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Pretty much the nets dead. We've been trying to pay down Comcast for a while now, but that Bill at a st came towards a head. So we're offline for a while. At least till Tuesday in earnest. Sadly can't give any updates till then.

The game's current status

So, first and foremost, i do have to say thank you, towards everyone. I was really taken back by the genuine support I've gotten from everyone, including with my own inner demons biting away at me saying I wasn't really much better then some 'other' projects that have happened in the past thus far, and my own insecurity kinda bubbling out publicly.

But let's talk game projects, as there's a bit to honestly talk about. For starters, just retorting from last time, back in June steam kinda glitched on me, and before I knew it the game data had been reverted back towards being a 'New Project' all together. Thankfully for something like Egg Assault, not much was really lost (Set back a little, but not lost!). For something like Project QB though that was in it's 5th revision because I was struggling to make VX Ace NOT kill itself as I swap party members left and right doing a single battle event, that was where the blow came the hardest. A lot fo that work was still experimental, not really set in stone, so I wasn't backing it up like I should have been. This costed me quite a few months of said experamenting too without much to honestly show for it ether. Though I stand at an interesting cross road as well.

As it stands there's one of 3 routes I can take, and I'll be asking for your input on how I should approach this. The first one is to take something that's already in working status, and just polish it up more. Egg Assault had some undesirables still adrift in it's released version (Plant's too strong, resin can still cause a soft lock, some people still never got to fight the boss...) and some things at the time I just didn't finish adding (A Free Battle mode, more equipment, more foes [even if their status attacks wouldn't be added...]). As such working on this would be to fix and add these things into it for a more enjoyable and refined experience, but not much else at this stage. There would not be much as far as new art assists or status go, but there would be at last be one thing, the 'correct' implementation of the first boss in full!sZKHjZh.png

The next route would be to just 'Bite the Bit' as it where and to continue back on Project QB. As it stands, I had been working on redoing the core game concept from the ground up in many ways given a lot of fan suggestions and input. What I'm going with now is that you're in the center of the hive, and each sector's been overtaken by a selective corruption of beasties to overcome, to eventually be able to escape outright before everything's lost. This route allows the player to pick and choose what type of foes they want to fight (that more follows in line with the type of game I would like to offer), more less just feels more logical then the endless runner I had in previous demos. What I chances are will do is release it in chunks, focusing on one foe type at a time, instead of all of them at once like I have been before. Though in turn, I do want to tease with one new thing me & mo2 had crafted up...Let's just say mimic chest have a big brother...qbee_wallending_edit.png

The last thing would be to sit down, with the art assists I have from Codename Progressive, and to use those in an attempt to make a working system under MV. I've obtained MV a while back thanks towards a few friends, but I've not yet had time to really sit down and dabble with it much more then a surface glance. MV, due towards it's more Java and web wrapper format, would be it wouldn't just be Windows operation systems it could work on, and it in turn could work on phones, Mac's, really anything as long as you could use HTML4/5 from what I've understood. As such it might be worth working under that at long last instead of struggling with VX Ace in some ways. With this idea, it would be taking the main route everyone seemed to love the most, Tyament's exploration around the living latex suit factory. None of the artwork would be updated or enhanced mind you, and it would be mostly for redoing this to be more 'up to date' in game mechanics more then anything else, but it is an option, and I figured I'd offer doing it then not.Panda.png

Regardless of witch you choose, you can vote here to give me input on where we should go next.

There is one other project that I'm working on regardless...


I guess long and short is: My flames burned out ages ago. Back when I was 13, with a church out in West L.A., I recall the pre-teen leader saying I had “A flame that lit everyone else up”. At that time I was very outgoing, very charismatic, very much a people person even if my peers at times resented me for connecting with adults a lot and wasn’t quite one to welcome their heckling.

…That was back in 2000. Back when my mother was still in a good spot pushing out her script to become a film, where while wer were living off of food stamps and Section 8 for rent, we could still go out and -do- things without a lot of stress. Back when I could scooter around from my home all the way to Santa Monica because I didn’t have 50 cents to ride the bus and be fine.

