Progress Update 16

OK, my hand's pretty forced here it seems like, even if I'd rather it not be.

Current Status on everything thus far:

-Tyamet Chapter has nothing to show off right now. Like really. Unless you want random AI's to bump into you, or see the current buggyness the battles are kinda in as I've yet to sit down and reconfigure old mechanics correctly for VX Ace. Reason for this is because of a few matters.

-CP is still in the process of working on things, and what he's working on will effect how I go about handling things in turn. Hench the kinda holding off, and playing the waiting game. I had hoped to hear back by now, but he still needs time, so battles are at a stall for now.

-Adding onto this, the AI I had wanted to do for Cover and stealth...isn't panning out. At all. So I'm having to scrap a lot of ideas I DID have and try to think of things to replace them with that would be far easier and simpler to do.

-Even then, MO2, S'Zira, and Chaos Croc are currently all working on their own matters ( MO2 is developing his own game that looks to be QUITE nifty, S'Zira's got a hefty jobload and commission backlog, and Croc's very much the same. ), leaving the only real advancements being my own tweening in an VX Ace outside the Steam install ( It's where I do most of my own scripting attempts ), and (VERY) slowly get Codename back up and running in a status that will make it easy for me to work on once I DO start on it in earnest.


...Said Non-Steam version is also in a hacked mix of English and Japanese given how I came about it...So past screwing around in it with experimental Ruby scripting I don't know if it even works or not, there's nothing to really show on that end ether...

I had said 'in a week' in my last post because I had hoped to hear from CP sooner, then later, on how things where on his end, and if I should wait some more, or if it was going to turn out to be months later where what he was telling me would get done.

...Admittily, I am at fault for just not pushing forward with this stuff, so I am sory for pretty much a week, and well...nada.

...Worse part about this is that I WISH I had something, if only because of the looming bit of support. This and last month has been INSANLY tight on the foodstock thanks to our foodstamps getting shut off, and I'm no pretty much on a 'Single Ramen packet a Day' Diet and going slightly loco thanks to such. I've been mostly burring myself in games to keep my sanity in check, to keep my mind off of a lot of the bad around me I can't solve ( Cragslist is NOT a valid option BTW, do not even SUGGEST IT. ), so that money really could have at least ensured these last 6 or so days till next month wouldn't be so damn tight. Sadly I guess I failed on that front to.

I doubt I'm going to have much of anything to say honestly for a while. Thing's aren't moving on the artist, even with budges and the like, my own scripting's not showing anything of value, and my partner scripter is kinda still AWOL.

Admittedly, this is how things where before Project: -QB- got picked up as fast as it did, and it was a nice gleeful push all around till MO2 hit a roadbump, and then everything came towards a crawl. So in no way is anything stopping outright, but it's pretty stalled too.

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Have some Art

So, to recap from the last topic:

-Everyone wants demos, regardless of status-

So yeah, I will take this to heart, and will ensure on such. Still not a demo for another...I want to say week or so, kinda still playing around with some AI stuff, and depending on the results, depends on how future development for Tyamet Chapter, Project: -QB-, and Codename: -Progressive- will end up.

So, today, just going to give you guys some fun I guess. Over the last few months or so, we've ended up with quite a bit of artwork around these projects, and I figured it's about that time to share most of it. ( BTW, click on the thumbnails for the full versions )

First are some images Heavy did back doing the working stages of Codename, one with some Tyamet controlling Viola, and then another with a Slime Viola quite enjoying Tyamet with a Slina watching on and enjoying herself.


Chaos Croc too tossed his hat into the ring with some Codename fan art at the time as well.


Then once the Project: -QB- got rolling, that itself saw a ton of stuff!

First of course being MO2, who's done the most support for this outright, these being WIP's in stuff he's planning on doing into a single full .gif.

And then Croc and S'Zira did a few things too!


Well, hope this stuff might help let you guys wait for a bit longer. ;3 Till next time!

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I need to vent...

OK, these last few weeks have been kinda hell for me, and honestly it's been a topic up till now I've wanted to be quiet on because honestly, you guys aren't here to have me bitch about how hard life is for me and the like, and instead for the games and products I am making for everyone's entertainment.

...But I got pushed towards a breaking part recently...and I'm just blah. So sorry, but I need to rant.

