Pause for this weekend!

Wake up, left foot's bugging me, body feels heavy still, and my energy levels in general are kinda sub-par. So I think I'll do the smart thing and not overpush myself after the holidays, and we'll come back next weekend in full stride! But I do hope people enjoyed their thanksgiving's or other elements that went on around this timeframe! We had quite a few people over, and I did quite a bit running around myself as well towards a friend's or two, so it was a good time for sure! I'm just noticing as I wake up today that I'm...not really fully recovered from such, and I'd really rather not over extend myself when I don't have to. So do your after thanksgiving shoppings and what not, we'll catch up next weekend!

Roxi and Zetta (Prototype)


Get it here!

This is pretty much what I would call a 'prototype' level of content. There's enough here to get a good idea on the flow, to see how elements work and congeal with one another, and to get a basic idea of how future content for this will work. With that in mind, what all IS here?

*Roxi and Zetta can suffer 'fetishes'. You can keep track of this in the skills menu, and see where it's currently at. Text in battle, and via events will change depending on the fetish levels in turn.

*Basic map exploration is working, RNG'ed maps and events, and a % exploration that increases as you go about rooms. You get up to 100% and you can go towards the next floor. Though in this build there is no next floor.

*Only the Kuro's are available currently, with other foes, while working internally, aren't implemented.

I'm mostly putting this out to get a feel on how people like the idea of the fetish corruption changes, more less map exploration done in this style, and because it's been a while since something got released that people could interact with, only really watch being worked on streams.

Once more on Monday and Tuesday!

Sorry for not dropping this earlier, we ended up doing a bit more for my brothers birthday this year thanks towards my aunt yesterday, and today I am...not at energy or drive to work! So tomorrow and Tuesday I'll stream, with the extra effort to get a playable demo out before the holidays if nothing else! It'll sill be heavy undone admittedly, but it should be solid enough to give a good idea of general game play and get some good public feedback on the systems at play.

Come on by Monday!

I learned just yesterday that an old friend of mine is actually back in town, so I'm taking today off to plan to spend time with them. Instead of doing another stream that only last a few hours before a hiccup ( yesterday being Comcast with it's -wonderful- net at times ), I'll instead devote Monday and possibly Tuesday towards working on both Vampire Lust ( finishing the foes implementation, and the HUD area NPNG desires ) and setting up the Roxi and Zetta project to become into a playable status ( refinement of the map events, it's HUB and story elements layed out, and it's first boss experience ).
Hope to see all of you there!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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