On: Queens Blade/Lost World

Posting that Melona battle book a few days ago, I got reminded on 'Queens Blade Battle', a program made to pretty much allow people to play Queens Blade/Lost World in a digital format. As awesome and rad as that is, I noticed when reading the site were it's posted, there's been repeated questions on "How the heck do I even play this? What am I trying to do? Is there a better way to play and think about my options beyond [Pick attack at random]?".

Welp, in an effort to get more people to give it a go ( more less I guess count as a small distraction from my end while things get figured out here ), I've felt like trying to make a guide on the in's and out of Queens Blade/Lost World battling system, and in turn, the nuances that come along with it. For this guide though, I'll be taking into account people not knowing the in's and outs, yet will be using QBB to play, and not physical books. If doing the latter, there are already guides on how to read and use the matrix for live play.

Because it was Melona that got me to give this a go again, we'll use her for the examples here. So first and first most we have our Character sheet. Much like the D&D equivalent, it gives us all of the nitty gritty of who we're about to use, special rulings for attacks, and other details as necessary.
As you can see, we've got a few stats at the top to take notice of. 'Battle Points' or 'BP' is this game's version of Health, as if it hit's 0, you lose, and like D&D, if it goes -5 or more, you 'die' ( any EXP and stat upgrades are void and null, you can read up that more on QBB's FAQ ). Next up is Height, that tends to not come into play much, but when it does determines any negative or bonus damage we inflict when attacking. Larger height = more damage, smaller = less damage. The 'Luck Points' for Melona can end up as many different terms ( Luck, Tactics, Red/Green/Purple Magic, ect ect. ) for other books, but these factor into the RL book game using cards to give yourself bonuses or gear outside of your default, and are not implemented into QBB ( for many reason, but the main one being that getting a hand on these cards is almost null nowadays, and the newest books lack these stats anyway). Attack is how many attacks someone can preform per 'turn', and 99% of the time will be locked at '1'. On this note, you might notice the attacks we have are color coded in turn, and this is big to note. There are 3 colors towards attacking ( Orange [heavy], Red [High], and Blue [Low] ), hit different area's ( High's are your 'anti-air' options and tend to aim for the head, low's are to catch 'ducking' opponents and tend to aim for the legs, and Orange are powerful blows that tend to toss you around recklessly, leaving you easy to be counter-attacked ) and they in turn have different attack ranges depending on what's being done...And this is were a lot of people get confused at, attacking.

To make it easy to understand, try to picture this as a 3D fighter, with attacks filling a grid like space. I'll use a visual diagram to show off what's going on, and how it's working. The Green Dot would be Melona in this case, with the red Square being our current foe, whoever that might be. On the left, we're getting a top-down view of the action, with what we can see is 2 rows of 3, and the right from the side with 2 rows of 2.
attack diagram

Now let's say from our attack options with Melona, we wanted to use her 'Thrust Spear: High':

attack diagram thrust high
This is what would result as a visual diagram. The Thrust is a direct forward attack that aim's to hit high, pretty self explanatory right? It's really good at just stabbing someone if they try to charge you, or catching someone jumping giving it hits High regardless of distance.

While say her 'Swing Axe:Low':
attack diagram axe low
This in turn is made more catching people trying to dodge towards the sides, and to catch people ducking as well. As you can see, we're able to 'cover' areas of the battle with these attacks, and if our opponent ends up in one of these 'squares', we can count them as a 'Score'.

Score pages is how damage is done in this game, with the 'SCORE' on the page being the base damage, and with our MOD's from our attacks, determine the final damage dealt towards the opponent. So, that's all the 'easy' stuff, so how about we touch on more 'complex' stuff?

Case in point, you might notice for Melona's 'Swing Sword' attacks, that the 'High' is Blue, and the 'Low' is Red. "But, wait, you said just before that Blue is low and Red is high!", and that's true! These are special 'fake out' attacks, and as such work far differently. Now, when we do an attack, this will place us into the attack's own respective zone, kinda like we have both a 'hitbox' and a 'hurtbox' as most fighting games go. So for the Thrusting Spear, we can be hit at the center top square by an opponent's attack in turn, but only if it's long reaching. In turn the swing, we can be hit as well from the lower center, but because it only reaches out one row, the opponent only needs to do the same.

Fake outs are different:
melona_29.jpgattack diagram fake out low

As shown here, this is what 'Sword Swing: High' looks like. We 'start' low, and in turn put our 'hurtbox' into the lower square, but then we strike high, and because it's a swing, we swipe in a wide arc in front of us. This let's us dodge attacks coming in high, while still hitting someone using a high attack in turn. There are weaknesses towards these kind of attacks, and others though, and that's ending up at a disadvantaged pose.

Swings can end up really bad on a miss, as they can in turn spin you in such to have your back at the foe. Thrust can as well if evaded directly. Depending on your opponent, your attack can also be parried, or blocked outright, and this tends to give them an advantage over you, even if you might land on a SCORE page ( although, a low score at that ). Case in point, while Melona will take 1BP of damage blocking a blow, she will for the rest of the battle lower her opponent's MOD's by 1, period, reducing their overall damage onto her.

