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So, apparently quite a few of you would like to donate towards my cause of making these kind of video games? Then I think it would be best to set up a system for such. Something that helps guide what all I'm doing, and lets you all 'see' the impact of said funds in use by my hands.

Little as you might know, but there are projects under wraps. Projects that currently only exist as idea bouncing and nothing more. Projects I myself would like to honestly sit down, put together, and make 'real'. Sadly the people who would be interested in working on such have Real Life matters, budgets, and other things tying them down and limiting time and effort to work on these projects. That's where you guys can come in.

Donation CasterMK

Unnoticeableperson/CasterMK is the first of such people, wishing to see not one, but two different game ideas made. One evolving around his images of the Digi-destined become anthro digimon and the hijinks this brings about with everyone. As the other involves the Mario cast getting transformed into Koopalings, and trying to both escape Bowser's Castle, more less get free from such a curse. Up above is an example of artwork quality to expect from such games.

Donation Croc

Chaos Croc would be the next one in store. Even thought Project: -Croc- and Codename: -Progressive- are under works, Croc would still like to push out more projects. The first of such would actually involve Blaze the Cat, and be directed of me of all people in both content and material, with him doing pure artwork. The other is actually a project around Amy Rose with her fighting off Croc's brand of 'robots'. Otherwise donations directed towards his projects ensures that he an mostly focus on his projects, and not need so much from comissions.

So now that we know of the current people, how will this work? Down below is a 'donation button' towards the Paypal I use. When doing a donation, only LIST the artist you would desire to see work on a new game. This will be pooled up, witch in turn I can use to talk towards them into working on such projects, kinda like a leverage that I wouldn't have normally. Right now the only one's I CAN talk about is CasterMK and Croc, but as time goes on, and I'm given privilege to bring up other's I'll add them towards this list.

Thought comes the real question: "If I'm donating towards this, how about just towards you, directly?" That you can still do with this, just by listing Lipucd when donating. Admittedly, doing this means money does not need to directly go towards any project, and might be used on other things ( PC upgrades, Supply's, Food and Bills, ect ect. ), but I'm assuming if you are sending it towards me, you are expecting such.

I think that'll do it for now? If anyone has questions, or desire me to go more in depth on things, just ask!

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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