILL let me set images via actor, so if they move around, the image follows as well, yet the problem here is the ability to CHANGE said actor images after being set. The search continues though in hopes of finding something ( or figuring out a good way to edit a system into what I need ).

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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