…Two years after that, the cchurch fell apart, my mother got into a deal that ccosted us everything and then some, we were fored to move towards Chicago as my Grandmother was the only person willing to support us in that time of need.

Living in Chicago was, and always has been terrible since. I got mugged a few times just half a block away from home just because I was an ‘easy target’ for everyone else. I couldn’t get back into the systems I had in Californa, meaning I couldn’t take Riddlin for my ADHD anymore, nor could I get check ups and the like given no medicade. I couldn’t dare leave the front door unless I knew I had busfair to get around.

If not for the internet becoming what it was around that time, I chances are would have been destroyed right there and then :’D But, I held on, I dug into the ryona groups to pervert all this stress in ways to become an outlet and to bare with the day-in-and-out struggles my mother and I was having with trying to adapt. She coudln’t score a job, so she eventuraly went back to script writing once Section 8 cleared us for the state move and we could get our own place.

I tried to go to college, to escape Chicago and to make something of my own. Sadly 2007 happened doing that time, and my co-signer at the time died in turn.

So…I was forced to drop out, with the school unwilling to give me my credits till I payed up what I owed, with Sallie Mae now over my back in turn. Even if I got a job, I wouldn’t have any money of my own. I still tried though, but dropping out of college with nothing to show is a worse action then dropping out of highschool. No one wanted to hire me, and online jobs that where just mindless clicking and posting tasks for a few cents per thing done where not listable job experances.

I’m been struggling since then just to live. To make -something- for myself, but 10 years ongoing and I’m still no better off then I already was. I still have to pretty much beg for cash, if I get anything, it’s ether a hand-me-down or a gift from someone else, never from my own pocket. On top of all of that, the help I should be getting, I can’t. Seeing someone for my mental issues is too expensive. Getting a check up is too expensive. I’ve got shattered teeth that no matter what I do are rotting away. I’ve got a libido that doesn’t have a 'down’ moment. My feet as well have started to develop some really odd sensations and numbness as well. Though I can’t do anything about it unless I was on the verge of death, and only then would a hospital be willing to toss me under debit harder then I was before.

…it is a wonder how I still stand. How I can still have anything akin towards a 'flame’ after all of this. My mother can’t get her veteran benefits because of how she got discharged to hide the fact that one of her higher up’s felt like 'using’ her and even with the changes to the ruling, she still hasn’t been able to budge on that. My brother is mentaly disabled to the point where someone will always have to watch and take care of him, and he’ll be 27 physically, but 13 mentally.

This is my life, this will chances are ccontinue to be my life, and with how the world’s going, it’ll only be worse. Food stamps are being cut back more and more, my brother’s disability check is our only real income to speak of and that’s starting to be cut back, Section 8′s cutting back…You can only cut at a thread for so long till there’s nothing left.

Last post for a while

First off, I'm 30. yay. Second off, I updated the links towards If for any reason those go dead...well, that's chances are all she wrote at this point.

Long and short? I'm pretty defeated at this point. I've not said anything public due towards my rantings isn't something I felt was something people should -have- to deal with or bare with. As long as I could push content out, that's all that mattered, right?

Well, I ended up failing on that matter, stress getting the better of me, mistakes made, progress on reworks all but lost, time and time again working only showing how dumb this 30 year old really is after all. Can't get a job anymore at this age given I never could score any work experience, and given I went to college, but didn't graduate, that just put a black mark on me that's never gone away. At this point, for me to get anything 'new' out, I would predict it being months from now after the fun that was watching all of my projects revert as if I just made them the day before. Even then, with how poorly done I still was having issues on charater swapping in Q-Bee not causing all sorts of weird crashes, or how poorly handled the menu system for Egg Assault has been where trying to clean that up's just been a bigger mess.

I wanted to do good things. Apparently I'm just fated to struggle at everything and not have much to show for it. So this is me saying sorry, for wasting many of your time and interest. There's far better games being made out there like Lewdest Dugion and Malice and the Machine that have ether been able to show high quality work, or to show progress at the rate people want. I've failed on both accounts.

In earnest I might just such that patreion down too. Even if I get something out months from now, it wouldn't matter. Nothing I've been doing really matters. I'm just some guy who screws up at everything.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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