OK, as a set up, we on our end do not have much per month to live off of. It's a 3 people household, with only about $600 to cover rent, bills, transportation, and food. We normally also get's only like about $150, but it helps a ton to make ends meet. Last month thought, we lost our foodstamps thanks to paperwork mishaps, and been fighting to get these back. So, last month the main budget got streched harder due towards the $150 missing, you guys helped by a good chunk thought, but then comes THIS month...

Again, starting off without foodstamps, so budget get's stretched out...and then we end up getting a few things all at once. To put it blunty, we got charged over $100 in debit thanks to that onto the banking account, and it was going to grow out of hand unless payed off. I STRUGGLED to go about, working my ASS off for anything to pay this off, but in the end I wasted more money on busfair then I did earning from cragslist random jobs...and today I just tossed my hands in disgust.

...THANKFULLY, a friend was able to cover the bank debit...but this...only solved that. We are pretty much still running out of food fast, and we have little hope of getting more funds...and ugh.

...OK that's out of my system, time to answer past questions!

>Thank goodness! I kind of wanted to ask about the timeframe of updates, but I didn't want to seem too pushy <_<
>And you're almost up to 20,000 page veiws, so I can't wait (metaphorically) for the next update :P

Don't worry about being pushy honestly. Sorry my post after such a massive number wasn't too great thought. I AM pretty surprised just how...FAST...that number grew too!...Never figured I would garnish that much attention...but guess I do? @w@;;;

>ahh dood i think he can do what ever he wants its his work. Mr. Lipucid sir i love your work and its a pleasure to wait for it hope to have a bug free game from you dood

Thanks! I'll make sure no one tries to pick you up and toss you around =w=

U. N. Owen:
>Think it would be possible to see a demo for the new and improved Croc in the near future?

>or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

...Depends, and this is a good to honest question on my end. Just how much content and WIP are you guys OK in seeing? How I work on things tends to be pretty wonky honestly, it works for me, but it's not much to play as till the final stages. Lots of single segments I sit down and test, and then put together at the end. Would you guys be OK with bare bones stuff? Or more demo's like I put out so far? Or maybe demos that more reflect how the final product will luck once it's fully finished?

Progress Update 15

It's indeed been a while, so lets poke our head in and see what I've been doing eh?

I've been for starters playing around with lots of different tilesets, trying to get a 'similar' look inside as we did under XP, and I think the current set up is starting to look rather nice. So maps are starting to get done while there's still some work on battle events that need to be ironed out, but those will come in due time, including after CP finishes up a few 'extra's that I've apparently given him a small push into developing.


Past that, mostly just doing the grunt work for getting all of the items set up with correct images and descriptions. Nothing really 'impressive' these last few weeks to be sure of honestly. It's just a bit slow going right now as I'm currently more testing and reading up on things, then activity adding towards the project.

...and admittedly, testing things means normally just doing stuff outside of my current projects and dicking around to see what I can achieve under RGSS3. @w@;;; If I was smarter, I chances are would take some snapshots of the oddity's I've done...but I'm...I'm not >w>;;;

Well, Q&A time!:

Honestly really looking forward to the game should be quite a bit of fun I think. Curious what's going on not because I want to pressure you but more been two weeks and I'm curious. Take your time your making a stellar product just my inner internet fool standing on a stool wanting to know more about it.

Well I hope this post helps answers a few things? It's just kinda sluggish right now. CP's working on a few things I'm excited about using and adding, and I'm kinda exploring a few ideas myself, so real content's a LITTLE on hold right now, hence why I just haven't said much. Yet I DO encourage you guys to just go "hey, mind an update, regardless of how small/big it is?" if you feel I've been quite for TOO long!

Hey Lipucd, I've played all your demos and I must say they're fantastic! I saw on your Furaffinty account that you uploaded a very old version of Codename Progressive, and was wondering if you still had demo for download. Haha I'm a bit of a collector, anyway thank you!

Here's a link, just for you.

But really, the first post at the very top? I keep that updated with links towards each project, including downloads. For Codename thought, make sure to download the XP RTP and install it. If you tell me "I can't get it to run because RTP or DLL missing", that's 100% on your head, not mine. :P

Also shoutout towards the 3 people who's sent donations so far! You guys have really helped out a ton to ensure these last month and upcoming one that we don't starve. =D

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I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
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