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So today kinda marks an Unofficial start towards a new game project a bit out of the blue, but one I can't deny I've kinda WANTED, but pushing for it by my lonesome would have been too much self agenda to ever get greenlit by anyone I would be asking for help. Yesterday though it's like everything came together to solve that issue once and for all.


As I've posted in the central top entry, me and mo2 for a while now have been buddy buddy. Maybe not by first name, but he knew about me and my interest, and I followed him for matching on much of the same. We've chatted a few times, but never really at great length, at least, not till then. What started off as just a simple Twitter poke, would soon explode into what you see before here. A spite set of Q-Bee, and with a humble request "I wish to make a Q-Bee RPG with you".


Within hours, we where already building up a solid workframe, and pinning down the ideas and material that would get put into this project. mo2's Sprite style I think just does Q-Bee a TON of justice, and it's a MASSIVE honor for me to be able to work with someone like himself on a project devoted towards my main love. Yet we where hitting a small roadblock when we started talking about battle animations. Admittedly, mo2 is great with pixel artwork, but more large scale images is a bit out of his grasp...


...Thankfully, that's where another really good friend of mine over the years, S0lar1x, or as they are know today under S'Zira/S-nina, came towards the aid, within a days time or so, already cranking out high quality images by the plenty! What can I say outside of my sheer joy, that I pretty much get to make what might as well be my personal 'Dream Game'. Anyone who knows me, and I do mean ANYONE, knows how much of a hard o I have for Q-bee, so being able to sit down, craft, work on, and having willing artist make this come alive where words couldn't is just so heart melting. I am honestly quite pumped indeed.

So, I guess then this leads towards a very solid question: What about Project: -Croc- and Codename: -Progressive-? Nothing that hasn't already been stated. Project: -Croc- will be my main scripting commitment right now, including while art assists are being made for Project: -QB-. Codename: -Progressive- is on hold while I wait to see how CP update's his battle system, before making the move towards VX Ace in full.

So in closing:
New Game Announcement
Being worked on by both 2012111215252423b.gif mo2 and S'Zira/S-nina for artwork, and myself for scripting.
Will be starring Q-Bee
Get hyped?

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

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congrats on doing such! i know how much you love her. here;s to more gooey and latex encounters in the future!

Re: No title

> congrats on doing such! i know how much you love her. here;s to more gooey and latex encounters in the future!

Hee~! Oh, there shall be slime for sure! Perhaps latex to, gotta see about that!

possible temporary fix?

I don't know whether it is plausible but, maybe you could use simpe pixel art animations that show in a frame while you wait on the larger better qulity pictures/animations to be made? that way you could possibly make faster progress. just a thought.

Anyway i love what you have done so far!

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new idea

heya! how about add to mud golem like a yellow wall with simple mechanic but not on wall? like a step in some normal place but pit trigger.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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