Progress Update 10

Wow! Well if nothing else you guys have been QUITE vocal about the last version, and I've been taking everything towards heart as I sit down and work on a fixed version right away! I'm going to list some checkpoints now of why it's not out yet though, and what I'm still working on demo wise to update it for your benefit.

* Toning down difficulty
This seems to be the biggest issue right now or everyone, so working on re-balancing everything right now so that battles don't feel like you are GOING to only win because you got 'lucky'. Anyone who knows me though is from that 'old school' mid/late 80's style of difficulty. I tested out the first battle by a ton and was able to win 28/30 times. So in my head, it felt 'fair' enough, but the results have come in, and I've clearly dropped the ball here for everyone else, so sorry for that.

*Events to let all 4 monster types be playable
The next point is just that the current demo only allows you guys to get an idea with the tentacles, and the orbs, not really anything else. While I do have that stuff finished, I didn't really have any real logical story events done for the slime, and latex stuff, more less the latex are using a stand in image I'm not too sure I want people getting attached towards. Still, talking it over with mo2 and the like made me revise my folly in this, and I'm doing what I can to get the other two set up for you guys to enjoy.

*Doing translation for a Japanese Demo
Yes. We have visitors overseas. It helps that one of the lead artist is, well, Japanese. It is my interest because of that to offer a version of the game even THEY can sit down and enjoy, but admittedly, it's pretty damn hard. Q-Bee outright as in Japanese, she only speaks in Katakana, to show her child like nature. This becomes VERY hard to do when your grasp of Japanese is of Tokyo dialect, instead of birthed knowledge, because you can't JUST turn everything into katakana outright, because that then doesn't read right period.

Last point's pretty easy and I chances are don't even NEED to talk on it, but yes, there are bugs, they should indeed be fixed, so yeah. I'm passing the number disply bug towards CP as that's more his thing then ever mine, but I'm seeing if there isn't a way to fix that regardless. I know about the visural issue when you lose the first orb fight, as that was a small gaf on my end ( that's actually your current team visible. ).

So yes, please bare with me as I try to get everything fixed up, added, and then packaged up to ship back towards you guys! I am hearing you all out, even if I've yet to respond towards all of those messages. @w@;;

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Project: -QB- Demo1

Project: -QB- Demo 0.1
VX Ace RTP is needed
Yup. We are already ready to present the first playable test demo of the game. Not too much currently, 2 tiny maps, and a few fights. But it lets you guys get an idea of what to be expecting in a nearly finished build, and that's the main aim yes?

working progress 29

Z/Enter = OK/Select
X/Backspace = Decline/Back
Q/W = Switch between cast/targets while in a menu.
F5 = Change between window/full screen.
F12 = Reset

Let me know how you guys are enjoying such right now and the like. I'll be posting more stuff later on in the week.

*Please notes that bugs are expected. Spell check has yet to be ran. The 'Queen' Q-Bee's images are not final. There is a crystal made for this demo to let you play around with teams.

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Progress Update 9

Welp, another few days, and ton more progress made.
Felt like sharing the status effects in full for now though and let you guys know how everything's working out.


First one is Tentacle Infestation. A Parasitic tentacle beast works it's way's into the poor Q-Bee's body system, soon making her into little more but an egg incubator and breeder for more of it's kind. In battle this has the most harsh limits of all other status effects even at lower levels, and is rather hard to cure of before it spreads too far. As such it's best to cure this ASAP before you can't do anything at all!


Slime Transformation is the next one up, with the living goo mob's corrupting Q-Bee's into slime girls that then turn around and molest your team into submission. This is one of the 2 status effects that makes more monsters on the field after so long. As such it's REALLY important to ensure you don't let them set up onto you otherwise you'll get over ran fast. If the 'Queen' is fully infected, she doesn't transform, but she is disabled and incurable till the battle is over.


