A Breef Moment with Chaos Croc


Croc did a little something after my last post it seems to make sure everyone knew he wasn't dead ether. :P

Also Wishing to put out a 'Thank you' towards everyone who have been supporting me as of late. I'm doing better health wise, the coughing's slowly, but surly fading off, so huzzah! Those who have been supporting via donations ensured this month and last that we could even have something akin towards a holiday meal for both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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Huzzah :D

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sweet good to hear

oh oh oh DOOD!

chaos croc dood!, the prinny squad love ur work and is tyamet always that way dood?.
lipucd dood take care of ur self dood dont rush things ^^ we want the game at its finest dood... thank you dood

Thanks dood!

You mean egotistical? Eh, to a point. XD But hey, thanks for the kind words, dood! Maybe I'll see how Tyamet looks dressed at Etna sometime. XD

Yeah, I'm working on not only commissions, but things for the game itself. Recently, me and Lipucd sat down and hashed out a list of EXACTLY what I need to do to finish this thing, so I'm hoping to knock a huge chunk of it out soon-ish. Can't really give a time frame.

ahh DOOD

hmm tyamet in master etna's clothes? oh that's a great idea but i hope she doesn't find out dood.
were drooling to see more from you ChaosCroc dood, its ok dood take more time we love you're art and how you make it dood, so thanks a bunch we can play a games with art like this dood. happy new year lipucd and ChaosCroc dood ^^


GOD damn....that sexy cocky lizard......
i really wanna see her surrender humiliation.....

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Great work but I can also say this for ideas that were already said and if you need help for donations all of us are here to help in anyway we can.

What if improving your score or playing a number of rounds unlocked certain characters? Or unlocked from the get go.

A part 2 from where Crisis, Tails-ko and Croc were converted?

More bound animation then just a status showing ready to be converted, like a gag or showing them completely mummified.

Another enemy type could be the use of those robo spiders from chemical plant zone or the use of plaidamantium materials to bind the cast.

The ability to attack other team mates to protect or for funnies, even to save Chaoscroc when you save him early on and release him he has turned Fem-Croc.

(For example that Latexmancer Katrina can use abilities to prevent the capture and convert for 2 turns and gather power from her buff status)

Time attack or wave attack modes where you can guard as many times to heal and gather your inventory before a wave happens again.

You can play as the converters instead.

Volume button or slider to lower or mute the music

The ability to not auto scroll the text when no input commands are not available when the team is captured waiting to be converted or game over from KO's and when selecting an attack the backspace key can be used instead of esc key.

These are some examples.

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Half a year later...


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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