More updates, and a nice feature!

Another week, more updates to be had! Me and NPNG keep grinding out more stuff to progress with Vampire Lust. The HUB area's starting to come along well enough, and we're at last working out some of the more 'General' NPC's the cast will be interacting with. We wanted to take more material directly from Vampire Hunter/Savior, but there REALLY wasn't a hole lot to take from beyond the fighters outright.

What few examples we had to work with:

As you can see it kinda paints a limited view on the world itself, and the stages wheren't much better, so we sat down and developed off of what we could for these. We liked the shaggy male demonic ascetic in a few of these, so we kept that for sure, while for the females, giving all of the known ones are Monster Girls towards some degree, we felt like working that in with these as well.



There will be more 'Named' and key NPC's as well later on, but we felt like working on the more 'common' ones would be a good fit to help flesh out everything else. Any input you guys can offer onto this would be grand though!

In other news, anyone who's followed my tinkering with RPG Maker MV knows that one major issue with it has been the steam version given it's 1.5, and almost EVERYTHING was made for 1.4, meaning nothing really worked, and what did work didn't work very well at that. Recently though MV pushed out a 1.6 update, while this update's done more to break even MORE stuff ( towards a point to set off a ton of virus and malware alerts! ), they at least did ONE good thing and unlocked the option to downgrade now towards older builds, going as far back as the release, towards, you guessed it, 1.4. So now I have MV set up at 1.4 and I'll return towards tinkering towards that. Depending on, I am hoping this Friday ( tomorrow ) I'll be able to stream such live as I try to get a few things working and in turn see if MV might just be valid for the game MO2 want's me to make with him ( The Zetta Rouge-like for those who have forgotten ). We'll see how this all pans out, as I know this Saturday I'll be out, a friends covered Tickets for us to go see Black Panther, so that'll be a treat for sure! And all I can say on Sunday is that I'll be busy. But if you get an E-Mail around 10 or 11AM Central ( GMT -6 ) about me streaming, you know what to expect =3=

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Sounds like you're right on track..

Good to hear! Also nice that the Devs have enabled rolling back to to older versions of MV.

Looking forward to a VL demo in the near-future. Good luck on continuing to grind this stuff out.


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