Thanks of the Giving

It's been a while, and I need to get better at doing these, so here goes!

To start us off this update, retort on the PC issue from last time:
This is the new PC in full, working order. Let me assure you that i5 is quite a beast, and the 650's not a slouch in it's own right ether ( including that I work in 1080, but it comes from my old PC in turn ).

Getting steam back up and running was a snap, and I've got access towards VXAce once more, along with MV as well!

On that note, MV. Me and a few others have been ping ponging ideas and scripts around and fiddling with it's inner workings for a bit now, still nothing to really say on the matter, but once I get my own end of things done, I might shift on over towards that for some new projects. It'll be far easier to 'find' issues and the like and 'why' they are issues in the first place, more less between the hackjob of Ruby that RGSS3 is, and directly Javascript, it's a lot easier to work in. It also does mean people can pretty much play it on just about whatever, so if you wanted to do a session not directly in front of a hulking PC, and more the comfort of your bed, that will indeed be a valid option! ;3

Currently though I've gotten E-Mails back from 5 out of the 7 people I've sent CP's scripts towards on the entire matter I've been stressed out over. Sadly everyone's pulling outt as many blanks as I have, though I guess in some case that does feel a little reassuring in turn? Like I don't need to say just how bad it was getting, but my self esteem over the matter wasn't doing too good in turn. At least now I can go "It's not just me being an idiot, this is really just that damn complex and interweave where finding the issue is trying to find that one bent nail out of a few million."

Me and mo2 have been working out on some ideas though, and I think at least one seletive person who commented recently might enjoy the results:
I can't speak much on this ordeal JUST yet, but if all goes well, this is a teaser for one of the possible MV projects noted from earlier, more less just a general showing on how much mo2's improved over the year. On that note, once his newest game, Heroine Hunting, comes out, he'll be closing his current blog and starting a new one. Once he lets me on the skivvy, I'll update the main post on where to find him.

JLPT N3 is next month. I am in earnest, scarred. Shivering. Maybe that's just the recent snowfall and cold weather, but I can't say I feel very confident over the entire experience. Yeah, I've been doing all that I can to get a better and better grasp on Japanese as of late, using my DS's flashcart to hold a dictionary and some other tools in turn. Yet I still am rather scared of the entire process at hand. All I can do at this point though is hope for the best, that I'll pass, and with the cert I can at last get a job and get all this stress of being jobless and everything I shoot for slapping me back down on my ass in turn.

A few people had passed it along that I got called out on 4chan a week ago...and I gotta admit that all the points they put out where honestly true. I guess I should say I never felt like I was the 'best man for this job' in earnest. I started doing these projects partly because no one ELSE was, and I had people who seemed willing to support such ideas. It kinda shows too with how once the 'real work' and not just 'proof of concepts' started to get done that errors and issues a plenty started to crop up all over the damn place. All I can say to 'defend' myself in turn is I don't plan on giving up on these ordeals, no matter how much I get called a failure or I have to scrap and rebuild from the ground up another time. That...might not be much in the long and short of it, but it's about all I got as well that I can say with any honesty.

Beyond me ranting and rambling down, I again want to give my thanks towards everyone able to wait and hold out this long, giving their support while they can, and that everyone's able to have a good Thanksgiving this year in some shape or form!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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