I need to vent...

OK, these last few weeks have been kinda hell for me, and honestly it's been a topic up till now I've wanted to be quiet on because honestly, you guys aren't here to have me bitch about how hard life is for me and the like, and instead for the games and products I am making for everyone's entertainment.

...But I got pushed towards a breaking part recently...and I'm just blah. So sorry, but I need to rant.

OK, as a set up, we on our end do not have much per month to live off of. It's a 3 people household, with only about $600 to cover rent, bills, transportation, and food. We normally also get foodstamps...it's only like about $150, but it helps a ton to make ends meet. Last month thought, we lost our foodstamps thanks to paperwork mishaps, and been fighting to get these back. So, last month the main budget got streched harder due towards the $150 missing, you guys helped by a good chunk thought, but then comes THIS month...

Again, starting off without foodstamps, so budget get's stretched out...and then we end up getting overcharged...by a few things all at once. To put it blunty, we got charged over $100 in debit thanks to that onto the banking account, and it was going to grow out of hand unless payed off. I STRUGGLED to go about, working my ASS off for anything to pay this off, but in the end I wasted more money on busfair then I did earning from cragslist random jobs...and today I just tossed my hands in disgust.

...THANKFULLY, a friend was able to cover the bank debit...but this...only solved that. We are pretty much still running out of food fast, and we have little hope of getting more funds...and ugh.

...OK that's out of my system, time to answer past questions!

>Thank goodness! I kind of wanted to ask about the timeframe of updates, but I didn't want to seem too pushy <_<
>And you're almost up to 20,000 page veiws, so I can't wait (metaphorically) for the next update :P

Don't worry about being pushy honestly. Sorry my post after such a massive number wasn't too great thought. I AM pretty surprised just how...FAST...that number grew too!...Never figured I would garnish that much attention...but guess I do? @w@;;;

>ahh dood i think he can do what ever he wants its his work. Mr. Lipucid sir i love your work and its a pleasure to wait for it hope to have a bug free game from you dood

Thanks! I'll make sure no one tries to pick you up and toss you around =w=

U. N. Owen:
>Think it would be possible to see a demo for the new and improved Croc in the near future?

>or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

...Depends, and this is a good to honest question on my end. Just how much content and WIP are you guys OK in seeing? How I work on things tends to be pretty wonky honestly, it works for me, but it's not much to play as till the final stages. Lots of single segments I sit down and test, and then put together at the end. Would you guys be OK with bare bones stuff? Or more demo's like I put out so far? Or maybe demos that more reflect how the final product will luck once it's fully finished?

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Well I can certainly relate to not having any food to eat, about a month back I literally went 3 days without food cuss of spcial services deciding to only pay out about 1/4 of their usual rate due to some stupid beaurocratic thingymajiggy I did not and still do not understand.

as for what I accept for demoes... well seeing as I have literally played demoes consisting of 3 areas... I am pretty open to pretty much anything, provided it's actually somewhat playable (current XP Croc demo is a fine example for what im am ok with, wish there were more of, but ok)

heck i'd take a buggy mess if only to alleviate my insane boredom.


If you don't mind posting more demo's once in a while we wouldn't mind helping you find some errors that you "might" have missed. Well I wouldn't mind anyways. In the end it's up to you.

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I'm personally fine with whatever as long as its semi playable it need only be 1 screen to be worth my interest. And having no money is a giant bitch i know that feeling very well...

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I guess the general consnsous to your question about a demo is:



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