Good news, Great news, and News news.

Well, lets start from the top and work our way down shall we?

-Figured out what's been making me so ill, the people under us have been smoking to hell and back over the last few months, and the build up of second hand smoke has been getting towards me. I've never been able to handle cigarette, tobacco, or other kinds of smoke since I was little, so having a forever lingering ordeal that I didn't even pick up till being out of the house for a day or two, and then coming back and picking up on it let me know what was really up, and why stuff like medication and the like has done almost nothing for me.

-To fix said illness, a friend was nice enough to invest in an air purifier for me, and after using it today I gotta say I already am coughing far less, and when I do, far less extreme at that! Yeah, that sounds like the 'passive aggressive' way of solving the issue, and it kinda is! Sadly the landlord doesn't have anything in the lease saying they can't smoke, nothing they are smoking is illegal, and I would need a doctor's note to legally say their smoking is causing me health issues, something that would be a few hundred dollar's investment into making a few people mad at me for stopping their 'fun'. The air filter was like 1/10 of a doctor's visit, and they don't even have to know I invested in it, so huzzah!

-I've taken a lot of suggestions on Egg Assault so far and started working on editing it around a bit. What I hope it'll have once I'm done with it all is: A way to 'watch' the transformation even when everyone is captured. An option to skip the story outright. Some more attack options for the player/foes. New monster type that can spawn in place of the egg capture machine. New status effect. An option to pick and choose your team.
Some of that was already in the groundwork of the release version if a few keen people picked up on a few selective skills! Croc's got an idea as well for new players to be added towards it, but I'll go into detail about that another post.

-Project: -QB- is seeing some strides, and a new release I would say isn't too far off, including with my improving health at last. Tyamet Chapter's waiting on a few key segments to be done before implementing and release. Codename: Progressive might see a X-Mas release of it's grand return if all goes well. I've been pretty quiet about that one for sure, if only because Tyamet Chapter and Project QB have both been learning experiences for me, and taking what I have learned and refining it for Codename, as it'll be the biggest project of them all, has been pretty key. Only thing is that a lot of ideas have been added, scrapped, replaced or redone all together. If I had kept you guys noted on all of that, I could only figure how much the hype would overpower the released content. I've already seen that kind of stuff happen with Project X and the like, where teased information builds hype, that soon enough snowballs out of control if a release doesn't follow shortly afterwords. So I've been wanting to still give you guys heads up, but trying to avoid that pitfall if I can.

Croc's genderbent for that game is something he's had for a while. So if you think the design's kinda stupid, you can always tell him personally! I'll be working on the intro skip thought as that's an utterly easy fix.

@U.N. Owen
Yup! The password is for the included .rar, and it says exactly what you chances are think it says. Apparently a few people had issues with the .rar format thought, so I might just do a .zip next time, even if it's got worse compression ratios. ( I might then need to host my uploads on something other then dropbox, I've been able to get away with it OK for now as the files are small enough to not hit the bandwidth cap fast enough in a day, but higher compression head will lead towards that not being the case with other games with the same boons... )

@Everyone else
Thanks a ton for the kind words and support! I have to say, it's kinda rad to know people in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, and elsewhere are all playing the stuff I'm making in my spare time, more less ENJOYING what I'm making at that and want to see more! So yeah, mega thanks towards everyone for the support thus far!

Full Game: Egg Assault

I'm pretty dead typing this, ended up overdosing on ibuprofen when I shouldn't have for headaches, ended up a vomiting and weakened mess and a half from this flu bug that just refuses to leave me already, and this sickness has been a few weeks ongoing for those close towards me know!

But this page grew dark for too long, and I'm glad I can at last brighten it up!

Might I introduce a little secret small project me and Chaos Croc put together, primarily as a "Getting a basic game done in short order" and also as a small birthday gift for Kirisha Raptor who's done both me and Croc a good turn of favor over the last...I want to say 5~6 yeas knowing them!

This game is pretty simple, you're objective is to fight off an endless wave of robots without being captured and brainwashed by them! Simple right?

Using Chaos Croc, Tails-Ko, and Crisis, it's a 'small' game weighting at only 1 visual status effect in battle, and about 20 images total used, 10 of such used in battle. There's also an included .rar file that has the high rez source files I used to work and convert these images for game usage, but you'll have to play decently enough to nab the password for it. ;3

You can nab the game from right here
As always, you'll need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP to be able to play it.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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