Full Game: Egg Assault

I'm pretty dead typing this, ended up overdosing on ibuprofen when I shouldn't have for headaches, ended up a vomiting and weakened mess and a half from this flu bug that just refuses to leave me already, and this sickness has been a few weeks ongoing for those close towards me know!

But this page grew dark for too long, and I'm glad I can at last brighten it up!

Might I introduce a little secret small project me and Chaos Croc put together, primarily as a "Getting a basic game done in short order" and also as a small birthday gift for Kirisha Raptor who's done both me and Croc a good turn of favor over the last...I want to say 5~6 yeas knowing them!

This game is pretty simple, you're objective is to fight off an endless wave of robots without being captured and brainwashed by them! Simple right?

Using Chaos Croc, Tails-Ko, and Crisis, it's a 'small' game weighting at only 1 visual status effect in battle, and about 20 images total used, 10 of such used in battle. There's also an included .rar file that has the high rez source files I used to work and convert these images for game usage, but you'll have to play decently enough to nab the password for it. ;3

You can nab the game from right here
As always, you'll need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be able to play it.

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Glad to hear your okay.

Saw your twitter some time ago and I was worried you might have caught ebola!

Hope you get better soon. I will be eagerly waiting for more updates.

Hope you get better soon

Hope you get well soon.
this game is a bit tough, but ill get it eventually.
Am also excited for the next update as always ;)

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who drew this game's game over illust?
looks really cool
maybe tyamet chapter have illust like this? lol

@Please leave this line blank:
Honestly I'm happy that it's not ebola! It still sucks ass, but at least I'm not bleeding profoundly! ='D I'm alive thought, still kicking around thankfully! Been thinking about seeing a doctor about this as it's been 3 weeks on end now of this back and forth, but the bill for just getting a check up alone scares me not to do such. I don't have that kind of money!

I'm working on Tyamet and Project: -QB- bit by bit. Because of my illness thought it's a slow going process. Stuff that I should be able to get working in my sleep is ending up a hassle and buggy mess in development. Stuff is getting done thought!...How successful is just not desirable...>w>;;;

I want to say Tyamet Chapter will be out this year. I REALLY want to say that, but this illness tossed everything off coarse. The game over image was drawn by Toughset by request of Chaos Croc. Sadly Toughset isn't one to draw nude outright, and while this short game was tame enough for him to OK, it's...not so much for him to OK the other stuff. ;~; Tyamet's going to have unique game over screens depending on her loss thought, so don't fear on that! =D

@Everyone else:
Part of me wanted to get this out a tad bit earlier, for Halloween or just shortly afterwords, but there was a pretty evil issue before hand where the score wasn't collecting foes defeated for a bit, and I couldn't release it in that status...and then with me bed ridden after overdosing, I couldn't fix it till yesterday where I pretty much clawed myself out of bed, onto my PC, and then hammered on shit till it worked.

Good to hear/wishes you better.

It must really suck that you have to pay up just to get checked. I will look into donating a bit of cash later on if it adds up for the rest of the month. And again I hope for you to get better, it sucks to be sick.

Kudos on a job well done!

Sorry to hear that you're struggling with a tough illness. I hope that you are on a short road to recovery.

I wanted to commend you and your crew on completing a game from start to finish! It's a lot harder to do than most people would think. Though short, it is well polished and a quality that makes you want to jump back in right away to see if you can do a little bit better.

I really enjoyed this. The art is very well polished with some nice details in the battle scene. Each character feels just different enough to strategize and the it goes at a pretty engaging pace. I would also swear that the enemies gain more HP the longer the battle lasts. Hmm... Lastly, I didn't know any of the characters going into it but through the short dialogue exchanges showcase their personality enough that you have a little idea about what each one is about.

You should be proud and don't push yourselves too hard for our sake. Get well soon and keep up the good work!

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so, that password for getting a good score is that what I think it is?

Ha ha ha

Hmmm, normally your games are too tough for me, Lip. But on this one I somehow got a score of 33 on the first try???

Either way, a fun little minigame.

thank you Lipucd

hey Lipucd, thank you for the update, youre right, it was dark for to long ^^. i Hope that your Dream projeckt goes well, i love Q-Bee and all the corruption =^^=. Your work is great and i come here all the time, in hope there is something new, you have a big fan for youre work in me.
i wish you the best. Get well soon!
greeting from Germany (sorry for my english)


Only complaint I have is that you have to go through the openning every time you lose

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Also Croc's genderswap looks stupid and its hard t get tails captured.

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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