So, now with all of the attacking in mind, what are our options about AVOIDING damage? Those in turn are the Green and Yellow attacks we have at our disposal. Under 'Jump', we have 4 universal options everyone will have: Up, Dodge, Duck, and Away. Just like attacking, this will place our 'hurtbox' into different zones in an attempt to avoid taking damage, and if successful, tends to give some sort of bonus towards you. As you could guess, Jump sends us up high, so any high attack will hit us, Duck being the same with low. Dodge will be sniped by Swings, and Away by Thrusts.
attack diagram ducking

Admittedly, learning a character is learning about what options gives them their best bonuses, and what you're able to do after each attack. Some attacks, while very powerful, will leave you suddenly forced into evasion if you want to or not, and others will disable other colors, or types of attacks, limiting your options, and making your available attacks a lot more predictable towards your opponent. These are all factors you need to keep in mind, along with an idea of 'where' an attack is trying to hit at, and what options your opponent has in turn, that begins to build the overall mind game.

...As you can tell, this is already very complex, even with me breaking it down like that. Thankfully QBB handles all of the really complex stuff automatically. It'll disable the correct attacks depending on your options, it'll change your MOD's as well, take care of everyone's health, and even do the Matrix searching and results as well. Yet knowing what attacks to use, and how to use them is still up towards the player, and that's were the largest amount of fun comes from. If nothing else though I hope this guide's helped make it a lot more clear on what's 'going on' when you choose an attack, and what to keep in mind when playing someone in turn!


First, and I do need to put this out here, Thank you. Thank you everyone for the insane support these last few days. I don't think there's been a day since I made that post were someone hasn't given kind and encouraging words towards some degree or another. It's been almost mind blowing on how many of you have come out and let me know how you've felt about my projects.

So, because no matter what, we must move, starting next month, I will start asking for donations towards the Paypal to assist in this ordeal. Chicago housing tends to always ask between 3-6 months rent in advance as a down deposit, and then on top of that, there's all of the Credit Checks and the like that we'll need to cover ( and NOT get the money back ether... ). Last time, we got over $2000, and we just made it all things accounted for. This time...I fear due to the rising rent, we might need more.

But, on matters not so grim or bad, after JP Post was informed of the hiccup, and they yelled to USPS to stop dragging their feet, MO2's package at last arrived, and what i holds is pretty dang swell!

First up is the physical copy of Heroine Hunting that I assisted and helped worked on by translating it! This is chances are the ONLY physical copy of the game to be in the US!

Then he also sent a wide birth of food and snacks to enjoy! Just to run down a fair chunk of what's here: a TON of Miso Soup, an assortment of Yakisoba and Ramens, dried salmon, a LARGE amount of pickled seaweed ( and oh, is it PICKLED... ), a jelly made from yams, dried udon, some mints, and some gummi sushi kits.

And then the 'real' fun. Physical copy's of: Queens Blade Melona battle book, Ore no Fuyu 2013, The Magical Foxgirl Foxy Rena Combined Vol.1 ( Chapters 1-6 as a single book ), and Sanchu.

The total price for all of this, plus the shipping was rather expensive indeed, yet MO2 was UTTERLY kind enough to make sure I would get it no matter what, and I am BEYOND gleed to at last have all of this! =D

The worse of times...

The worse part about this update is I was hoping to share a lot of good news. Me and mo2 had made some progress together, both on mine, and his own secret WIP I'm not allowed to say much on beyond "Something is coming". He also mailed me a large box of goodies and other stuff in turn....that's now lost in the mail, and will take up towards 2 months to 'look into'...meaning ~$300 bucks he spent on me both in shipping cost ( what by itself was around $150 ) is now down the drain for him....But now also...this:

Our landlord just felt like forcing an eviction onto us, and the law apparently isn't on our side on this matter ether.

I need to go into a bit of detail but a few days ago we found someone in the laundry room. We of course called the police as no one's suppost to be in there. Our landlords apparently got a police tracker though, called the police off, and then called us telling us not to do such. So this is already a red flag both ways, we feel something's fishy, and he doesn't like us. Today we get a notice from peoples gas saying they are turning off gas for the entire building. We call about that, because having gas turn off doing winter, after it's been snowing at that, is PRETTY BIG. He get's pissy about that, and then declares we're being 'too much of a problem' and pretty much says "Get moving papers, I want you out'. We call housing on the matter to fight it off, and their answer was pretty much "Well, if he wants to kick you out...he's allowed to kick you out...". We call the cops, because he doesn't have anything directly on us to force this ( we haven't damaged anything, we've passed our inspections, we've paid our rent and unity bills on time without fail )...But because we are on a 'month by month' lease, he apparently can just declare us "Not allowed to live here" ( because the lease isn't singed every month on our end in turn, so on any single given month, we're apparently not on the lease beyond the first time we singed ) and there's nothing they can do about it.

...We are pretty much in a spot where, someone doing wrong, directly, and got his hand caught in the cookie jar, will get no reprimand...while we, who have been doing our best to do and stay level, now are being punished because we poked our head into a situation, and then asked about why the hell is there a notice saying the gas is being shut off. So...after moving, getting set up, getting a new PC, actually enjoying the location we are in and the like...we're forced to move, if we like it or not. I am crushed, destroyed...and honestly...I don't even know anymore if I'm even worth the effort to save this time. My projects have been dead in the water for a while, my job hunting's been null, and I don't really have anything to show for it all...

...but I wanted to get this out here, in case I end up vanishing for good, and no one's able to get in touch. At least this is here.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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