Kuromaru/Black Orb Hypnosis and Takeover is the next one ( and second of the 'monster maker' status ). These orbs latch onto the victim, corrupting anything they touch, and altering how their victims even think as they make them their personal little fuck toys. This one's interesting as it limits and zaps up your ( currently labled ) TP stat, it's what you use to do escapes and your special attacks. Think of it like a recharging MP bar that gains more if you get hit/attack. So they prevent Q-Bee's from saving their own self, more then anything else.


Then the final working status for now is Latex Doll Infection. Liquid latex spreads and keeps working over the infected Q-Bee to make them too horny to do anything else but keep masturbating! This is the only 'stacking' state, meaning it takes the same amount of effort to cure a 'level 1' as it does say 'level 5'...and it can get worse..and worse..and worse, without any limit in sight. As such, after battle, any Q-Bee's who are caught still being infected and locked into masturbation are left behind unable to be saved. This is one though that you can attempt to cure as long as people can act.

Once they are finished, I'll talk about the worms, more less more about the story mode and how all of this team ordeal works out.

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Progress Update 8

Another few days, and some more teaser info on this ( quite fast ) developing project! mo2 has already done quite a bit of work as it stands, getting 4 out of the current 5 status effects for the 'Partner Q-bee's done and in working order. Then he started doing something even better.


First was the start of crafting sprite animations of the end effects for the global map. So while exploring the infected hive, you'll now be able to spy infested Q-Bee's galore, helpless towards their host, and enslaved towards their new fate. =3=


And then he goes even farther still, taking S'Zira's sketches, and making them into pixel artwork! =D So expect to see the 'Queen' images done even sooner then predicted! =O

working progress 28

Also this wouldn't be much of an update without a bit of a teaser huh? Every status effect works just a LITTLE bit different from the last. Tentacles disable you the hardest, slime will make your ally attack you, latex slowly become impossible to do anything else outside of masturbation, orb mind controls the victim into a new foe outright, and worms will make them become a 'nursery' on the spot, popping out more worms and healing what's currently out.

There might still be more, but right now this is the end goal for everything, so I wouldn't 'expect' more.

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Progress Update 7

Another few days, and more work gets done. Currently there is now a foundation for Project: -QB-.

working progress 23

We start off in the world of Makai, the world for Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior. The games plot is about one of the Soul Bee tribe suddenly ending up over ran by a mass mob of monsters.

working progress 24

The Soul bee tribe though has very little in the way of fear. They think with two very simple goals in mind, and tend to think of little else. As such they never expected the very things they would hunt in small numbers, would group together and attack them outright.

working progress 25

Even the 'Queen' of the Q-Bee's, and the one the player will control, at first doesn't quite see an issue.

working progress 26

It's not till they actually try to fight a few off that the real trouble begins. Admittedly, the Soul Bee tribe, and Q-bee's in general are quite good fighters, using their ability of flight and speed to get an upper hand over their targets.

working progress 27

Sadly for them these are not your average 'monsters'. The land of Makai has many creatures that can easily become parasitic towards one's body, warp and pervert them, mind wipe and hypnotize into slavery, even rebirth them into more of itself! While the "Queen" will never falter till a game over, all other Q-Bee partners the player can gain, or save at other times, are losable mid-battle towards these creatures ways, and might end up even turning on you!

I think it's easy to say I'm pulling out the stops for this one. ;3

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Progress Update 6


mo2 over the last few days has been working very hard at getting some fully working Q-Bee sprites done, and it shows! Today I'm going to show off some of the progress on the newly announced Project: -QB-. We've already got movement images right now for both clothed, and nude, and with little extra touches such as some nice boobs swaying. =3=


He's also done some rather rad disply status images as well! Shown here are two very fun status, Tentacle Parasite, and Kuromaru Takeover.
So far the theme of the game is going to be Q-bee having to escape from her hive that's quickly becoming over infested with a number of monsters all around. She can try to save other Q-Bee's in hopes to increase her party's numbers, and escape out, but they can all end up falling prey and becoming little more then thralls for what's spreading about.


