The Month of Illness

Now that I can be somewhat more up and around instead of having to retreat ether towards my bed ( or my toilet ) for some length of time, I can at last get this post out of the way ( that and trying to do an update on my android just wasn't in the cards, so I was sticking with twitter on that front ).

So! Somewhat after the start of the new year a few people had started to end up sick with the current flu that's been going around, and at first I wasn't too worried about it, people get sick all the time, small delays at worse, things where going to get back on track with other people anyway. Me and NPNG have been working more on Vampire Lust at that, implementing one of the more 'fun' attacks the dog's are going to be able to make use on the gals, more less working on the intro elements at that. I had did a stream even of me laying down the groundwork for that, though that was kinda cut short as NPNG wanted a more direct hands on element towards the creation, then just 'refining' what I was doing. So ATM VL's more in her hands then mine :'D

Still, the idea was for the next week to just futz around more with the Roxi & Zetta project, given mo2 ATM is busy with his currently developing game ( check out his blog for some examples of what that'll have! ), but then -I- ended up with this flu just the same, and oh boy. Being OK one minute, towards a total 180 body ache, fever, hacking cough, and everything just HURTING like hell was eough to have me stuck in my bed and not even attempt to get out of it for 2 days on end. I'm at the 'final' stage now, where it's just this annoying cough that just will not go away, but beyond that I can at least eat and drink and not feel like I'm bleeding from every fragment of my body.

Still, as you can guess doing all of this...Not much in the way of substance, beyond some more work on VL, really -has- gotten done as of late, and that I do have to apologize for. I'm hoping that this Fri-Sat I can get back into streaming unless something -ELSE- comes out of the blue, but for now this is the update! Before we end though, let me go on ahead and share a few things just to keep you guys interested in VL's progress:

First and formost a little silly I did doing that stream after NPNG kinda shot me down. I wanted to still do -SOMETHING-, so I kinda made a self edit of a possible corruption that would be later down the line. Nowhere as skilled as NPNG's own work on this stuff, but I think it can still be enjoyed on it's own merits ;3

And so we have the first stage of the newest attack as well the dogs will be ale to do. The idea here is that they will hump and 'musk' up the gals somewhat, and each time the dog does this, the girls go from an 'Ewww~!' towards an 'Ohhhh~'...and then ending in a 'Bitch in Heat' status that allows the pupper to fuck them regardless of any other condition. I was a bit scared to add an element into this at first, but I think with the more 'pink' smog from NPNG's suggestion more less the angle we're going with it, I think even those who normally would have issues with this theme/fetish might find something to enjoy in this!...Or so is the hope, feedback is of course welcomed on this matter!

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Hope you get better!

I know that feeling. Came down with, the few first weeks of January were so fun thanks to that. Hope you'll be back to full form soon.

Anyway, I really like the "bitch in heat" status idea! Aphrodisiac effects are always fun!

No title

Hope your feel better soon, I love the stuff you put out!
Just out of curiosity and slightly a request but is there going to be any spider stuff in VL? webs, etc

I was about to ask...

I was going to ask how things were going the past month, and here you are.

Hope things get better shortly, and that you bring more tasty treats to show soon!

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HIYA BRO! i hope ya feel better soon!!!

Re: No title

I'll admit, i don't do too well with illnesses in general, but this recent flu was just..UGH! I don't think I've ever experience symptoms that bad, that rapidly before in my 30 years of living. @w@;;;

I can tell I'm not well enough to be stepping outside yet, but at least I can now be at my PC and -DO- stuff, living off of my phone in bed for so long was taxing to be sure. I will forever lothe phone keyboards :'D

Re: I was about to ask...

...Also while I've still got a moment to answer these questions:

-Yes, there are spiders planned for Vampire Lust. It might be a while before we get towards the area that would feature them, but they are a planned foe type.

-I'm glad to hear that someone likes the 'Bitch in Heat' ordeal for sure! Glad I kinda decided to go for it afterall then =3=

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Bro, I'm so sorry you got the flu! I've been hearing about how bad it is this year. You definitely have my sympathies! Glad to hear an update, and I'm going to try and watch some more of your livestreams so I can see it in progress!

Good to hear from you!

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dumb question why is it game devs get sick so frequently also hope you get better being sick sucks

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So In order:

1: Take what time you need. Flu is harsh. Still winter, still the time of sickness. We understand if things are slowed down to say the least. Just take care of yourself.

2: Edit indeed looks very pleasing, and thank you very much for sharing. Sincerely hoping for such to be present at some point in the game.

3: Given your concerns I can understand the fear the heat mechanic depiction might alienate some people. But personalyl, I think you picked the right way to convey it, and mechanically, I think it is indeed an enjoyable concept even for those who may not be into it. As for me, I'm pretty open, so I say It sounds quite lovely to the likes of me.

In short, have faith, you're doing fine, thanks for updating us all and sharing some things.

Hi i wqnted to ask if you know when will be the game playable to us?

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All this talk of dogs, and "Bitch ion Heat" status effects sounds lovely, here's hoping we see some pregnancy stuff~

That falicia

Argh that latex falicia, SO HOT.

Yo no Rush but can we get a approxment time on the next egg assault update.

Re: No title

> Yo no Rush but can we get a approxment time on the next egg assault update.
I would love to say 'soon', but at this point all I can say is that it's delayed till Croc gets work done.

It's cool. How you doing I saw you had a rumble with a nasty bug

Ze Dark

HALLO! first i would like to say i hope your feeling better!

but i would also like to ask.

do you have an ETA for the final release of Q-Bee?



I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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