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So It's been on the thinking platter for a bit, but after a long enough time and how many questions I do get asked and poked about, I figured a public Patreon to catch me and the others at would be a good idea, more less have one more ease of access spot to post updates and the like (though more detailed postings will be located at the blog as always). Still, for those of you supporting me on patreon, you'll be given a role respective towards your donation, so there's that! Otherwise come by, say Hi, and feel free to ask me all of those quibbs and what not!

More weeks, more updates!

So the croc info is up for everyone by now. (This includes the stuff from "Tyamet is a Lizard, but she still refused to lay eggs this Easter" password gimmick from a few years ago, so no more need to post that, OK? XD)


As for other news, me and NPNG have been working more and more on the game stuff for sure. We took into account quite a few of your questions at that, and I figured I'd try to answer and present a lot of our working element and how all we get this stuff done!

So first and formost NPNG will do a physical sketch of their idea towards me after we've talked out the attack/element and what all we're aiming for it. At this stage it's more about getting the basic elements and angles down, as these will not change once we go forward.

After this we kinda move onto a digital lining of the image, things are move/shifted, and the pose is more finalized. In this case we kinda shifted Q-Bee's stinger a bit lower so we could score a more 'sexy' view overall, more less kinda 'boost' Q-Bee's breast because...yeah :'D

Then we hit the flats and shading, and at this stage it's more like offering a second eye on their work, offering extra suggestions for lighting, or perhaps other effects that we can sneak in for the later stages. For this one I acually ended up sugesting for more light on the crotch to hip make it feel it thrusting more outwards.

...and then the final, that's got all of the effects, text and final elements, and what will be used for in game more or less after some cropping and cutting of elements.

A few people had noted and asked about this taking into effects the players status and the like. And while -most- status effects will not be taking accounted for (both for the extra art element & for scripting complexity), we will chances are at LEAST have them account for two elements for later builds, and the first one I can show off here is the Sub/Dom element.

I've brought this up a few times working on this game, but we'll have a kinda Submissive/Dominant factor into the girls thanks towards the corruption, and with the Dom end, the girls become more 'Sexually Stronger' more or less, they -know- they've got the bodes people want, and they know they can abuse that factor to get things they need/want. This'll show up doing even the attack elements as well with this image.

...While the sub is far more "NEEDS SEX, BADLY!". Too much of a horny slut to think normally, and is kind already to just throw theirself at anything with a dong to use and abuse em ;3 This is still an element we're figuring out how to best portray it, and right now we're feeling we can do face edits, something that's not too complex and overly done, to present this element, but if you've guys got more ideas and are willing to tell us, by all means!

Beyond that though, Blaze's Mini project update is going well, sadly Andersonic ended up with pinkeye this last week, so the elements they where hoping to have done before this week couldn't get done, and we'll need to wait till they recover before work continues on that more, but I am hoping to add in more battle events, beyond the pawns, as many have requested for such indeed.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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