S'Zira hasn't been slacking ether, shown here is the sketch phases for both Covered in Slime, and Parasitic Worms. We still aren't 100% sure how much content's going to be in this game, but I would say expect about a full zone's worth from Codename: -Progressive-. I'll post more information, more less some in game screenshots as they get developed. For now just enjoy the sexy.

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Progress Update 5

Today, was like Christmas...or my Birthday. Or both. I'll do my best to break it all down as much as possible. working progress 16

This is chances are everyone's already seen. We have our battler's, ad able to give them images as need be. Even without a selective script, I could have fauxed this up. Then again, my newest friend, CP, today answered all of my issues in a single day.

working progress 17

As before I can switch them and move the gals about in team order, and the game will auto display them in the right spots. Nice, simple, no headaches at all.

working progress 18

But now comes the best part, changing images around the status effects. He just recently released this, both under my own request, and apparently his own personal need for his own project as well. So in lucking out, VX Ace now become the sole backbone of all future projects!

working progress 19

Including when his system is very easy to use at that! My normal way of changing status effects works just the same, but the background script to change images is no longer needed. Just a simple edit into each status' notetag, and that's it. In battle once inflicted, it'll change towards that image without any questions, hiccups, or flaws. If cured, it'll change towards the normal image just as fast. VASTLY improved from XP!

working progress 20

Not only that, but now via status effects, I can disable menu options on the fly, and even have such things 'stack' normally. Such as a buff you could cast, that gets stronger each time you use it.

working progress 21

More less a scanning feature without the need for it to be an attack!

working progress 22

More less a function for even monster transformations real time! To do something like this under XP requires a LOT of work around, but here it's just another state prefix.

To put it bluntly: Codename's about to become far more creative in content then first ever planned. =D

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On [Project: -Q-Bee-]

So today kinda marks an Unofficial start towards a new game project a bit out of the blue, but one I can't deny I've kinda WANTED, but pushing for it by my lonesome would have been too much self agenda to ever get greenlit by anyone I would be asking for help. Yesterday though it's like everything came together to solve that issue once and for all.


As I've posted in the central top entry, me and mo2 for a while now have been buddy buddy. Maybe not by first name, but he knew about me and my interest, and I followed him for matching on much of the same. We've chatted a few times, but never really at great length, at least, not till then. What started off as just a simple Twitter poke, would soon explode into what you see before here. A spite set of Q-Bee, and with a humble request "I wish to make a Q-Bee RPG with you".


Within hours, we where already building up a solid workframe, and pinning down the ideas and material that would get put into this project. mo2's Sprite style I think just does Q-Bee a TON of justice, and it's a MASSIVE honor for me to be able to work with someone like himself on a project devoted towards my main love. Yet we where hitting a small roadblock when we started talking about battle animations. Admittedly, mo2 is great with pixel artwork, but more large scale images is a bit out of his grasp...


...Thankfully, that's where another really good friend of mine over the years, S0lar1x, or as they are know today under S'Zira/S-nina, came towards the aid, within a days time or so, already cranking out high quality images by the plenty! What can I say outside of my sheer joy, that I pretty much get to make what might as well be my personal 'Dream Game'. Anyone who knows me, and I do mean ANYONE, knows how much of a hard o I have for Q-bee, so being able to sit down, craft, work on, and having willing artist make this come alive where words couldn't is just so heart melting. I am honestly quite pumped indeed.

So, I guess then this leads towards a very solid question: What about Project: -Croc- and Codename: -Progressive-? Nothing that hasn't already been stated. Project: -Croc- will be my main scripting commitment right now, including while art assists are being made for Project: -QB-. Codename: -Progressive- is on hold while I wait to see how CP update's his battle system, before making the move towards VX Ace in full.

So in closing:
New Game Announcement
Being worked on by both 2012111215252423b.gif mo2 and S'Zira/S-nina for artwork, and myself for scripting.
Will be starring Q-Bee
Get hyped?

