August Update and News

Been a bit since I've posted here, and chances are for good reason at that: Most of my now 'by the hour' updates and news reports now happens at my Discord channel that is free for public entry and the like. If people want to stay on touch on the action as it happens, that's a great place to come on in, interact with the rest of the community, and see the 'magic' happen. But I still said I would keep updating here, and in earnest doing more monthly, or bi-weekly for more active times sounds best to catalog all that's happened in an easy to digest spot.

So let's start off with the big news, Vampire Lust:

Works been going on pretty strongly between me and NPNG. From filling out maps, towards cataloging events, a ton of text written up and being passed back and forth to check on clarity and the general feel we want each gal to have. The progress towards at last a fully playable build of the game draws closer and closer, and I'm VERY excited to at last let you guys have at it and give us your input on everything directly! We still have a few more things to finish up (notably, the final assists for the forest maps, more less finish NPC dialog and input. We're also questioning about adding an extra event into the game earlier then intended.), but a lot of the hardest parts are now behind us, it's just the raw grunt work now. =3=
On the note of environments though, NPNG's gone well above and beyond in this element! Most of the maps are all using custom assists so I really have to put a larger spotlight onto this matter as it's not something my other pojects have had the advantage of (ProjectQB being the only other example thus far, and even then not quite towards the degree shown here!).
...As a final sneak peek, I doubt anyone would question it, but there'll be some cameo's from the rest of the Darkstalker/Vampire cast, and not all of them for the best...

Beyond that, thanks towards the support of a few select people, I'm now the proud owner of Pixel Game Maker MV, another one of Enterbrain's Game Maker's that just hit public release. I had already seen a few Japanese devs dabble with it, poking my own interest...
....let's just say that my interest was fully realized when even with my at best 2 hour exposer with the program, I could get a VERY basic corruption element going on with some sitting around assists. ;3 Obviously, a direct game made with this is a long ways off, I've got other matters to tend towards first, yet this IS very much a system I can craft QUITE the lewd corruption platformer if given enough time!

On ProjectQB's end of things, MO2's been taking it rather slow, as work on his game right now is taking major focus. That still doesn't mean though i wasn't able to poke him to get -SOME- progress done though. So meet the 3rd out of 4 characters that'll be usable, NiGHTS! You might recall them from much older builds when Lexi was doing the pixel artwork as an assistance, so it'll be nice to have them readded with MO2's full blessing behind it =3=

...Also many of you might recall KeiWaza had made a game a while back that I assisted with. You might have noticed after a long time he's started work on a 'remake' of that game in turn. You then chances are wouldn't be too surprised to know I've been assiting him along the way, and offering many a tip and trick as we've been working on RPG Maker MV, and in turn the stuff I've been using the help him, I'll chances are put towards good use myself in due time.

Otherwise I'm getting back into the swing of things with Streaming on Picatio.TV, so do keep your eyes peeled for more of that in the coming weeks! With other support ensuring I have a year of subscription towards it, even if you miss the work live, you can catch recordings of it on my page now just the same!

Current Plans:
-Finish and Release "Vampire Lust Demo1: The Forest" this month
-Work with MO2 more on finishing ProjectQB's last 2 cast members and at last doing foe sprites
-Work at learning Pixel Game Maker MV's ins and outs and maybe develop a test game out of it

Project: -QB- The Arina Update

Arina Update

It's here at last!

Ohoooo~! Man oh MAN has this been something in waiting for a while, but I'm at last happy to get out towards you guys after long last! but after numerous delays, catching a fault in some scripting logic, and sneaking in a few extra goodies I chances are -shouldn't- have, this update is at last live and ready for your enjoyment!

So what all exactly -is- in this update by chance then?

-A new playable heroine to rescue, Arina Makihara, is waiting to be found and join your team along with Roomi. Coming from Waku Waku 7, another Sunsoft fighter, she fits in rather well as a semi forgotten fighter gal.

-A new function for heroine units (currently excluding the Queen herself). You can learn more about this little tidbit by finding a heroine before destroying the crystal in the location they are in, and then destroying it after.

-Some general balancing of things including giving the Mimic Walls a new graphic effects of where one is located BEFORE you run into them. Keep your eyes peeled for oddity, as it's not blatantly obvious! Beyond that some maps have less foes then before to make navigation a -little- easier.

-There's been some updates towards the GAME OVER's, including new artwork for the latex GAME OVER, but they will chances are get one more pass over to give them more length with a co-op writer in short time. There is also a hidden game over event located somewhere, try to find it if you can!

Admittedly, what you do -not- get in this update is any new status effects Though one is teased at nor any new locations to explore. The maps also haven't been updated for the 'large' sprites as MO2 is still unsure on how he wishes to move forward with this element. For some people the lack of any new foes, and the lack of any new attacks to undergo might be a bit of a bummer, but I do hope the extras I put time into implementing help make up for this in a few ways!

