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So, to recap from the last topic:

-Everyone wants demos, regardless of status-

So yeah, I will take this to heart, and will ensure on such. Still not a demo for another...I want to say week or so, kinda still playing around with some AI stuff, and depending on the results, depends on how future development for Tyamet Chapter, Project: -QB-, and Codename: -Progressive- will end up.

So, today, just going to give you guys some fun I guess. Over the last few months or so, we've ended up with quite a bit of artwork around these projects, and I figured it's about that time to share most of it. ( BTW, click on the thumbnails for the full versions )

First are some images Heavy did back doing the working stages of Codename, one with some Tyamet controlling Viola, and then another with a Slime Viola quite enjoying Tyamet with a Slina watching on and enjoying herself.


Chaos Croc too tossed his hat into the ring with some Codename fan art at the time as well.


Then once the Project: -QB- got rolling, that itself saw a ton of stuff!

First of course being MO2, who's done the most support for this outright, these being WIP's in stuff he's planning on doing into a single full .gif.

And then Croc and S'Zira did a few things too!


Well, hope this stuff might help let you guys wait for a bit longer. ;3 Till next time!

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Thanks! :)

Thanks for sharing the art! I especially like the pic of Slina having some fun with Viola.

Very much looking forward to alpha testing the new Project Croc! And hopefully Codename will be back at some point, because I really enjoyed that even in unfinished form.

All of that to say: your work is appreciated. Thanks and keep it up!

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We demands demos!

No title

Well I don't really care if a new demo comes out. I'm just here because the updates on this blog are very intresting :T
Keep up the good work on making an rpg fetish game :3

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not to sound grumpy or anything but...

I's been a week, where is my demo?

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new demos please, I will donate as soon as there are new demos. ;-;


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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