One More Thing~

Heavy's starting work once more in earnest, and as such we've sat down, looked over Viola's concept and materal, and felt like she would need something of a retool.

New viola combat sprite smapleNew viola combat sprite base naked default1

Case in point, Heavy's artstyle is far different today, then it was when this all started. So we are going to redo Viola's images from the ground up, but thanks to how heavy's doing it this time, we are going to be able to do something we've wanted to do, but at the time would have been too complex and time overwhelming.

New viola combat sprite Slime armor
New viola combat sprite tentacle armor

Custom Visuals for Armor.

But while we both have some ideas, heavy actually gave a vote to hear you guys out, and taking suggestions for a possible armor set to be added into the game!

As long as you can make some kinda of edit towards the nude Viola showing off your armor idea, more less explaining how it would work and the like, we'll take it into consideration for adding towards the list!

Viola Slime Armor IdeaViola Tentacle Idea

...They don't even need to be super well done as long as the concept's understood!

We look forward to hearing from you guys!

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Armor idea, baseline I'm not sure why you guy's are not going to go with Armor pasties and thong. i think it's a classic porny fantasy warrior stable. But on a more serious note I would suggest going with one with a short mini skirt bottom, or a normal length with long slits up to her hips essentially, letting her show off leg. And a breast plate which does little but cover her breasts and with a cleavage window of some kind.

Those are my two idea's, all in all can't wait for codename to get back up and running I'm really looking forward to that stuff.

anything will do dood

dood as long as i can play it anything will do... im drooling to play this game dood

Armor Ideas

Hey there, these are the two Costume ideas I came up with. The first one is basically just heavy armor and in game I would imagine it would greatly increase the Defense stat, at the cost of Speed. The second is the Sorceress Costume which hopefully looks familiar to you all. In game the outfit would probably increase Magic defense/attack but would lower physical defense/attack, if Viola uses magic at all lol. Descriptions of the items could be: Heavy Armor: "This armor looks like it can protect me quite a bit... but it feels so heavy!" Sorceress Costume: "This tight fitting Sorceress outfit used to belong to a powerful Mage... where is she now?"
I know the art looks rough lol, If I had a tablet or something of the like, I definitely could of made the edits prettier! - Alastor

No title

game is dead

Re: No title

> game is dead

I'm taking longer then desired to get things done yes. The game is not 'dead' thought, not at long as I'm still getting up every day of the week.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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