Just a FYI

But on the 12th is the newest Pokemon X/Y Releases.

...You can all safely assume I will be inactive for at least a 2 week period after this date.

Ouside of 3DS Friend Code trading, I think that's about it for this update honestly. Nothing's really been moved forward in any meaningful way sadly.

BUT, I guess I should ask: Out of the current stuff, what do you want to see more progress in?

Do you want to see a 'working' Codename? Some real content towards Tyamet Chapter? Perhaps updates and fixes towards Project -QB-?

Let me know, and I can say it'll be my main focus once catching things into orbs becomes dull. >w>;;;;

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I personally would like to see some more progress on QB

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Think you should continue on Tyamet Chapter just to get it done and out of the way for other things.

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I hope I'm not alone when I say this, but I'd love to see more work being done on the Tyamet chapter. Something about such a rebellious mage being caught and broken down is appealing to me. Anyway; happy catching!

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A 'working' Codename would be amazing.

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I'd be for a codename update, or maybe some more QB, because QB.

Re: No title

I'll admit, I'm pretty shocked it's so even on the votes here so far! @w@;;

But sounds like right now everyone wants a bit of each. I have to admit I'm kinda glad you guys enjoy them all equality, but I guess I'd rather have at least one pick to know what I do next is going to be something most of you will be happy with >w>;;

...That and to just give my own self some focus doing this kinda dead on all sides matter.

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more qb

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a working Codename would be great :D

More updates to project -QB- would be extremely welcome. ^_^

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Honestly I would not mind a working codename game, although more content in QB is equally good as that does sound like the game your most excited for.

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I'd love to see more QB, it just rubs me in all the right ways. The thought of a complete QB thrills me more than any other game I've come across so far.

yay dood

master etna want codename dood.
|電柱|・ω・`)ノ ヤァ

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Yaya can't wait for Pokemon Y!!!!

As far as what I would like to see I would say work on whichever you are enjoying the most.

Definitely QB! With all the slime, latex, parasites, and Kuromaru corruption greatness, it's a no-brainer. Have fun with Pokemon!! :-)

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All the QB


codename would be great i think mo2 have his own project so let give mo2 sometime to finish his own game and its a long time that we dont have a new demo of codename so it will be awsome.

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Working codename would be fantastic. I am enjoying Tyamet Chapter but Codename is the game I had the most fun playing thus far. I would love to eventually be able to play the showdown between Viola and Slina! That being said, enjoy your new game!

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Personally I would love more QB. But I guess technically Tyamet chapter has been up longer so it would be higher on the totem pole >:

More QB please!

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Agreed with many that more work on QB would be wonderful to see.

Debug content

I prefer the content in QB but Tyamet has more in the way of in-combat dialogue to go with the content

I think what I'd like to see most is some way of showing off the currently existing "bad end" scenarios in Tyamet chapter like in the previous build: Talk to a statue, trigger combat with each of the available enemies or activate an in-game trap


codename Progressive for ever !!!!!!

No title

qb qb qb

No title

I'd love to see some more of codename progressive if possible :)


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