More updates, and a nice feature!

Another week, more updates to be had! Me and NPNG keep grinding out more stuff to progress with Vampire Lust. The HUB area's starting to come along well enough, and we're at last working out some of the more 'General' NPC's the cast will be interacting with. We wanted to take more material directly from Vampire Hunter/Savior, but there REALLY wasn't a hole lot to take from beyond the fighters outright.

What few examples we had to work with:

As you can see it kinda paints a limited view on the world itself, and the stages wheren't much better, so we sat down and developed off of what we could for these. We liked the shaggy male demonic ascetic in a few of these, so we kept that for sure, while for the females, giving all of the known ones are Monster Girls towards some degree, we felt like working that in with these as well.



There will be more 'Named' and key NPC's as well later on, but we felt like working on the more 'common' ones would be a good fit to help flesh out everything else. Any input you guys can offer onto this would be grand though!

In other news, anyone who's followed my tinkering with RPG Maker MV knows that one major issue with it has been the steam version given it's 1.5, and almost EVERYTHING was made for 1.4, meaning nothing really worked, and what did work didn't work very well at that. Recently though MV pushed out a 1.6 update, while this update's done more to break even MORE stuff ( towards a point to set off a ton of virus and malware alerts! ), they at least did ONE good thing and unlocked the option to downgrade now towards older builds, going as far back as the release, towards, you guessed it, 1.4. So now I have MV set up at 1.4 and I'll return towards tinkering towards that. Depending on, I am hoping this Friday ( tomorrow ) I'll be able to stream such live as I try to get a few things working and in turn see if MV might just be valid for the game MO2 want's me to make with him ( The Zetta Rouge-like for those who have forgotten ). We'll see how this all pans out, as I know this Saturday I'll be out, a friends covered Tickets for us to go see Black Panther, so that'll be a treat for sure! And all I can say on Sunday is that I'll be busy. But if you get an E-Mail around 10 or 11AM Central ( GMT -6 ) about me streaming, you know what to expect =3=

The State of the World (February)

It's been a bit, and I didn't honestly INTEND it to be this long without much to share, but this was me waiting to see if mo2 couldn't perhaps get some more Arina progress done before this update, and he's sadly chances are still a little too under the weather to make much headway with that. So let's go from the top and work our way down eh?

First and foremost has been everyone's health, as mo2 ended up with the flu recently, among a few others as well, so that's been a -fun- domino effect. As most people's been on bedrest ( or longer workcycles DUE towards others on bedrest in Latexity's case ) there's not been any real work any witch way for any projects, except for one: Vampire Lust. NPNG is a major trooper to put it lightly ( and it helps her part of the world is summer, not winter! ), So she's been cranking out more and more progress with Vampire List this month to be sure of!


The first update comes from having the vines now fully art out and completed! These will work alongside the Sap Plants, forcing you to pick and choose what's the bigger threat at an given time. As you can see, we ended up giving them a bit more....Playful manner of how they got about wrapping up and molesting our gals!


Along with this work on the 'Egged' Status got done as well. The Fly's you've chances are seen on my stream are the culprit for this one, and unliked the 'Cummed' status, this one's got an extra little gimmick or two you'll learn about when the time comes!


All of our work's not been -just- battle focused though, map development and shaping has been a big key as well, and we've been working on the puzzle elements to boot. Felicia we felt would be more of the 'raw strength' given her really buff build in her Vampire artwork, so she'll be able to push statues and other objects out of the way for the team to advance. Q-Bee in turn will have the power of i2, allowing her to hover over traps and other such things at ease. We're still fussing with Lei-Lei at this stage as well, but we'll chances are work her many tools and weapons into her assortment. Each one can only do their job though if set as the leader of the party, so you'll be doing some team management while exploring!


