Project: -QB- (utterly late birthday update)

New Features1
New Features2
New Features3

I turned 27 on the 13th this last July. This should have been done by then, and I'm sorry it was not. It now is thought, so enjoy!

-Roomi is now fully compatible with all status effects.
-All of the Q-bee drone images are finished.
-New ally's Carion from 'Cream Lemon', and NiGHTS from 'Nights into Dreams' arrive!
-All new combat ability's!
----Units with MP can now do an 'EX Struggle' that will cure a status no matter what! Yet this uses MP, not TP.
----The Queen Q-bee also has a new attack that does extra damage depending on the amount of drones you have found and saved up to then!
-Monsters have been reduxed in looks and attacks! Now they too must use TP to use skills, so keep an eye on their bars! Most do not start a battle with any, thus ensuring 'First turn wipes' are a thing of the past, a few still might thought...
-General clean up and event editing for grammar/spelling.

What's up next?:
With the thanks of you guys, Tyamet Chapter's bug SEEMS to have been rutted at last, so unless something happens to me this week, I would poke my head back here in a few days. =D
Also MAJOR MAJOR thanks goes out to everyone who's been able to donate up till now! You guys have been keeping the lights on, and my PC from crapping over itself if you know it or not, more less taken off the stress of having to spend days/weeks in an endless job hunting, doing weeks worth of random ordeals for maybe $20 towards my name if I'm LUCKY ( Amazaon's current ordeal only made me at the end of 7 days/20 work hours $1.21 ). Not having a job does indeed suck, and the pressure to have some sort off cash flow coming in seems to get harsher and harsher. So you guys who've sent in funds? I thank thee, because that allows me to just take days to sit down and work, and not bother trying to hunt down funds, end up depressed, and then doing things to lay off that depression.

Not much...But...

#1) I'm not dead, but money issues has me trying to work to make some funds...with almost nothing to show for it. I've spent some time trying to make money via other sources, but honestly it's just been more time spent jumping hoops, and no results for my efforts.

#2) MO2's been nice enough to take a brief pause on his stuff when he heard my plea of help, and sent out a helping hand in getting some more stuff done for Project QB. Once he's finished up Roomi, we'll have a new demo out and about!

#3) Tyamet Chapter still suffers this odd bug, and is putting my coding ability to shame unable to plug it up...;~; I've had 4 people come up towards me to assist, and so far after reaching back towards 3 of them, I'm no closer fixing that issue then I was before :/ It's been a depression factor for sure honestly, and the bug itself makes playing vexing on anything that causes a game over, and you don't shut down the app and reload it afterwords :/ Still trying to solve this to get it out, but god dang it...

#4)...I really could use some money here. While I was able to nab a better video card recently ( Geforce GTX 650 2GB ), and that in turn help take off the load my CPU was overheating on, I'm not quite out of the clear for my PC honestly. I could use new HDD's, more RAM ( only 3GB ATM ) and honestly just a better motherboard and CPU outright. Pretty much looking at a full rebuild. I've been trying to penny pinch for this, but that's just not working, and nabbing a job seems out of the question, more less almost every online working job I try to take.

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents



I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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