Simple hotfix!

There was two issues I ended up STILL overlooking somehow, so I ended up pushing out a fix today!

-Trying to trade in for 10 honeys wouldn't give you the honey's you where looking for...

-The Surrender item was oddly absent somehow on new games. For those with saves without it, just go back towards the throne room for a second, you should be able to spy it in your inventory after that!

Project -QB- Pre-Release Update


Get the game here!

Sorry for a bit of the delay getting this out, but it's here after slight delay! The 'Pre-Release' and near final build of Project -QB- is among us, and there was a few changes here between it and the 'Pre-PRE-Release' to take note of!

-The hive will now fall under corruption after a while! Try to limit how often you 'run' away from a corruption zone to heal and restock, or that next time MIGHT be your last...

-Foes all now have Bios you can check up and read when you 'scan' them mid battle!

-There's a little rebalance towards foe HP, mostly lowering it a tad. Though in turn I've also weakened the boons of excess drones by a small amount as well. The foe difference you should feel, the drones not by too much...Not counting those who somehow got 99/99!

-A few notable issues from the last build's been fixed! Convert old saves! Don't fear about going back into the older content going into the throne room! No longer invisible queen after fighting latex drones! A few others as well!


So I'm a dumb dumb and left a testing element still ongoing in that release.
Anyone starting a new game has nothing to really worry over about, but there's 2 things for people to know:
1) If updating a save, you'll not be able to ATM. I forgot that I removed a sprite as I got a different one, but on the old map it's still looking for the old sprite, so it'll crash.
2) If you re-enter the Queen's throne after leaving it on a new game file, you'll go back into the OLD queen's throne room, and then in turn enter the OLD map, the one with the missing sprite, that will crash...YEAH.

This isn't a SUPER big issue, and if you guys can wait a day or two ( so i can get latexity's stuff and then re-release it with that and that fix ) and play a new save WITHOUT re-entering the queen's room, we will be A-OK.

Project -QB- Pre-PRE-Release Update


Get the file here that a confusing title? Perhaps, but it set's the stage as we need it! You see, mo2 today made sure I was getting this out the door, if I liked it or not, and while my end was mostly done, my proof reader and person who makes a few of the events and text more pretty on the other hand has had real life to deal with. So I've been holding off on release for them to get done, but alas no luck. So now I've just had to release this build! So this is the 'Pre-PRE' build (expect another update with text refinement and what not SOON™ ), that in turn is like 1-2 builds away from being a full out release of everything this game would have to be called 'completed'! Look at that... SO! What all do you get in this release?

-Access to all 4 areas! Fight off the Black Orbs! Beat up the Tentacles! Resist the Latex allure, and clean up the Slimes! Defeating all 4 areas will add a new drone in the HUB that will take you towards your reward!

-A fair amount of updated sprites all about! New maps! New walking sprites! New Battle sprites! LOTS of new art assists being shown off to take in!

-Trade in Resources now for Royal Honey! Use the new Surrender Item to end battles you don't think you can honestly win! Enjoy the newly balanced Mimic Walls no longer stunning you 24/7! More less other refinement and bug fixes here and there!

Now if you're getting all of that...what's missing?
-As I was waiting for Latexity to finish their grammar and refinement, I did NOT implement the HUB corruption yet. There WILL be a WARNING that will pop up if you did things that would trigger this though...

-Roomi is still the only earnable Guest ATM. There are 3 others planned ( one for each area ) with situations that would happen if you fail to get towards them 'in time'. These 3, and the events aren't in the game ATM due towards missing artwork.

-The 'Final' area, an escape with a final boss and it's own status ordeal, are not added ATM due towards missing artwork, as such you get a reward room after beating the areas, but you'll need to wait a while longer for the final, sorry!

Final notes:
You can carry a save from the last demo ( from last month ) over towards this one, but do note there might be some...oddity's. Regardless you'll need to return towards the HUB, and then go towards the queens room, and leave the get onto the 'new' maps and have full access.

Release: Blaze Mini


Download here

This was actually a small project I did for Andersonic, a good friend of mine. He did the artwork, and I tossed it together in about 2 days into a working product. He asked for me to not really make it public at first, but since gave allowance for me to be allowed to share it! So do enjoy this little corruption ditty! There's only a single fight, and you'll get the password for the included .rar after winning it!


I'm lipucd, maker of RPG Maker hentai games!
( also obsessive over Q-Bee )

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