Lastly, because it IS the holidays and all, me and NPNG wanted to leave you all with some sweet chocolate covered gals to enjoy this valentines day! Sadly there's....not much else TO say or bring up ATM, things really just got that stalled currently. MO2 plans to try to do work when he's not sick and out of it, but everyone else is ether busy, or just out of it. Still, at the rate Vampire Lust is progressing, a demo for the starting area nears closer and closer! I DOUBT we could get it out this month, as stuff like the final art assists for the HUB, some art assists for maps, and then a lot of excess event development (NPC's galore) would ensure that wouldn't be as fast of a workload as we'd like, BUT I could start forseeing a release some time NEXT month! This is chances are the first time with this project I could say "We're really close towards a release!"

The Month of Illness

Now that I can be somewhat more up and around instead of having to retreat ether towards my bed ( or my toilet ) for some length of time, I can at last get this post out of the way ( that and trying to do an update on my android just wasn't in the cards, so I was sticking with twitter on that front ).

So! Somewhat after the start of the new year a few people had started to end up sick with the current flu that's been going around, and at first I wasn't too worried about it, people get sick all the time, small delays at worse, things where going to get back on track with other people anyway. Me and NPNG have been working more on Vampire Lust at that, implementing one of the more 'fun' attacks the dog's are going to be able to make use on the gals, more less working on the intro elements at that. I had did a stream even of me laying down the groundwork for that, though that was kinda cut short as NPNG wanted a more direct hands on element towards the creation, then just 'refining' what I was doing. So ATM VL's more in her hands then mine :'D

Still, the idea was for the next week to just futz around more with the Roxi & Zetta project, given mo2 ATM is busy with his currently developing game ( check out his blog for some examples of what that'll have! ), but then -I- ended up with this flu just the same, and oh boy. Being OK one minute, towards a total 180 body ache, fever, hacking cough, and everything just HURTING like hell was eough to have me stuck in my bed and not even attempt to get out of it for 2 days on end. I'm at the 'final' stage now, where it's just this annoying cough that just will not go away, but beyond that I can at least eat and drink and not feel like I'm bleeding from every fragment of my body.

Still, as you can guess doing all of this...Not much in the way of substance, beyond some more work on VL, really -has- gotten done as of late, and that I do have to apologize for. I'm hoping that this Fri-Sat I can get back into streaming unless something -ELSE- comes out of the blue, but for now this is the update! Before we end though, let me go on ahead and share a few things just to keep you guys interested in VL's progress:

First and formost a little silly I did doing that stream after NPNG kinda shot me down. I wanted to still do -SOMETHING-, so I kinda made a self edit of a possible corruption that would be later down the line. Nowhere as skilled as NPNG's own work on this stuff, but I think it can still be enjoyed on it's own merits ;3

And so we have the first stage of the newest attack as well the dogs will be ale to do. The idea here is that they will hump and 'musk' up the gals somewhat, and each time the dog does this, the girls go from an 'Ewww~!' towards an 'Ohhhh~'...and then ending in a 'Bitch in Heat' status that allows the pupper to fuck them regardless of any other condition. I was a bit scared to add an element into this at first, but I think with the more 'pink' smog from NPNG's suggestion more less the angle we're going with it, I think even those who normally would have issues with this theme/fetish might find something to enjoy in this!...Or so is the hope, feedback is of course welcomed on this matter!

Happy Holidays!

Admittily this week and last have been a bit more active and unfocused where...As I kinda feared near the start, not a -LOT- would get done this month directly. Though I do have some good news to share regardless, at least on one project everyone's been eager about!

That being for 'Vampire Lust'. As I had noted earlier in the month, this is where me and NPNG are working on more secondary then direct gameplay elements. Primary, a lot of dialog galore. To go with all this chatter though we need some much fitting images, and given how stylized the rest of the game is, it wouldn't be right to just has basic chat boxes and nothing else. So there will be a lot of images that'll be based around what's being said, with a wide range of moods and status to take into account. As I couldn't push out a demo before the holidays, and this weekends' going to be a bust for working more or less, I figured I could at -LEAST- share a lot of the work done in this area to show that yes, work and elements is getting done, and we're moving forward, not backwards.






