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I turned 27 on the 13th this last July. This should have been done by then, and I'm sorry it was not. It now is thought, so enjoy!

-Roomi is now fully compatible with all status effects.
-All of the Q-bee drone images are finished.
-New ally's Carion from 'Cream Lemon', and NiGHTS from 'Nights into Dreams' arrive!
-All new combat ability's!
----Units with MP can now do an 'EX Struggle' that will cure a status no matter what! Yet this uses MP, not TP.
----The Queen Q-bee also has a new attack that does extra damage depending on the amount of drones you have found and saved up to then!
-Monsters have been reduxed in looks and attacks! Now they too must use TP to use skills, so keep an eye on their bars! Most do not start a battle with any, thus ensuring 'First turn wipes' are a thing of the past, a few still might thought...
-General clean up and event editing for grammar/spelling.

What's up next?:
With the thanks of you guys, Tyamet Chapter's bug SEEMS to have been rutted at last, so unless something happens to me this week, I would poke my head back here in a few days. =D
Also MAJOR MAJOR thanks goes out to everyone who's been able to donate up till now! You guys have been keeping the lights on, and my PC from crapping over itself if you know it or not, more less taken off the stress of having to spend days/weeks in an endless job hunting, doing weeks worth of random ordeals for maybe $20 towards my name if I'm LUCKY ( Amazaon's current ordeal only made me at the end of 7 days/20 work hours $1.21 ). Not having a job does indeed suck, and the pressure to have some sort off cash flow coming in seems to get harsher and harsher. So you guys who've sent in funds? I thank thee, because that allows me to just take days to sit down and work, and not bother trying to hunt down funds, end up depressed, and then doing things to lay off that depression.

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Great to hear that the bug in tyamet is twarted. Im excited to see it updated, and i would look at my options to donate somthing to you once this month ends. "got some debt i gotta pay off first though."


Great to see the new demo, but the room with the Kuromaru/Black Orb infested Bees still has a problem with it's trigger not being in the right place/automatically triggered. ^^;

Yes, bug.

Yep. Game is unplayable past the black orb room. invisible barrier blocks any progression.

Need past save and/or fix.

No title

jupp there is an invisible wall in the black orb room (where the crack appears in the prior version). Also it wasn't possible to backtrack back into the latex doll room from the slime room, not sure if that is intended since its an escape.
Looks great though thanks for the update <3

No title

all the new features and this game is still impossible. Even with all of the auto attack function and my own inputs, the fight with the latex drones is impossible...T.T

Re: No title

Try battling the parasites more, and save up your TP! Then, on the latex, let them have it! C->R is a great way to lock them up for a turn, and then if need be, recall that charge can recover MP too, if just slowly!

@Everyone Else:
Yup! I thought I had fixed that, and then I somehow gaffed that with the map settings! I JUST uploaded a 'working' version thought, so give that a spin and tell me how that works for you guys! No need for new saves, should work even with the old saves stuck there~!

No title

It works. Good job Lipucd!

Invis wall glitch


No title

mkay so the revised strategy worked out great! also can I perhaps volunteer to help write more extended content at all? like more in depth cutscenes and the like? I'd like to perhaps join on the team if I can -college student with too much time-

Nice Job.

Fantastic! This is pretty good update. With the new Q-Bee skill and those added potions you get in the beginning, the game is much easier to get through (Oh and the two new characters are nice as well). I also beat it on the previous version, but the lack of healing in that version made the Roomi slime fight and final fight difficult.

I was wondering if we will eventually get a way to heal our characters without using potions. I understand that the spare Q-Bees are supposed to be somewhat expendable, but the main thing that can kill you is when you got a character on low health and you run out of potions. Fights can get pretty brutal when you lose a character that gets added to the enemy ranks, and then lose another character as soon as you defeat your last one.

Re: Nice Job.

After having a lot of would be people try to help with the bug, I'm being a little bit more anal with that stuff sadly! Thought, if you think of yourself as a creative writer, and think you can impress me, shoot me an e-mail at the tagged address and I'll give it a reading! I would say do a story around the content of the gam in your own words and style.

I've been debating 'heal' skills, or just boosting the heal amounts via struggle! Problem is I do also like that sensation of pressure/stress with limited resources, so it's this odd middle ground of trying to make it 'fair' for the player and feel less shitty RNG got them, and more just they where on a thin rope and put too much onto chance. What I might do is periodic one time use heal points for full recovery, including before pretty hard fights ( thought as a compromise this might zap everyone's charged TP in turn...;3 ) If I do make a skill, what I might do is make it to use all of your charged TP, and recover health based off of that instead. As it stands, there's a major reward for charging up, and nothing to really make you 'expend' all of your TP in turn at the rate of recovery.

Re: Re: Nice Job.

...and then I forgot to tag my e-mail! Well where it is now!

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Angel Grace here, glad Tymat is good to go.

So, um, question. The demo I have ends when you first fight the black balls?

Re: Re: No title

You should be dropped off into a test room of sorts after that fight!
But otherwise yes, the demo 'ends' there, just with the allowance to screw around a bit with team set ups and fighting mobs to your leisure~!

No title

Alright. Just so you know, I ran into a few crashes. Once when I was dropped there, and another back when I first tried the battle where you get Roomi. I think it has something to do with the number of characters in your part.

No title

Happy late birthday and I'm looking forward to having a look at this!
I've been meaning to look into the potential of RPG maker since I got my mitts on it!
So glad to see someone has beat me to it

No title

When tyamet finish?
Im really waiting this ;_;
can we see tyamet in this month?

No title


email away~


Nice loving how this is coming along. Will there be anymore characters?

No title

Glad to see this is still on development.

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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