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Oh boy, where do I begin? So, it's chances are comes to no one surprise that Chaos Croc and I have been working on stuff for a while, a very, very, VERY long while. We've had our ups, our downs, but I think I'm at that stage where I can't keep amusing him and how random his working ethics and jumping between more and more projects with none being any closer done then before. On my end it kinda works as I'm waiting for artwork to get done so I can imperilment and get it working. On his end not so much, given he's the artwork I would be waiting for. He's become so wrapped up into commissions and other ordeals, that he really doesn't have the time to finish this stuff.

So, to ensure this stuff doesn't jut rot on my HDD, more less to give those supporters at the $10 tier on my patreon something worth the value they've all been so welling to give out this far, this is for you guys. A FULL release of all of the artwork, .PNG and .CLIP, in all amounts, for each project (even those that where never past concept!), all in a nearly 350mb file. ATM, I plan to keep this upload exclusive towards patreon, but I feel because this isn't 'true' Source files, and that these projects are more or less dead in the water, I plan to later release them towards the full public 30 days from now. So from me, I do thank you all for supporting me this far, but I do think the Croc Projects are more or less dead, but with things like Project QB, Vampire Lust, and others, I think there's enough still going on moving forward to be enjoyed.

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Aw, I always loved the stuff in the croc projects.
I'm sad to see them die.

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Especially because those were my favorites and I love Croc's work, but yeah, he's been barely posting anything for some time now.

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It is a shame you both are not getting work done.

I hear that Straitfox guy is doing wonders, if you just let him in.

Re: No title

> It is a shame you both are not getting work done.
> I hear that Straitfox guy is doing wonders, if you just let him in.
...You know I can track ( and in turn block ) IP's by you posting on here right?
We already had our talk Straitfox, you pissed off Croc, you pissed off Lateixty, you've pissed off a lot of people, myself including as you never learn to back off. You can have all the money you want, but I don't see you ever being added into my grouping.

...On a real note though, I've mostly come towards the accounting of "I've got other projects I should be moving forward, and being endlessly lagged down by projects clearly going nowhere is just hurting me more then helping". So this is more me cleaning my slate of stuff that's been holding me back, and allowing me to focus on Vampire Lust and other matters.

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I'm going to miss the croc stuff, while the other stuff is fine, it does't have the plan old hypnsis and TF that the croc stuff did.

Re: No title

> I'm going to miss the croc stuff, while the other stuff is fine, it does't have the plan old hypnsis and TF that the croc stuff did.

Yeah, I know Croc had a taste in materials a lot of others dug, but honestly I'm at that edge kinda going "How much longer do I wnat to have projects with people asking me how it's developing, and having to keep telling them it's on Croc's end, as I've waited for him to make up his mind on matters a lot".
There;s a lot of artwork in that ordeal, so it's not like croc DIDN'T get work done at all, but dear lord he would come up with an idea, I would work it in, only for him to scrap the idea and leave me to add in something else instead, and then while waiting for him to do the stuff for the NEW thing be gone for months at a time. This is very obvious with the first two projects, Codename and Tyamet Chapter. A lot of stuff in there he did, I was working on, only for him later to ether scrap it, or go "I think I want to do this differently!", and Egg Assault was more me putting my foot down, chances are why we got so far as we did, but he started to just do less and less and doing it with less vim, yet kept tossing in new ideas for the game's flow and the like that I was sitting there going "Yeah, OK, whatever, as long as you do the work".

...and then the 3D stuff, that was his last ordeal he wanted to throw on me to manage and make, and I kinda told him "I'm not going to do anything, till you do everything you want with it in full"...He did a lot of random ideas, concepts, and other stuff, but in the end he never could figure out what he wanted. First it was Amy, Blaze and Rouge, then just Blaze and Rouge, then just Rouge, but as you can see there's nothing coherent going on. Me and Croc both suffer ADHD, and we both handle that in different ways. He's still a good friend, and a great artist, but I've just come to learn as a working partner, it just doesn't work between us. Payment or not his workload was the same, and that's kinda why the patreon funds are going towards other artist now (Like latexity,S-Nina, MO2, ect.).

Re:Re:No Title

Yeah, That's sounds problematic. Making games, erotic or not, is difficult. There's gotta be a line drawn on what needs to happen. While Croc supplied the art, he shouldn't have complete creative control. A common issue with a lot of small games is ambition, trying to add more and more until it's too much or trying to make something perfect. Croc idea's could work, but he needs to fully decide on them and then focus on the art. And he can't contently try to change things or add things, needing to stick with what is set is vital. And you have other games to work on as well. I honestly wonder if Croc has an issue, because he barely posts to his gallery anymore.

I can always hope that things might be resolved one day, but these problems have been going on for sometime.

To me the other games are fine, but they just don't have the stuff I enjoyed from the Croc type ones.

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Really wish I could help you guys out. Had some really high hopes for Egg Assault, but I guess thats mostly my fault. Well, best of luck to you Lip and remain lewd


Well f***, this is one hell of a bummer :/ thanks for posting all the files in the end but this is pretty heart breaking for me. The games you worked on together were and are some of my favorites and are the whole reason I eagerly visit this blog and try to support your work. I'll keep supporting you and I'm sorry things in the end had to die...best of luck with future projects.

Gonna Miss 'em

I'm sad to see them die. I would have loved to see them to completion even if Croc had to hand the reigns off to some one else. Oh well, life happens, stay safe and be well.

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sounds like croc is in a swamp! sad to see these sink too, but maybe its temporary? say, lipucid just an idea maybe you can make a testing-ground type thing with no theme to practice in while you wait if you have nothing to work on? also i learned about frankenspriting recently how hard is it to do it good? just asking cus i could have sworn i seen you on a MUGEN board but i could be confusing you with someone else my memorys been off lately

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Darn, Those were some of my favorite games. I still wish I had the money to commission Croc to do the work.

My Own Thoughts

Hey there guys, Croc here. Figured I'd take some time out of everything to make a comment about this.

First of all, to Lipucd himself, you're still someone I consider a friend, but yeah. You've pretty much nailed it on the head there. At the beginning of the year, I decided to go to college, while also quitting my job. So, commissions have become my NEW job, which has pretty much taken up a large chunk of my time. Despite that, however, you're still an awesome guy, and I can't wait to see your other projects bloom and become complete, awesome works.

Now, to everyone else. It's very heart-warming to hear how much you all loved the games I put my art and ideas towards. Tyamet Chapter and Egg Assault were very fun to work on. So, what happened? Well, setting aside the work/commission bit, there's also my own kind of OCD. Both games have/had art assets that were years old in them, and my brain kept telling me that if I do ANY kind of update, I'd have to redo everything. And that's a lot of work for one man. Not to mention that, as I'm sure Lip has elaborated on, I do tend to shoot first and aim later. Great ideas, but slow to do the art for them. That's on me.

So, what does the future hold? Well, I'm not saying I won't come back and do something with Lipucd later on down the line. But it will have to be only AFTER I get myself on a time table to where I can sit down and get everything enough done for a proper release, and am able to keep on it regularly. As for Tyamet Chapter and Egg Assault, I can't see them being picked up and just continued right now. But that's not to say I won't come back and do other games on the similar vein as them. All I can tell you, is keep your eyes peeled.

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By 30 days do you mean the April 9 or 10?

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By 30 days do you mean April 9th or 10?

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Ok that posted twice for some reason


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