Small update

Tyamet Chapter got updated. Slightly anyway.

-Music and sound effects for the intro bad ending if you happen to get it.
-Did some tooling around with battle text display timing. Let me know if it's too slow, or just right.
-Some grammar and spelling fixes thanks towards a friend of mine catching them and sending me a list.
-There was a slight bug in getting turned into a statue. It's fixed now.

Oh yes, happy Halloween guys! =D

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Progress Update 18

Tyamet Chapter Demo Update
Welp, It's been far longer then I planned ( Pokemon X was REALLY REALLY GOOD OK?! ), but I've returned back to work like I said I would, with this time a bit more to share with everyone. The first big news is an update towards the VX Ace version of Tyamet Chapter. Title, Intro, Game Over, and some test battles should all be up and running, with more features in due time. Something I was able to play around with this version was more custom battle dialog, and random chance of the AI doing extra damage depending on the action.
Chaos Croc also got a new event planned out for a battle in the future, and this is just a small little teaser of such. Seem's like poor Tyamet's got some white on her face!
As for future plans:

-Project: -QB- got the most votes for me to continue, so that's what I'll be working on next. I'm chances are going to type up and set up all of the 'bad ending's for the basic fights ATM, more less the current 'boss fights'. Outside of that, bug fixes, and perhaps area expation are in store as well. I'm not going TOO far ahead thought till S'Zira and MO2 can give me OK's on a few idea being possible on their end or not.

-Tyamet Chapter's going to see more updates as well down this week. The game overs for Male/Female being added, sound effects and Music returned towards their correct placements, perhaps some battle animations as well for the attacks. After that, the events via trap tiles/cursed objects will return, and the second floor hopefully added with some new battles you guys haven't seen before.

Saying I'm kinda done with Pokemon for now thought, and there's no new games down the pipeline...things should go faster? Perhaps?....Maybe? ^^;;;

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Just a FYI

But on the 12th is the newest Pokemon X/Y Releases.

...You can all safely assume I will be inactive for at least a 2 week period after this date.

Ouside of 3DS Friend Code trading, I think that's about it for this update honestly. Nothing's really been moved forward in any meaningful way sadly.

BUT, I guess I should ask: Out of the current stuff, what do you want to see more progress in?

Do you want to see a 'working' Codename? Some real content towards Tyamet Chapter? Perhaps updates and fixes towards Project -QB-?

Let me know, and I can say it'll be my main focus once catching things into orbs becomes dull. >w>;;;;

Progress Update 17

First off, internet is back!
Was a bit steep, but it was payed in full, so we shouldn't have any issues this month over it.

Next up, we got the foodstamps today at last...with a bonus...over $300 bucks rather! =O

...So this means we pretty much hit a very big boon for this month...Money's still tight, but far less tight then the last 3 month's have been. =w=

Also, doing the downtime, a friend mailed me a 3DS. Sadly no games, but damn if the demo's for it don't hype me for getting a few one day.

Lastly, for all you guys:

A demo.
Typamet Chpater VX Ace

The first reveal of Tyamet Chapter VX Ace is here. It's not much, but you uys have honestly asked to see demo's, rain nor shine, in any quality or format. So, I am hoping to stand true towards that from now on. This is the start of me doing such, so I respect any input you guys might have on how things are going.

Just a note that there is a TON of placeholder stuff as I am still waiting on updates from sources.

Otherwise, please enjoy!

Topic : Hentai game
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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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