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Random Update

So, yeah. E3 this year was pretty nifty. Titanfall, Watch_Dog's, and Destiny looked good. For the WiiU, Smash and "X" where the show stoppers for sure. Ton of new pokemon info, and Microsoft going full EA mode on everyone at that.

As for my own projects, I've actually started on a third recently. What it's about, and what all it'll have in it, I can't say for now. Just note that something else is coming along. Project: -Croc-'s seeing mostly event clean up, wasn't too happy by how a few of those where playing out, feeling a bit more rushed jobs then I would like to see even from my own self. Been also toying around with a perhaps better system for event phrasing then I'm currently using.

As it stands right now, I have the event broken up into a few factors: There's the 'trigger and status changing' event, and then the 'image changing' event. It works nicely because I can just trace bugs at their core locations. If the image updates wrongly, I made an error in the image script. If the status effect changes wrongly, I made an error there. It works for sure, but there might be better ways around this, maybe more effecent ways too. Still testing things out there.

Nothing on Codename yet, still waiting to hear from CP from his blog to see if he'll update that script or not. He said 'a few days', so I'll give him the week before poking at him again.

Some other games of interest

Well today I figured would take some time to talk on some other game projects out there, that maybe might be interested for lots of you guys out there that enjoy what I'm doing, and would like 'more of the same', or close enough.

working progress 14

First being in the "I can actually understand everything" list is one going by the name of 'Esthe Hunter'. Pretty much you play as a girl who, when taking a job offer, ends up way over her head, now having to collect monsters of different breed and kinds for some kind of high treatment spa. Of course said creatures aren't too happy about a bookworm trying to seal them in gems, so our heroine will have to dodge getting covered in webbing, and avoid sinking into mud, among a few new perils just recently added!

You can get the game here. If interested in the makers artwork, you can find his DeviantArt here.

projectx - 0008

The seocnd one on that list is a pretty well known project ( or at least I like to think of such anyway ), known as 'Project X: Love Potion Disaster'. Take some of the Sonic Team cast with a storyline evolving around a pink cloud that's driving everyone's libido's to maximum, and done in a 'Street's Of Rage' battle system, but with sex instead of getting beaten up. It honestly extremely awesome how they retooled the old style beat-em-up into a hentai game, and the artist have been working rather hard to ensure it's all nice and fluid at that! Admittily it's had some issues in the past ( Zu, one of the playable OC's, keeps getting added/removed, this time it seems for good ), and it's fanbase has been quite vocal ( Stage 2's jumping and vore content had to be redone multiple times ), but I DO highly suggest it, including if you are into Sonic stuff!

The main website to download the newest build, and check on the forums is here.

working progress 15

Last game for today that's "Not in moonrunes" goes towards 'Mitsuko X'. Take a neko catgirl who ends up stranded out in space, and now ends up someplace she doesn't even recall being at, having to work her way around it Metroid style, all without becoming too horny to end up giving into her lust and the beast that inhabit her current location. It's had many, MANY revisions, with a new one do VERY shortly (?). His gal is pretty cute, and the fact that you have a 'horny' bar that controls how your gal acts towards being fucked ( the more heated she is, the more lewd the sex animations become ) is a VERY nice touch indeed. There's also a faux upgrading system towards your stats, more less different clothing, and weapons to collect and make use of.

Blog of updates and ability to download current version is here.


Next two games are in a "In Engllish, but require payment" category. Both done by quite the developer, Kyrieru, both of these games take platforming and exploring with a sexual spin. The first one, Kurovadis, is perhaps a bit simple in this. monsters can ether normaly attack you, or 'rape' attack you, the normal attacks dealing damage, while the rapes deal little to none at all ( outside of 2 selective cases ), witch may ether interest you more ( letting you enjoy the pares for as long as you want ) or turn you off ( there is no effect what so ever towards being sex'ed outside of one selective case ). Our Heroine though can gain experience, and get a ton of new movements, skills, and weapon types to help her out on her adventure, so core game play if nothing else is very solid. If interested, you can buy the game here for about $12 bucks.

