Thank you everyone

Towards the people who have donated these last few days ( you all know who you are ), MEGA thank you's all around. If nothing else, next month we'll be online for sure, so let's hope this foodstamp thing clears out eh?

On other matters:

-On codename: Progressive, I will chances are at last have something to show for that games update by next year or so. The reason for it's massive delay is me figuring out better ways to organize data, more less set up and do events, that in turn will made editing lots of events far faster if there's any errors. So just hold on for a bit more honestly! :P

-I SHOULD have an update before Thanksgiving, so you can fap while you eat...or something. It'll be of Project: QB of that, with better area's and far better 'BAD END' events that aren't just filler. I'll also be using the currently unfinished artwork in this build, so let me know how that fairs for you guys.

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Good job, Lip.

It's a pain that every country's government seems to think that you need to pay to get anything off them.

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REALLY looking forward to the Progressive update.

Keep up the good work

Out of curiosity

The latest demo of Code Progressive seems a lot more restricted than the older versions - I'm guessing this is the 'from scratch' you mentioned in a post some time ago?

Argh, seeing the images in the assets folder without being able to read the flavour text is so frustrating XP

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No Update? :<


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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