End of 2014 recap

I'm still alive. I'm sorry for the long periods of breaks, but they do indeed happen from time to time, including when I get engrossed with things. I figure today thought would be my best bet to go over what I have been up towards as of late.


-Recent been able to get back in touch with CP, the guy who pretty much provided me with the stepping stones necessary to even get all of this off the ground in the first place. He's doing A-OK, so if anyone has been worried about them, no fretting necessary!

-Networking a ton. If people have been poking at my Twitter, they might already know I've made quite a large surge of Japanese connections this last month. Mostly gamers, but there have been a few who will be assisting with the upcoming translation projects ( a majority of the quietness this time around ), more less new artwork as well.

-On that note,Raven, done by ZXC will be in, but the idea of them taking up and doing the Q-Bee artwork has fell flat, so I've since reverted back towards the ordeals MO2 has done since then.

-On that note, MO2 is back alive and kicking as ever from his back surgery. He's still getting a bit adjusted towards a working schedule once more, but he's already jumped back onto his Heroine Capture game, and doing stuff for me on the side. I'll chances are will have more to say on that following the New Year.

-One of the new artist, Beecon, actually tossed his hat into the ring with a few fun samples. I think you guys might like what they have done. Sadly they will not be a continuation of such, partly because of the large amount of work they would have to do, but I felt the work and quality too good to hold onto and not put out there somehow you know?

-I HAD wanted to get something out, before X-Mas, sadly that doesn't seem to be an option as much as I fiddle around with stuff. How I want the later half of Project: QB to work has made me rework the starting half to flow better into it, more less give the player more options to nab drones. The idea is going to be that randomly from fights ( that have drones at the start, not converted from your team ) you might rescue one from it's fate. It will give SOME sort of boon for those who end up fighting, as right now it's far more 'dodge everything, hit objectives, hope to get out'. I still do want that a bit, but I also know the player reserves are going to run dry utterly fast otherwise without something to balance that out.

-Croc...Has been Croc. I don't think I should, nor need, to say much more then this.

-....Admittedly I chances are could have gotten more done, more less a release on time if I didn't partake in some of the recent gifts I was given as of late. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend is chances are the best example of "Good Idea, Bad Idea" as "Good idea as I love fighting games. Bad idea as my working habits for a week plummeted". I can't really give a good excuse beyond "I played a game rather non stop after I was given it, and now I kinda have to admit towards it".

-In "Games much like my own" news, Malise and the Machine is looking like to be a developing winner I've got to admit. Scripting to enhance and improve on RPG Maker VX's limitations, more less doing an ATB style battle system with very similar content and material that I'm doing with my own games. I'll admit I've got a lot to learn with them, but I would check out their recent vid, and if you like what you see, give them some support. I'm getting the vibe that they MIGHT just be worth it a bit more then me. XD

Not too sure on the next news update honest. Networking and the like is helpful as it gets me more hands on the ready, and more eyes over my work, but in turn doesn't really offer much in chatting up here unless there's some solid guarantee's or material I can shoot up in turn. Once a new build of Project: QB's ready, I'll chances are post again, thought I couldn't say 'when' that would be. Again, I'm having to rework the start again, and that in turn changes some core events and the like, more less figuring out how I'm going to path it all in full. Tyamet Chapter will have news when it will have news, thought I'm not quite holding my breath on this one. Croc's been burning past what I can only guess a lot of backlog stuff as of late, and as such time for other things has been rather null.

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Good to hear from you, Somewhat disapointing to hear nothing proggresive about tyamet chapter, as its my favorite. But I can understand that the roadblock is out of your power to move.
Carry on and happy holidays to you.

No title

Thanks for the update!
Is there any chance you could share Beecon's pixiv if they have one?

Also, are there any other games similar to yours you would reccommend? I'm in need of some other games while waiting for yours :3

No title

oh man i hope taokaka actually gets thrown in that would be just....the best

Taokaka dood...

we want taokaka dood...
she's so hot like really dood.
and merry xmas and get well soon, the sooner the better dood.

Re: Taokaka dood...

Always glad to hear from you! Sadly I think I posted that without making it TOO clear on the matter. Beecon had at first offered to do some stuff for my game, but around the third image, felt that it was perhaps too much work, so passed on such. But he had done some material of pretty damn great effort, so I felt it would be a shame to just let them rot on my PC. So Sadly, No Taokaka, not by Beecon anyway. Otherwise I would have made the announcement more official on her possible team dynamic.

@Not Named
Sadly beecon doesn't have a pixiv, he DOES have a Nijie thought you can find here:

Give it a looksee when you get the chance, Tao, Lei-Lei, and LoL Yordles tend to be his favs~!

No title

care ur body!
ill wait and wait


merry christmas dood...
hope you get well soon and don't rush things, that way you can make more great games in the future and dood you are the best later dood..... ^^
and oh dood tell chaos croc i love his art work and merry xmas

No title

Can u finish "Tyamet chapter?"
this project gonna cancel?
don't care about others
u can make it!

marry christmas lipucd!
cheer up!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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