Progress Update 9

Welp, another few days, and ton more progress made.
Felt like sharing the status effects in full for now though and let you guys know how everything's working out.


First one is Tentacle Infestation. A Parasitic tentacle beast works it's way's into the poor Q-Bee's body system, soon making her into little more but an egg incubator and breeder for more of it's kind. In battle this has the most harsh limits of all other status effects even at lower levels, and is rather hard to cure of before it spreads too far. As such it's best to cure this ASAP before you can't do anything at all!


Slime Transformation is the next one up, with the living goo mob's corrupting Q-Bee's into slime girls that then turn around and molest your team into submission. This is one of the 2 status effects that makes more monsters on the field after so long. As such it's REALLY important to ensure you don't let them set up onto you otherwise you'll get over ran fast. If the 'Queen' is fully infected, she doesn't transform, but she is disabled and incurable till the battle is over.


Kuromaru/Black Orb Hypnosis and Takeover is the next one ( and second of the 'monster maker' status ). These orbs latch onto the victim, corrupting anything they touch, and altering how their victims even think as they make them their personal little fuck toys. This one's interesting as it limits and zaps up your ( currently labled ) TP stat, it's what you use to do escapes and your special attacks. Think of it like a recharging MP bar that gains more if you get hit/attack. So they prevent Q-Bee's from saving their own self, more then anything else.


Then the final working status for now is Latex Doll Infection. Liquid latex spreads and keeps working over the infected Q-Bee to make them too horny to do anything else but keep masturbating! This is the only 'stacking' state, meaning it takes the same amount of effort to cure a 'level 1' as it does say 'level 5'...and it can get worse..and worse..and worse, without any limit in sight. As such, after battle, any Q-Bee's who are caught still being infected and locked into masturbation are left behind unable to be saved. This is one though that you can attempt to cure as long as people can act.

Once they are finished, I'll talk about the worms, more less more about the story mode and how all of this team ordeal works out.

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I looks very good.

I cant wait the day of play this game!!

No title

cant wait to play!

Re: No title

> I looks very good.
> I cant wait the day of play this game!!

> cant wait to play!

You two might be in luck shortly! By the looks of things, I might have a rather small public demo ready soon! =O

No title

wow really? a demo? Are you sure? Or am i dreaming o_O cant wait need to have it now


Great to hear that news! c: Been super excited for all three of your games since you announced the work on them!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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