One Month later...

First I gotta say I didn't even notice how long it has been since my last update till I checked my mail and responses. @w@;;;

Second of all I should really give some sort of heads up on information, even if it's kinda lacking right now.

-I'm just now recovering enough to be back mental and focus on things. Before hand I would boot up RPG Maker, look at my work, and be unable to follow a dang thing I somehow got working before hand, a VERY clear sign that I was sick and pretty out of it all around. The weather out here is at last starting to warm up as well, so I kinda want to say those two things are hand in hand.

-On that note, I've done some re-balancing for Project:QB. For starters monsters more 'AoE' attacks aren't random anymore, but in turn they need to gather their own ES to be able to use such. As such you shouldn't get first turn situations where you end up getting locked down badly...but in turn you might see situations where after a few turns things start taking a major turn for the worse. I'm interested to see how you guys react towards this set up myself, but it's going to have to wait a bit more.

-Work on Tyamet Chapter's going back onto it, Chaos Croc's now working on the intro 'bad ending' if you happen to lose to first fight outright. I'm also setting up a statue trap ordeal for it that, while it's not how I desired it in the first place ( having to actually be stealthy ), I think still gets the theme across? I think. You'll see in time I'm sure.

-Heavy got to work on a few more Viola images for the reboot, as as I haven't shared anything spiffy in a while, figure those where do.
Viola Normal NakedViola horny tentacle armor

Not much else to say sadly. My sleeping's been pretty blah, and my focus has been more blah. I've been trying to get my 'muse' back up with some other gaming activity's, and get more creative ideas to use on my own exploits. Past that gotta hand it towards Zera R2 for getting out the next demo for Project X recently! It's been a long time coming, but I am more then happy with the results. I just hope my stalling wheels don't take much longer as now I got catching up to do!

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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