So, here's the big Q&A time:

Why was this delayed for so long?
A lot of things kinda back to back in earnest. Many of you know a few months ago my previous PC just clunked out on me. Motherboard failure, no BIOS functions to speak of. Doing this timeframe I was on a last legs laptop I fiddled around to get working, till S'Zira (bless their soul) built and shipped me a new one. With this new PC in tow, work went back up, though MO2 himself has been busy with his current card battler game. It took about 6 months on and off for these Arina Sprites to at last get finished in full, and doing my downtime I had him sneak in one more thing to impermanent as a 'sorry for waiting for so long'. The last big crutch though came with the script I've been using freaking out at the -MASSIVE- note area I've been building up. Figuring out -why- this was breaking it, and then trying to solve this without having to rework everything else was about a 3 week on and off headache that I a day before release only just got solved. Thankfully though, with that ironed out, we'll have the alst of 'fatal bugs' in all of these games. (Oh do I pray!)

Why only 'side' content and so little direct?
As I brought up before, due towards MO2 himself taking a long length of time just getting Arina done, it's been hard to try to shoot for more content to get forward, when it would mean even -more- time for the last two playable to even get into a finished and usable status. Thankfully, once MO2 finishes his current game project, this should give him more time to sit down and finish matters to get Project QB at last be 'Done and Done' in fullest.

Why Project QB and not say Roxi and Zetta or Vampire Lust?
Vampire Lust is in due time, and NPNG and I are both ensuring this has our best foot forward out the door. I've up till now been working with 'What I've gotten' from many artist, and while that's worked, NPNG kinda wants Vampire Lust to show that, the Patreon support so many are pooling into? It's been funding some GREAT things happening. It's best though that we show that directly towards you guys then trying to keep saying it. I can say though that there's not much left. A road map is to finalize the HUB and the living area, To decide on what 'extras' we'll sneak in now to show off that "While you can't do/get that now, you'll come back and do it later" that we'll be having in the game, more less some fine tuning for the leveling as NPNG has a clear goal on level objectives, it's just making sure in a single playing you can feel like you didn't have to grind to reach those and be at a good fit for the first boss.

Overall though, getting tis out has helped me fix an issue that was underlying, and up till now not yet caught, and I think still will give you some stuff to enjoy playing around with till our most substantial project comes to life! Thanks towards everyone up till now for the support and well wishes. I'm sorry I've not been as active on the blog as I should have been. Though for those who want to interact more directly with me, and the rest of my 'Staff' I've kinda built up now, you guys can always join my patreon by this link!

EDIT: There was some bugs once, they are fixed now. Reasons for updating is as follows:

-Arina apparently REALLY loved to keep her ass out front! Fixed her buffs/debuffs from lasting after battle!

-Roomi's apparently playing pretend and thinks she's immune to everything, even though she's not. Fixed graphics not displaying with Roomi when applied status effects.

-Drones, once something special starting to be used, became ethereal and would leave this plane of life before any corruption would meet them. Fixed Drones suddenly vanishing from your inventory and team in selective cases.

-A single lone box in the middle of the latex pools was going retro this entire time. Replaced a single mapcell to fit the new and not old style.

More weeks, more updates!

So the croc info is up for everyone by now. (This includes the stuff from "Tyamet is a Lizard, but she still refused to lay eggs this Easter" password gimmick from a few years ago, so no more need to post that, OK? XD)


As for other news, me and NPNG have been working more and more on the game stuff for sure. We took into account quite a few of your questions at that, and I figured I'd try to answer and present a lot of our working element and how all we get this stuff done!

So first and formost NPNG will do a physical sketch of their idea towards me after we've talked out the attack/element and what all we're aiming for it. At this stage it's more about getting the basic elements and angles down, as these will not change once we go forward.

After this we kinda move onto a digital lining of the image, things are move/shifted, and the pose is more finalized. In this case we kinda shifted Q-Bee's stinger a bit lower so we could score a more 'sexy' view overall, more less kinda 'boost' Q-Bee's breast because...yeah :'D

Then we hit the flats and shading, and at this stage it's more like offering a second eye on their work, offering extra suggestions for lighting, or perhaps other effects that we can sneak in for the later stages. For this one I acually ended up sugesting for more light on the crotch to hip make it feel it thrusting more outwards.

...and then the final, that's got all of the effects, text and final elements, and what will be used for in game more or less after some cropping and cutting of elements.

A few people had noted and asked about this taking into effects the players status and the like. And while -most- status effects will not be taking accounted for (both for the extra art element & for scripting complexity), we will chances are at LEAST have them account for two elements for later builds, and the first one I can show off here is the Sub/Dom element.