As you can see we've got a wide range here, some of them small changes in expression, others more direct alterations in poses and styles. Overall though it'll ensure the story elements end up just as up to par as the battle stuff shall be, so look forward towards that! To leave out on one other note, A good friend of mine Andersonic did some fan art of Felicia's cum filled and slime covered battler sprite, so enjoy it, a slime-less version, and then a fun latex suit version 'just because' ;3 Take care all and happy holidays! We'll meet up after the new years!


I forgot Andersonic had done a few other fan arts of this WIP ordeal in the past as well, so i figured I should share those just the same!

December Roadmap

Another month, and another time to give a full out check in on progress and what not! Let's get the ball running with some good news!

arina latex

Mo2 is back to work a bit, and we're already moving forward with Project -QB- once more, as it's pretty clear fan response has been to 'Get it done' over anything else. With that in mind, I've asked him to put the Rogue-lite (did I use the right one this time? ) idea on pause for a bit, so we can crank out the needed images for the other cast, and get that project done and done with. I might also have some extra artist help as well stepping in later, but time will tell with that. Still, the goal ATM is to get Arina done ( showing off the much more shiny Latex Status as well! ), then move on towards the other cast. Once everyone's playable images are done, and the final fight is more or less artworked out, we'll move on towards an 'enhancement' phase, primarily with how the drones battle images are now...painfully dated towards the rest of the cast. Roomi might see a refinement or two as well on her older sets.


Roxi & Zetta ( I really need a better working title or something... ) is the next up to plate, given the latest prototype I shot out for public testing. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting such a...good turnout as it got! I was expecting people noting that there wasn't a lot there, or maybe some of the concepts feel more haphazardness then anything else. But beyond a few bug issues with the map warping, everyone seems to have loved it! So expect to see this kinda being the current 'stream time' game more or less for this upcoming month. Shown off here is going to be one of the first few bosses a player can run into, Vella, a weavile OC of Latexity. What all is her powers? what all can she do? You'll learn all of that in due time in =3= The current plan is to take a lot of the WIP elements, and start refining them into something far more useful. The map idea is good, but I need to present it better and handle warping better as well. The events people seem to dig, and the corruption/fetish elements even more so, just requesting I go into greater detail with the fetishes outright. I've got a few ideas for that area, and we'll see what sticks in the end.


In turn, I'm sure everyone's wondering about Vampire Lust, this big, wonderfully detailed and animated project me and NoPenNameGirl kinda sprung the lid on earlier in the last 2 months or so, and that I can only answer is "Progress". It's not....-Fast- Progress, but me and NPNG both knew that starting in, hence why we were for the most part keeping the lid shut on it for so long, but we where getting to a point where NPNG needed a second option outside of her small click, and needed to see some real feedback that the effort going into this was going to be worth the result. Since then though we've been making moves to finish the forest area, and working on the central HUB the gals will be spending their time in, and with that comes dialog, and dialog always could use some sprucing up with some chatter images! NPNG's been working on on getting a lot of these done for the game, so we're still going forward, it's just not quite as fast as I know many of you would like to see this project ( and again, a reason why I juggle multiple projects in the first place! ).

With that, I would like to note on two more things. The first being that I am thinking of readjusting my streaming system thus far from total weekend, towards a Friday-Saturday as Sunday I'm finding to be a little more needed to just be a 'free' day in the coming weeks. This week on that note, will be Saturday, then Monday stream, as I'm running around far too much today to do a valid stream for very long. The second note is more on this month in general, as it -is- the holidays and all. The workflow for a lot of people thanks towards Thanksgiving was already slowing down, and something tells me it's not going to really 'speed up' this month ether. So if things end up feeling -REALLY- sluggish progress wise, I would ask ahead of time to understand this is kinda that year where Real Life ends up the most active for all of us. I might end up a few days unable to really stream at all even, but time will tell there. It's not a factor of slacking off of work, but it's just that time you know? Regardless, hope this monthly report gives a good idea of what's going on with us, and hoping we can push something out before the holidays!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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