HF3's got ing on me

Thought a few months without word I'm sure is getting vexing huh? Well a few things have at last cleared up in ways where I can talk on them, and show stuff off without fear of "maybes" or "not sure".


I'm sure by now many of you who have followed me, have seen the game mo2's been working on for the last 2 years in earnest. I am glad to say, that for it's English DLSite release, that 'Heroine Hunting' will have a fully translated version done by my hands. I've been working with mo2 and a few others these last few months on my Japanese comprehension, and understanding, to be able to give this the best possible results I could ever offer. It's one reason why I've kinda not had a lot to say, as a lot of this was training, and on a matter I couldn't quite say was going to even happen or not. So, I can only hope everyone can look forward towards that around August.

In other news, directly from Chaos Croc:


Update: "Dancing Bee Attack"
From a dimensional portal comes some unlikely allies in the forms of some rather popular heroines! Can they turn the tide against the Eggman Empire, or are they destined to serve and obey the evil doctor?


Q-Bee: Hailing from the dark Makai dimension, this bee is truly a queen to behold! Her sting will leave organics buzzing with excitement (and obedience).

Shantae: This half-genie hero is Ret-2-Go with her exotic moves, attacks, and one-liners! She's guarenteed to leave those evil robots in the scrap yard.

Makoto Nanaya: The wheel of fate has turned, and this squirrely beastkin is ready to rebel! If you thought her hits were painful, wait till you hear her puns.


Air Strike Probe: A floating ball of paralyzing effect. One zap from this little guy, and you'll be stuck fast, waiting for a conversion pod to drop down over top of you! Crack that pod and free your friend, or watch them become your enemy.

Egg Webber: This robotic spider is nothing to step on. Able to cocoon people from long distance, it's quite effective at immobilizing victims. And if it drags them over, it will bite, and slowly convert them into loyal slaves via nanomachines.


Character Selection: You can now select which three characters to use during your battle. Choose wisely, as you won't be able to switch once the battle begins.

Attack Waves: The enemies will now attack in waves, with breaks in between for dialogue, as well as...

Shopper Bot: ...a shop! Between waves, one of Croc's minions will allow you to purchase healing and attack items to use in battle. Just be careful, as it only appears between waves.

Soul Bee Conversion: Q-Bee can convert fellow organics into soul bee drones. While this will instantly heal them and refill their energy, it also removes their special abilities, replacing them with copies of Q-Bee's own.

Skip the Intro: You can now skip the intro and get right into the character select screen and fight.

ETA FOR UPDATE: August 2015
NEXT UPDATE: "Roboticizer Online"

...and that does things for now! Hope this lets people know that I'm not dead, and stuff's still moving!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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