Happy Holidays!

Admittily this week and last have been a bit more active and unfocused where...As I kinda feared near the start, not a -LOT- would get done this month directly. Though I do have some good news to share regardless, at least on one project everyone's been eager about!

That being for 'Vampire Lust'. As I had noted earlier in the month, this is where me and NPNG are working on more secondary then direct gameplay elements. Primary, a lot of dialog galore. To go with all this chatter though we need some much fitting images, and given how stylized the rest of the game is, it wouldn't be right to just has basic chat boxes and nothing else. So there will be a lot of images that'll be based around what's being said, with a wide range of moods and status to take into account. As I couldn't push out a demo before the holidays, and this weekends' going to be a bust for working more or less, I figured I could at -LEAST- share a lot of the work done in this area to show that yes, work and elements is getting done, and we're moving forward, not backwards.






As you can see we've got a wide range here, some of them small changes in expression, others more direct alterations in poses and styles. Overall though it'll ensure the story elements end up just as up to par as the battle stuff shall be, so look forward towards that! To leave out on one other note, A good friend of mine Andersonic did some fan art of Felicia's cum filled and slime covered battler sprite, so enjoy it, a slime-less version, and then a fun latex suit version 'just because' ;3 Take care all and happy holidays! We'll meet up after the new years!


I forgot Andersonic had done a few other fan arts of this WIP ordeal in the past as well, so i figured I should share those just the same!

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This looks damn promising, I love the feliecia in latex bit.

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Is there an eta at all on when something playable will be about?

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project qb is too easy, make it harder please

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