Kyrieru's second game, Eroico, is a tad bit different. Less exploring, more of a true platformer, and this time it's a male hero, fighting off female monster girls! This one puts a BIT more focus on the sexing ordeals, forcing you to 'struggle' free of the and the like. Admittedly I don't have this game to give a good talky on it,but if F on M is your kink, I doubt you could go wrong. You can buy this game here for a tad bit cheaper, rining it at about $11 bucks.

For those interested in just seeing Kyrieru's blog, you can find such here.

I think that will do it for today. tomorrow unless I have anything to outright show on, I'll then post my Japanese list of games to suggest, even if you might not fully understand what's going on in them.

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Progress Update 4

Well good news, CP got back towards me about his script, in rather short time too! The best part is that he's actually looking into updating his script to do EXACTLY what I need for codename! So, with that in mind, once I have an updated script from him, MASSIVE chance to see this updated towards VX Ace, and perhaps many more such projects done under it instead of XP.

working progress 12

Today's update news past that thought is kinda tiny. What we have here is one of the many rooms that will be showing off the 'trap tile' mechanic. Much like in Codename with Viola or Tyamet, there's a special floor that does 'something' once stepped on. In Viola's case, it was slowing her down, and then covering her in thick sludge. In Tyamets case, it was a convey belt that moved you around. In Project: -Croc-'s case, it's a spot that will cause a game over. This is all actually done via something we can set in RPG Maker. Each floor tile can be given a number, and once stepped on, this number can be traced back into a variable to let us 'read'. We can then do a basic check of 'does variable = this? if so, do this'.

working progress 13

Pretty simple stuff honestly. It allows us to have a single event control a LOT of space without the need of a billion little scripts all doing the same thing square by square. This in turn means less laggy environments, and more events doing other things, it also means if I need to FIX said event down the line, I can just edit the one, and it's all done.

Also on the off topic stuff: This is a dice game I help and assist development on. Give it a look see if interested into bondage d20 games at all.

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Progress Update 3

So yeah, almost 2 days without updates. JEEZE. Someone slap me.

working progress 8

So, in my hunt for a system for VX Ace, I did find...SOMETHING close towards what I need. The good? Updates the HUD and reformat everything for an image displayable combat. AWESOME!

working progress 9

It even knows the exact placement of each charater without any iffy workarounds. PERFECT!...Well, kinda. Issue here being is that, while we now have the option to disply, we do NOT have the option to 'change'. At least not 'yet' anyway. What I'm LOOKING to do is edit how this handles it image pasting process, and able to update itself once it goes "Oh, hey, someones under a status effect! Lets update towards this image!". I've yet to figure out quite how to modify this script into doing such though, so asking the maker of such ( who is located here ) on some help. Sadly his blog's not been updated in MONTHS, and I can't say I'm all that expecting to hear back from him soon, so this might be a dead end...

working progress 10

On the note of 'games that are actually being worked on and are not just theory'. Project: -Croc-'s getting some more refinement starting today. To give a project rundown on what's all in it right now:

- 6 different 'fight' situations for battle, end goal is 8
- 5 'Bad end' events present, unknown end goal currently
- Including all of the bombs as a single 'status type', there are 5 status effect chains, both current and end goal.
- The Yakaza Mansion currently has a First and Second floor. The First currently houses 4 rooms, and the Second only 1. The end goal is to expand on the First floor, have 5 rooms on the Second, and introduce a Basement floor as well. Slight puzzle solving is intended.

working progress 11

At this rate then it's really just the tedious stuff. Inserting text, timing events, and placing them all down to look pretty. It's the type of grunt work that 'anyone could do, but only so many can do well'. You guys seem to be hammering me for my work though, so I can only assume I'm doing a well enough job, right?

