Progress Update 13


Well ok, it's been a few, and I REALLY should give some information on just what all is going on. For starters, I've been rather side tracked since getting back from said vacation with a video game ( said video game being Dark Souls on steam. ). I'll admit, chances are not the BEST of me to let myself get said side-tracked, but I'm only human in this regard and I do have to say 'sorry' for it.

Past that, I'm hitting a similar glitch roadblock like I started to do with Codename: -Progressive- under Tyamet Chapter, and I think this is just a VERY good and clear sign that I should just ditch XP all together. For the most part with Tyamet chapter it's far less overflows thought, and more incorrect trigger handling on a loaded game. She's got lots of different 'states', and apparently with the background scripts I had to add to get a few selective battles to work, when you load a game, it all fucks up, and counts them all as 'on' when they had no reason to be. Oddest part is when I try to set them 'off' forcefully, they don't trigger off, and this is the worse vexing matter at that.

So what's the plan? I'm chances are going to release what WAS done in it's unfinished status shortly, and then just work on it all under VX Ace for my own sanity. I had hoped to just finish it under XP, and it be my last XP Project, but these issues aren't seeming to get fixed, and I'll admit I'm kinda done having to claw at XP to get anything done anymore.

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thats too bad. Hmm.. Can you just continue the other half in VX and finish the xp one like part 1 and part 2?

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Please do release what you have done for Tyamet, I would be happy to give notes inasmuch as they might assist even in a new format.

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Thanks for checking in with us. I can't begin to tell you how hyped I am to see this and how much I appreciate all your hard work for us. I hope you find a way to sort the bug out but even if you don't it'd be fun to be able to at least mess around in a bugged version than no version. That being said, do as you please! You are the one doing the work after all!

Super Excited

Seriously still excited for this game. Can't wait to see the release of even a buggy version. :0


i want to know whats the verdict for this game!? Because where Craving for it v-10


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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