Demo Recap, and 2014

viola makes a cum back (green eyes)post

First off, HeavyPerscription, who also goes under 'the messenger boy', recently got a few free moments to gift everyone with a sexy Viola and Slime Swine 'BAD END' image of sorts. Click on it for the full size if you want to see it in it's full glory.

Past that I want to say a small update to the current demo will be coming out in a few days. It's mostly to address the current balance, and the end event bug that causes it to not trigger correctly. By addressing the current balance thought, I'm going to side with the people who right now ARE doing rather fine with the game. As it stands, the player can charge up power really easy, and just burst down everything in their way. On one hand, I WANT you to have that energy, but on another I want the monsters to still feel like, hey, this take over's not just story, but gameplay as well! Monsters ARE getting a nerf thought on the party wide attacks, as they could cast this at any time, without limit. Now they too need to build energy doing actions before they can use such. This SHOULD make that mechanic in turn feel a lot more fair overall.

Past that, I can only wish everyone a Happy New Year~! 2014 will chances are be when we can at last start seeing finished 'base' games here, and actually think about expanding on them or actually moving back towards Codename: -Progressive- in full.

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

Project: -QB- Demo 4 [Xmas Version]


It's Here

RPG XV ACE RTP Needed to run!

Z/Enter = OK/Select
X/Backspace = Decline/Back/Open Menu
Q/W = Switch between cast/targets while in a menu.
F5 = Change between window/full screen.
F12 = Reset
Shift: Run/Scan Foe when targeting them.

- 100% Redone maps and objectives
- Roomi is now Playable ( Selectively. Works only vs Slime/Black Orb. )
- TP Gains now carry over battle and no longer are random
- Rebalanced stats for foes, attacks, and Q-Bee's
- Beating the demo gives access towards a 'Testing Room' to let you play around

- Roomi will more then likely need to be shifted into your team once gained. Once you get her, remember to access your menu and move her into one of the active 4 slots.
- Roomi only has status for Slime and Black Orbs, using her in any other battle type will lead to issues.
- Roomi's sprites are a bit small yes. We are still trying to find a good size for everything.
- Have a Happy Holiday! =D

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

From Chaos Croc with love

We've been seeing a lot of recent activity these last few days, and gotta say myself, pretty blown away by it all! I...Really don't have much in the way of words to say how thankful I've been able to have you guys come around, lending your support in different ways in hopes of these projects to get done.

...and I'm not the only one who wished to say 'Thanks' ether, as Chaos Croc even did a little treat for all you guys with his own message!


"Hey guys, ChaosCroc here. Sorry Progressive is taking so long. I partially blame myself, for wanting to do a Tyamet-only game. Rest assured, you WILL get your latex-covered lizards soon enough! Or slime-covered pigs, or (insert fluids here)-covered whatevers (Seriously, I know NOTHING of RenCat's area, so I'm just as interested at you all are!). In the meantime, enjoy these little exclusives. Remember, you can always donate to the project. It might reward you with a few MORE little tidbits!"

As an EXTRA little treat, here is high res versions of the above images, sans text. These images BTW are only being uploaded here, no where else, so thanks again everyone for now! ( just click on them for the high res! ) =D


Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents



I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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