A wait almost over...


In a few days starts a notorious day of hunting for hidden goodies and secrets galore for delectable sweets ( and for those of you who do not do ether, at least have an excuse to eat a lot of food. ), and everyone's been rather waiting and hoping that I would come on by with some stuff. So, just putting it out there that yes, a new demo's due 'soon', and with this little shadowy sneak peek, I hope a few of you can guess what's in store.

I'm again sorry for the slow pace with these things, making it look like the projects dead, or what have you, but I just want to note again that I have NO plans to stop, period. I might be slow-ish, but I can only hope you guys can bare with it for the work that follows in turn.
Sneaky huh? There's going to be a few other hidden tricks in this demo as well, so keep your eyes peeled and check EVERYTHING~! =D

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

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Can't Wait!

ahhhh his back dood

dood we miss you soo much its like years without any news from you. dood i can see this images very clear well keep it up and welcome back XD

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If you turn it at a certain light, maybe I'm just imagining things, but you can definitely see the face and the color of some features.. Color me excited!

(Hey there from the PX forum)


Hey Lipucd, glad to see a new update! Happy to hear that you're still hard at work to complete the project :)

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Hehe, looking forward to it and awesome sneak peak *figured out what it is*


Good to know you're still working!
Excited to see what comes out!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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