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In case you might have missed it, Egg Assault was updated. Check that out before reading this!

Now with that out of the way, I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but I've honestly felt like it wouldn't be worth going into all of this till I had worthy content to share and upload for others to enjoy first. now that I have though, it's about time I poke on in, and update everyone on the current situation.

So, as my last real status gave way towards, our landlord at the time gave us something of a shock, and before we knew it, was forcing us to move if we liked it or not. This in and of itself has been quite the stress filled ordeals as it's not simply 'finding a new place' after all, and we had to find a place that meet these points:
- Accepting and would take Section 8/Housing subsidized rent.
- Was under $1200 rent ( as set by Section 8 )
- Was a 2 Bedroom at least ( with me and my bro sharing a room )
- Was within the city for transportation reasons ( as we lack a car )
- Was in a safe enough location to come and go without worry
- Wasn't asking for us to be making over $2000 a month in earnings
- Wasn't asking us to have a 400+ credit score
...Perhaps in the end, we were asking for too much? Within our 90 day allowance, we checked out at least 20 or so different places, and in turn ended up roadblocked at each and every one following suit. It wasn't till where we were almost out of time when we at last secured our new place.
- 3 Bedroom, 1 bath ( so after 26 years, I can have my own room... )
- Pretty much on the south shore lake ( a rather 'safe' location on the south side. )
- Only $1100 rent
- Buses are only a block or two away
- Didn't ask for any of that bullshit
Let me tell you how much of a blessing something like that was for us. To add onto that, for once, I didn't need to publicly beg for funding to support our move ether. We were able to gather the money, and support both the down payment, and covering cost for us moving our stuff over by our own means ( with friends helping with moving stuff at that ). It was a very high moment for me to go "Yeah, for once, we didn't need to beg to cover something like this..." and it was something of a confident booster in turn. Admittedly, this is because most of what we have wasn't honestly from our own pockets, and was ether hand-me-down's, or gifted by others in turn wishing to support us. It's led me towards having a rather...harsh, outlook on us and money at times, and it was glad to have something more positive for once.

Though, money issues would quickly become a thing for us in short order. While AT&T gave us WONDERFUL high speed internet ( around 50 mbps ) for only $60, AT&T for this location however...
...Does not...
...Do so hot at all... They dropped us from $60, to $40, but for this speed it was ending up a total rip off for sure, and time and time again did they assure us this was the 'Fastest' internet they could provide towards this location. Then the REAL fun happened this week, where even as I'm trying to post this ( and dear lord, I am TRYING ), the net went down...
...to what is fucking worse then dial up of all fucking things. This isn't funny, by the slightest, and AT&T seems unable to do better in turn, so, like it or not, we're forced to swap towards the only other provider in this location, Comcast. They are going to be charging us ~$300 for the first month ( set up and all that jazz ) with ~$100 every month following that for 25mbps. This is already going to hurt our budget by a fair amount, but we really don't have another option.

Next up, some good news from mo2, who's been hard at work as always between his newest game ( that all I can say is "he's working on a new game" ) and working on Project: -QB-, he's been working on updating the walking sprites in turn to be larger, more detailed, and allow him more freedom for a lot more 'sexy' ordeals on the map!
Qbee mini

Lastly, and honestly there's a bit part of me regretting having to do this in any way:
I've started up my own 'Tipjar' Patreon.
To put it bluntly, I wouldn't expect anything extra or spiffy from this directly ( at best, I will share uncompressed versions of the same files I upload publicly there so people with VX Ace can peek into all of the stuff I set up and see how it works ), but by using this, and depending on how much funding does come in, I'll be able to stimulate artist to work more directly on projects outside of a "When it gets done" mentality like we have currently, more less I'll be setting up votes to make sure people feel like content updates and the like are "Worthy" of being supported. If not, then no charge will be made, and I'm hoping people can chime in with the type of content they would like to see and have added towards these games as a result. There's more information on how I plan to break down funding, and the voting system on the page, so if you would like to support these projects in some fashion, do give it a look see!

Otherwise, that's about the full 'catch up' thus far. Moving forward, I can only hope me and my team of artist can start bringing out content at a faster rate, and perhaps, at last, stabilize my own life where I can just focus on this stuff, and not having to stress so much on "We don't have money for this, we're in the red with that..."

Egg Assault 2.0 -The Fighter Update-

It's been a long time coming huh?
Grab it here

What's new:
- 3 new girls join the fry! Have fun making use of the corrupting Q-Bee, the hard hitter Makoto=Nanaya, and the ever wayward dancer Shantae!

- Along with these 3, you now can pick and choose your own teams! Mix and match and find the combo that fits your needs!

- 1 new direct foe joins the fry! The 'Resin Bots' are a new support unit, main to slow down and assist in taking you out. While they might be weak, don't let them preform their namesake skill, or you might be put out on display!

- A new item and point system. Perhaps felt like you could just use a little boost? Wanted to unlock things, but felt the goal was just a tad bit TOO strict? Now you'll earn points after each wave, and when you lose in full, return towards the start to spend them on gear to enhance and boost your chances to win the next time around! There's a .txt that explains the nuances of this system a little better and gives out detailed stats of the girls!

- The foe AI's seen a overhaul utterly so! Now foes will attack a lot more smarter in turn, and they will only attempt binding attacks when HP is 50% of a players max or less. The HP will now turn Yellow when this is meet.

- An updated intro, and 2 new 'Endings' along with the first have been added. have a better understanding of what's going on, more less enjoy all sorts of wonderful 'What If...' endings towards this event! There might also be a reward for those who make it far enough...

Beyond the clip notes, there was also a large overhaul on how battle events processed and worked, and while it might not be noticeable towards the player ( Rather, it shouldn't... ) it will allow me going forward to easily add and alter the game on a 'somewhat' modular level. That's been chances are the largest delay with this project, and I am UTTERLY sorry for it in turn. I do hope you all can enjoy the work that went into this!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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