My next update should be a bit more fun as well, and sorry for the 2 day absence!
( I for one blame Erotan's Girl vs Girl game for being so addicting. Admittedly it's about $20 bucks, and not on the English DLsite, so I couldn't recommend it, not 'yet' anyway. The English translation for it should be done within a week's time though, so if up for supporting these guys and enjoying a porn game I kinda garner inspiration from, give them a look see around that time. )

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Slow Day

Today was kinda uneventful. Was out for most of the morning and afternoon taking care f a few errands. Once got back was checking a few matters in SL and other locations that had my email a bit piled up. So as of writing this, nothing honestly got done today. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes I'll get caught up in matters and by the time I'll go "OK, lets work on the game projects", my hours are nearly spent.

Still, a few nifty things did happen today.

-For starters, my good friend mo2 was nice enough to do a little spotlight on my blog today. Was pretty rad to see my banner and him talking about me in such good light.

-Very soon Girl vs Girl, a Ryona based parody of Spy vs Spy, is due out. I've been kinda assisting mo2 and Erotan at passing information about this game towards English forums as of late. You can see how the game works here. While right now it's in Japanese, an English translation is under production, and I'll more then likely go into details about it once it comes closer towards release.

-I've looked more into VX Ace systems to attempt to replicate XP's battle system, but with little luck. I found a few scripts that WILL let me set images via actor, so if they move around, the image follows as well, yet the problem here is the ability to CHANGE said actor images after being set. The search continues though in hopes of finding something ( or figuring out a good way to edit a system into what I need ).

Progress Update 2

OK, today's going to be long, but is necessary to go over.

working progress 3

This is how a basic event is working under RPG Maker XP on how I change battle display images around. As you can tell it's...not very complex at all. There is at first a check to get the players current health, and then a 'if/or' chain to change what image is shown based off of status effects and health %'s. This system 'works' easy because in RPG Maker XP, there is already a area for the battle sprite to be easily changed as needed.

working progress 4

Not the case in every OTHER RPG Maker build out there, rather they instead use a 'face graphic' that is used when someone is talking. XP ditched the Face graphic, so in codename I had to use a 'disply image', but with text, we know exactly who is saying what, when. So changing images around manually is very easy to make up for the lack of internal use. Doing such for battle though, is not. While we can do checks to see who is currenly in a team, and their status and the like ( just like in XP ), we can NOT tell the order of a party, or player placement. This can lead to many, many issues.

working progress 5

This is a quick example of what I mean. In this we have a test battle between Tyamet, and a slime. We already can tell that Tyamet is in the party, so doing a simple 'Draw image here' is all we need in a script chain.

working progress 6

We can also do a basic check to see Tyamet's status, and update this image as needed. Shown here, Tyamet's been covered in slime, her status effect showing this, and her display image is updated to match as well. So far so good right?

working progress 7

Wrong. Here is another basic test showing off the major flaw in this system. We have 3 other people in our team, each one in a different slot, with Tyamet at the bottom. Sadly there is no 'normal' way of telling or script chain 'Tyamet is here, place image now in 'this' spot' to make up for this. Instead, it will still continue to draw her in the same spot. When you are planning to have many, MANY different cast of characters, and them swapping in and out at random ( or even the possibility of such ), a flaw like this is crippling to say the least. If I can find a way to get past this, then VX Ace will end up the main environment I rework Codename with, but if I can't, then I might have to stay with XP due towards it's more simplistic and automated nature on this matter.

(BTW, yes, my copy of VX Ace is in Japanese by default. I don't have the US steam version after all.)

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Progress Update 1

working progress 1

Today wasn't too heavy of a game work day. I've done a bit of bug fixing in areas I noticed I didn't think out all the way ( a few evens where waiting for a trigger to activate, but I forgot that I disabled said trigger a while back, leading towards issues. HEYO! ), so I figured I would share with you guys a little on how the battle event processing works.