I've brought this up a few times working on this game, but we'll have a kinda Submissive/Dominant factor into the girls thanks towards the corruption, and with the Dom end, the girls become more 'Sexually Stronger' more or less, they -know- they've got the bodes people want, and they know they can abuse that factor to get things they need/want. This'll show up doing even the attack elements as well with this image.

...While the sub is far more "NEEDS SEX, BADLY!". Too much of a horny slut to think normally, and is kind already to just throw theirself at anything with a dong to use and abuse em ;3 This is still an element we're figuring out how to best portray it, and right now we're feeling we can do face edits, something that's not too complex and overly done, to present this element, but if you've guys got more ideas and are willing to tell us, by all means!

Beyond that though, Blaze's Mini project update is going well, sadly Andersonic ended up with pinkeye this last week, so the elements they where hoping to have done before this week couldn't get done, and we'll need to wait till they recover before work continues on that more, but I am hoping to add in more battle events, beyond the pawns, as many have requested for such indeed.

Chaos Croc's Own Thoughts

(He had left this on a comment on one of the post, but I feel for others to be able to better view and see it, I would just make it it's own post here)

Hey there guys, Croc here. Figured I'd take some time out of everything to make a comment about this.

First of all, to Lipucd himself, you're still someone I consider a friend, but yeah. You've pretty much nailed it on the head there. At the beginning of the year, I decided to go to college, while also quitting my job. So, commissions have become my NEW job, which has pretty much taken up a large chunk of my time. Despite that, however, you're still an awesome guy, and I can't wait to see your other projects bloom and become complete, awesome works.

Now, to everyone else. It's very heart-warming to hear how much you all loved the games I put my art and ideas towards. Tyamet Chapter and Egg Assault were very fun to work on. So, what happened? Well, setting aside the work/commission bit, there's also my own kind of OCD. Both games have/had art assets that were years old in them, and my brain kept telling me that if I do ANY kind of update, I'd have to redo everything. And that's a lot of work for one man. Not to mention that, as I'm sure Lip has elaborated on, I do tend to shoot first and aim later. Great ideas, but slow to do the art for them. That's on me.

So, what does the future hold? Well, I'm not saying I won't come back and do something with Lipucd later on down the line. But it will have to be only AFTER I get myself on a time table to where I can sit down and get everything enough done for a proper release, and am able to keep on it regularly. As for Tyamet Chapter and Egg Assault, I can't see them being picked up and just continued right now. But that's not to say I won't come back and do other games on the similar vein as them. All I can tell you, is keep your eyes peeled.

Updating and Explaining

So my last post kinda shook things up huh? On one hand I am sorry it kinda ended up like it did in earnest, if only because Egg Assault was a rather fun ordeal to work on (for me it was ALL about the battle stuff, something I dig just working on in general), and me and Croc have been at this for...QUITE a while! Without him I wouldn't have a foot to stand on more or less as he was the one who gave me a chance to start up the first project, 'Codename: Progressive', without needing a cent for his artwork. yet I feel how we started, and how we are today are two VERY different things now. Croc's apparently got job issue after job issue, and given he's kinda the 'money head' of his household, if he doesn't bring in ENOUGH cash they will struggle and pay for it, so he's long since had to focus more and more (and more) on his commission streams then anything else as otherwise he'll just not have enough money to stand up. Even with me making some cut around to ensure he would get the largest stiplen I could for him, and still pay others, AND keep my own self afloat, it was perhaps at best penny's towards what his streams where getting him (as a ref, the patreon earns about ~$350 a month, where between myself and 4 artist gets cut up for the stiplens. Croc makes ~$300 per stream per WEEK) , and even then with those in his own words 'is just getting by'. So yeah, no matter what I could do within my own power, trying to pull his focus back onto this stuff...Just wasn't happening, so it was better for my long term (and in turn was one of my Start of the Year commitments) to just call them 'canceled' for now. Perhaps one day Croc will come back, and we'll finish them legit? But at this point I'm not going to try to struggle with such anymore, and that's why I uploaded the artwork as well, because if the games they would be for aren't due to be done anytime soon, why hold it?

Now for OTHER matters!
me and NPNG are STILL chipping away at elements and materal for Vampire Lust, we're moving back onto the unfinished battle segments now. The idea is that EVERY attack will have cut-in's like this for you to enjoy and make it feel far more dynamic in turn. We really want this to not feel like a 'general' project and every element is being altered to help make it stand out as something of it's own!


Last week I did some streaming for Roxi & Zetta showing off some changes, taking some of the ideas from Egg Assault and adding that towards the game. No more RNG map rooms that get a little silly to fox and edit up, instead more of the menu based navigating ordeal. I think the extra simplification here will lead towards a more 'fun' progression towards a degree, more of a get in, scan and fight, GTFO as needed? We'll see, but after Egg Assault shutdown, I didn't want to leave that element just in the dark :P

...And then Andersonic recently got in touch with me and started talking and drawing...Keep an eye on his page and here for more ;3


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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