Teaser Update

On one hand I'm late on the update, and I do wish to say sorry for that.

...On the other hand...


...I want to tell you guys to keep waiting because Project: QB's going to be getting my desired expiation.

OK, the idea for Project: QB get's boiled down to this. It was going to ether be A) A game only about Q-Bee and her hive drones that would end up rather short, but full of goodness you guys expect from me writing and game mechanic wise, or B) something longer that would star a few other gals who end up getting strung along for the ride and you having to now rescue them + drones and keep them from falling towards the monster's wills.

As of today I can 100% say we are going with route B, and Roomi, from a little game called Galaxy Fight, will be one said female Co-Star. There's at least going to be one more, and depending on how the rest of the team feels, maybe more after the fact ( think of it as content patches after the full release ). This does mean that some things are going to be retooled, so this is one reason for the delay, but I hope to get SOMETHING out to you all soon enough!

If nothing else lots of people want to see Codename: Progressive in a more playable format. So what I MIGHT do is rebuild the first bits of Viola's area once more, make her stuff playable and the like. Or would you guys rather see Tyamet's area instead with the suits? There's also Rencat's team that I never got to show off as playable before hand, and it's far more team oriented.

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents

Thank you everyone

Towards the people who have donated these last few days ( you all know who you are ), MEGA thank you's all around. If nothing else, next month we'll be online for sure, so let's hope this foodstamp thing clears out eh?

On other matters:

-On codename: Progressive, I will chances are at last have something to show for that games update by next year or so. The reason for it's massive delay is me figuring out better ways to organize data, more less set up and do events, that in turn will made editing lots of events far faster if there's any errors. So just hold on for a bit more honestly! :P

-I SHOULD have an update before Thanksgiving, so you can fap while you eat...or something. It'll be of Project: QB of that, with better area's and far better 'BAD END' events that aren't just filler. I'll also be using the currently unfinished artwork in this build, so let me know how that fairs for you guys.


40 billion dollars was taken from the Food stamp/SNAP benefits program this year. We are on that, and up till now saw a meager ( but livable ) $160 or so from such. This month, and apparently from now on, this got reduced towards only $20.

This...is VERY bad. Because the only way we can make rent, food, and electricity...is to drop internet and phone. This month...we should be OK. Food's going to be painfully tight, but thankfully we had stocked up doing October. After this month thought? Might end up seeing this blog become unused till ether food stamps gets raised, or I somehow land a job doing a depression.

This...is a really hallow request, but if you guys want me to stay online, to keep working and the like...I'm REALLY going to have to ask for your support on this matter till something else gives, or this will chances are be my last month.


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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