This a snapshot of how the 'bomb' items work in game, allowing Tyamet to attempt to transform her target into a statue. Though to get this work we need to know a few things first: What 'kind' of bomb are we using, and who is the target for such? The first part can be easily done by giving each bomb it's own event phrase, this way we always know the 'type' of bomb being thrown, even if all three work the same way. The latter part's a bit more trickier then that, including that we can't do a 'check' on the battle environment like that.

working progress 2

As such, we set up a way to 'get' this information from the battle itself. In this example I'm using a variable called 'What the hell am i fighting?', that I can set towards a numerical value, and then use a check in the bomb script to compare that towards it's possible results. If the values match, then that event trigger plays out. It's a really 'simple' trick honestly.

Most of today though past fiddling was spent researching scripts for VX Ace, trying to gauge on how simple ( or hard ) it would be to get a battle system similar towards the one I had before.

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On [Codename: -Progressive-]

What is[Codename: -Progressive-]:


The name 'Progressive' comes from the idea of the game's status effects being just that, Progressive. In this game, the idea is that you are using a team of gals in some shape of form, undergoing pre-set challenges for them alone as they attempt to get free from a very powerful overload who seems to have a liking towards watching them all struggle. The game itself is done image wise my many different artist, the lead three ( who as of date ether have most, if not all material for their areas done ) are Rencat, Chaos Croc, and HeavyPerscription. Each one of them bringing different set's of girls, and as such, worlds, status effects, and storyline to explore.


Thanks to recent issues though, the projects had to restart from the ground up on the scripting side, but thankfully NOT the art side. Doing this rework phase, I'll be focusing on one 'series' at a time, and we'll begin off with Viola Pinkerton, Heavy's OC. She herself is a Pig Warrior of sorts dressed up in all things bondage gear and latex pasties. Surprisingly, even like she can still carry her own weight, and dish out some nice high damage with just normal attacks. She also can make use of 'runes' that allow her slight magic usage. If reworked under VX Ace, the idea would be that she couldn't use said magic without said rune's equipped. As Heavy let me have ( mostly ) free control with Viola's content, she will be the victom towards fetishes such as Slime, Latex, and Tentacles.


...And like everything else will have a number of 'BAD END's set up and aside if she happens to fall victim towards many of the traps and monsters awaiting her. I'll post more info based around if I end up working back under XP ( for ease of combat image manipulation ), or working under VX Ace ( for expiation for everything else. ).

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On [Project: -Croc-]

What is [Project: -Croc-]:

Project Croc1

Project: -Croc- is a far smaller and single goal RPG Maker XP game that started development a few months back when Codename: -Progressive- delays where becoming a major sticking point and issue for everyone. Wishing to get out a product, both to give confidence back towards everyone I knew, more less perhaps work with different scripting ideas that wouldn't work in Codename, the project started in earnest.

Project Croc2

This game only star's Chaos Croc's 'Tyamet' as the sole heroine of the story. As such the battle screens and menu displays are made to work with only one character in mind ( unlike codename that's made to fit upwards towards 4 at once. ). Much like codename, there are a number of 'visual status effects' that Yamet can be inflicted as she explores the 'Yakaza Mansion'.

Project Croc3

Of course, doing poorly will lead towards many a 'BAD END' game over ordeal, and doing well leaves the player to keep advancing. Due towards the nature of the game though, battles aren't something you shall wish to get yourself into. Money is rare ( if null ), there is only one shop around, and Tyamet's damage outside of magic is very low. As such it's best to play with a feeling of urgency behind your movements. Wasting away hoping for a drop or two might end up costing you later on.

Project Croc4

But it's not to say that Tyamet's fully helpless ether. The Yakaza Mansion is known for it's love of statues and cursed artifacts galore. Using these towards your advantage could net you some cash, or even perhaps craftable gear. A factor that was extremely hard to pull off in Codename, but far easier here is the fact of foe's suffering visual status effects as well.

That's about all the info I CAN share on this for now, but if anyone has questions, do ask away.

Topic : Hentai game
Genre : AdultContents



I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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