More Status Updates!

Admittedly this last week was kinda busy, from being able to catch the recent Black Panther with people over afterwards, and some running around I had to do as well for a job I sadly didn't get, but work still got done on the erotic field!

The downgrade for RPG Maker MV did indeed work, and outside of a few hiccups ( a few files strangely had to be nulled before I had the correct versions, otherwise I ran into conflicts VERY fast ), it's now working as intended. I've been playing around with Rouge-Like systems as a result to try to replicate a fitting style for the Zetta project, and I'll try to show some stuff off in the coming days or week around this. I do though feel more confident that I can get such running in MV ( more screen space, more screen control, less issues in general ) then I could in VX Ace.

Vampire Lust is chugging away as well, with the general NPC's all but done at this stage, it's putting the rest of the HUB together and implementing the underlying systems. Me and NPNG did chat though and we felt that for this first demo release, the 'Corruption' element wouldn't be active, just to save on current workload and to ensure we can push this out faster still. For those who might have missed this tidbit, there's a general corruption plot for Vampire Lust with this overwhelming pink smoke that's endlessly spreading outwards. As you would play the game, it's reach grows, and the HUB slowly starts to fall towards it's effects, changing how NPC's interact with you, still they start trying to sex you on the spot and the like. As fun as an element like that is, it would just drag down this Demo's release trying to fit that in -now- and not come back for that later.

The only other thing to note was that Andersonic did some more artwork, based off of the 'Blaze Mini' project we colabed together on! Croc also delivered some artwork too after a long absence, but I think it's clear his focus has been on Dragon Ball Fighter Z then any of our games ^^;


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Frequency vs Size

IMO, Frequent-but-smallish updates are better than waiting forever, even if you get a mountain at a time.

Glad to hear progress is rumbling along, despite hitting a bump or two. Also sorry to hear you had to divert effort towards a job-prospect that ended up fruitless, but job hunting tends to be a bit like a shotgun - make enough attempts and you'll get some hits eventually.

Still looking forward to seeing more VL progress, and a hearty 'Yay!' for Croc delivering some Artwork, though I can't say I can blame him for being distracted - lots of good non-H games to play lately.

Updated Links?

I love that the updates are progressing quickly, though if it isn't too much of a hassle, would you mind making an updated Info and Links page?

I often come to the site and feel that I don't see any new updates unless I spend a while looking for them, mostly because I just glance at the front page from time to time, but it would be wonderful if all the progress and updates made were shown on the front page Info and Links instead of the older showing one that is currently displayed.

Updated lInks

While it's not perfect, I just look at the right side of the page, under 'Latest Journals' to check whether there's something new or not.

I do need to update the front page more with other listed projects and titles, as ATM it's still somewhat limited in that front, but I updated it last with every working MEGA link directly, and that's so that if people wanted a demo, they didn't have to hunt down the 'correct' older post with it, including that many point towards the now gone Dropbox files.

Though I keep it as the 'top' post because otherwise people would need to hunt THAT down, and that's just no good! It's best to just peek below the first post ( as that will always stay the 'first post' ) and check the post below it. As someone else said as well, there's the sidebar that will show the titles of the most recent post as well, checking the -second- post for a new one is a good approach as well!

No title

I'm glad to see Croc is still kicking.

No title

i love roomi please add her to all your games


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