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Well, progress has began reworking all of Tyamet Chapter from XP under VX Ace, and today's posing is something of a request fulfilled, were today I'll go a bit into detail of the different status and the like that can be undergone.

Of course best to introduce our heroine before hand. Tyamet is a Lizard from Chaos Croc's [Titan Chapter] storyline, one that has something of an odd 'grey' world towards it. No one person is outright 'good', but each one is looking to achieve goals for the betterment of what they believe in. Tyamet herself seeks to complete destruction of the Firebird clan, that has enslaved her people, and rise them back up towards their proper place.

Of course there's gotta be a third party in all of this as well. The Yakuza Clan is a group who is obsessed with collecting and stealing, be it from magical relics, to outright people, they view many things as objects to be horded for their growing halls and forts. They are highly known for their creation of traps to petrify their victims into helpless statues, keeping them on display endlessly with no escape what so ever.

Mind CrushRKey1.pngKey2.png
So of course Tyamet's main objective is to steal something to assist in her goals, all while trying to not fall prey towards the Yakuza's goals. Shown here are just a few things she will end up falling under. The male panda's can chain and group, the females strip and hypnotize till fully defeated, and then some relics are better off never being touched at all, unless you like the idea of becoming a plastic wind up doll...

Some 'Future' stuff not done, yet planned is a Secondary Character, a few extra trappings with their own drawn events, and a 2 stage boss battle. Only fetishes not shown already is slime, and really this is content I pushed, and isn't QUITE finished just yet...So I really don't have much to show for it that the demo doesn't already! ^^;;;

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>I feel dumb but I can't find the key to get into the underground portion. Also I can't seem to struggle free of the male panda grabs. One a bug the other I would just like to check out that area honestly.

There is no key in the XP demo. I never added it in, nor finished the event to head down. Sorry, but you are out of luck there! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;

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More then anything it's encouraging to know I'm not just completely unable to figure out the probably obvious thing I was not doing to activate the stupid area. I look forward to the VX version as the system itself is fun as shit, but when it's done it'll be even more awesome.


even a bug version demo is awsome, expecting great more awsome games from you. can you add more fetish? Like bimbofication? Or latex? Or any thing?

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