Progress Update 6


mo2 over the last few days has been working very hard at getting some fully working Q-Bee sprites done, and it shows! Today I'm going to show off some of the progress on the newly announced Project: -QB-. We've already got movement images right now for both clothed, and nude, and with little extra touches such as some nice boobs swaying. =3=


He's also done some rather rad disply status images as well! Shown here are two very fun status, Tentacle Parasite, and Kuromaru Takeover.
So far the theme of the game is going to be Q-bee having to escape from her hive that's quickly becoming over infested with a number of monsters all around. She can try to save other Q-Bee's in hopes to increase her party's numbers, and escape out, but they can all end up falling prey and becoming little more then thralls for what's spreading about.


S'Zira hasn't been slacking ether, shown here is the sketch phases for both Covered in Slime, and Parasitic Worms. We still aren't 100% sure how much content's going to be in this game, but I would say expect about a full zone's worth from Codename: -Progressive-. I'll post more information, more less some in game screenshots as they get developed. For now just enjoy the sexy.

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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