Progress Update 15

It's indeed been a while, so lets poke our head in and see what I've been doing eh?

I've been for starters playing around with lots of different tilesets, trying to get a 'similar' look inside as we did under XP, and I think the current set up is starting to look rather nice. So maps are starting to get done while there's still some work on battle events that need to be ironed out, but those will come in due time, including after CP finishes up a few 'extra's that I've apparently given him a small push into developing.


Past that, mostly just doing the grunt work for getting all of the items set up with correct images and descriptions. Nothing really 'impressive' these last few weeks to be sure of honestly. It's just a bit slow going right now as I'm currently more testing and reading up on things, then activity adding towards the project.

...and admittedly, testing things means normally just doing stuff outside of my current projects and dicking around to see what I can achieve under RGSS3. @w@;;; If I was smarter, I chances are would take some snapshots of the oddity's I've done...but I'm...I'm not >w>;;;

Well, Q&A time!:

Honestly really looking forward to the game should be quite a bit of fun I think. Curious what's going on not because I want to pressure you but more been two weeks and I'm curious. Take your time your making a stellar product just my inner internet fool standing on a stool wanting to know more about it.

Well I hope this post helps answers a few things? It's just kinda sluggish right now. CP's working on a few things I'm excited about using and adding, and I'm kinda exploring a few ideas myself, so real content's a LITTLE on hold right now, hence why I just haven't said much. Yet I DO encourage you guys to just go "hey, mind an update, regardless of how small/big it is?" if you feel I've been quite for TOO long!

Hey Lipucd, I've played all your demos and I must say they're fantastic! I saw on your Furaffinty account that you uploaded a very old version of Codename Progressive, and was wondering if you still had demo for download. Haha I'm a bit of a collector, anyway thank you!

Here's a link, just for you.

But really, the first post at the very top? I keep that updated with links towards each project, including downloads. For Codename thought, make sure to download the XP RTP and install it. If you tell me "I can't get it to run because RTP or DLL missing", that's 100% on your head, not mine. :P

Also shoutout towards the 3 people who's sent donations so far! You guys have really helped out a ton to ensure these last month and upcoming one that we don't starve. =D

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Thank goodness! I kind of wanted to ask about the timeframe of updates, but I didn't want to seem too pushy <_<
And you're almost up to 20,000 page veiws, so I can't wait (metaphorically) for the next update :P

dont rush.

ahh dood i think he can do what ever he wants its his work. Mr. Lipucid sir i love your work and its a pleasure to wait for it hope to have a bug free game from you dood

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Think it would be possible to see a demo for the new and improved Croc in the near future?

or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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